Brukenthal Kids has opened in the Blue House – a new space for educational activities event

Brukenthal Kids has opened in the Blue House – a new space for educational activities

Opening Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 10:30 in the Blue House at Great Square no. 5 A new space for educational activities entitled Brukenthal Kids.
The Brukenthal National Museum constantly allocates funds and staff to the educational activities that take place within the museum, but it has also entered into various partnerships with different schools or NGOs.
In 2010, the Brukenthal National Museum was the only cultural institution in Romania to be awarded the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage Awards – Europa Nostra.
The Museum then participated in the Museum and Pedagogy Program launched in September 2008 under the coordination of Dr. Dana Harib, then Head of Education, Marketing and Communications.
Alexandru Konstantin Chitu, Project Coordinator, stated: “In 2021 I spoke to Andrea Miron, and the Brukenthal National Museum entered into a collaboration agreement with KeepGiving and KeepCalling, laying the foundations for an exclusive space for educational activities. It is a necessary space for museum pedagogy. We are pleased that from now on We have a welcome space for kids at the Brukenthal National Museum.”

Silvana Tatu, Managing Director of KeepCalling said: “KeepCalling is involved in
Love and passion in education. That’s why we’re so happy with the foundation
KeepGiving has been able to support this initiative for children from Sibiu here, but also from across the country. We are proud that one of the traditional museums in Sibiu has chosen to create this space for children and teenagers. We strongly believe that a museum should not be just a space for adults. Thanks to this initiative, and thanks to all the upcoming workshops that will be held here, the Brukenthal National Museum will be able to bring art and culture closer to parents, children, schools and teachers.”
The Brukenthal Kids space will be able to host creative workshops, reading, documentaries and other activities.

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