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What movies, series, shows, and documentaries will be on HBO Max by the end of May 2022? The site offers several sequels of popular productions, including “Hostesses”, “The City Is Us”, “Tokyo Vice”, “All American”, “Hack” and “Barry”. The platform will also show several films such as “Perfect Plan”, “Tina” and “Dion” from 1984.

“The Message” – Sunday

The new crime series. When a young waiter is found dead, four of his staff are fired – Anna, Nancy, Louie and Kat. The heroines begin to connect with a mystery that changes their lives forever.

Break With Sam Jay Season 2 – Tuesday May 24
The second season of the talk show, in which host Sam Jay covered the most popular cultural and social topics of the past week. It deals with issues like race, politics, science, fame, religion, and more.

“Trawka” Season 1-8 – Saturday May 28
A comedy series that combines elements of black comedy and drama, it was warmly received by viewers and critics. The production takes place in the fictional town of Agrestek, California. Nancy Botwin recovering from the sudden death of her husband. A single mother of two children has to work hard to support her family. So Nancy found an extra job – and started trading marijuana.

“Stairs” – new episodes

The production follows the true story of Michael Peterson (Colin Firth) and his extended family in North Carolina, focusing on the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson (Tony Collette).

“Wild Romania” – new episodes

Max’s original mini-documentary series showing the beauty of Roman nature. The Carpathian Mountains, the Danube and the Black Sea gave birth to the most violent country in Europe. The source of the extraordinary diversity of this place is, above all, picturesque mountain ranges, lively rivers and dense forests. After the Four Seasons course, we will learn about the life of the most unique animals in Romania and the history of its amazing landscapes.

Hacks Season 2 – New Episodes

The second season of the Emmy-winning series revolves around the relationship between Las Vegas comedy legend Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and young screenwriter Ava (Hannah Inbinder). Their knowledge develops as they travel across the United States to work on Deborah’s new platform.

“Love Beyond Time” – New Episodes

A series by Stephen Moffat based on the popular novel of the same name. The production follows the complex and magical love story between Claire (Rose Leslie) and Henry (Theo James), who, as a married couple, struggle with a time travel problem.

“Real Star” – new episodes

The first European music show of Max Original, which aims to choose the next star of Romanian music. The show takes viewers behind the scenes of the music industry and reveals what it really takes to get to the top.

“Tokyo Vice” – new episodes

The Max Original series is vaguely inspired by a report by American journalist Jake Adelstein. Production takes place in Tokyo in the late 90s, where there is nothing and no one like it.

“Baby” – new episodes

A bleak, fun look at motherhood from the perspective of a woman who doesn’t want to be a mother. A controlling, manipulative but also cute kid turns main character Natasha’s life into a surreal horror movie. When a woman discovers the true nature of her child, she makes more and more desperate attempts to get rid of him. She doesn’t want a baby, but the baby definitely wants her.

“The City is Ours” – New Episodes

The HBO mini-series is produced and produced by George Pelicanos and David Simon. The production is based on a book by Justin Fenton, a Baltimore Sun reporter, and highlights the ups and downs of a special unit in the Baltimore Police Department.

All American: New Beginnings – New Episodes

A young tennis player from Beverly Hills and a high-profile baseball player from Chicago play high stakes in college. Early adulthood at the prestigious HBCU is full of sexual upheavals and experiences.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 New Episodes

The second season of the series tells the story of a charismatic personality best known for his memoirs documenting his homosexual relationship, his numerous travels, and his attempts to claim his family home.

The Host, Season 2 – New Episodes

The second season of the black humor series about a flight attendant whose life is turned upside down in one night. The main role was played by Kaley Cuoco, who is best known for her Emmy nomination role.

Made for Love, Season 2 – New Episodes

In the second season of the series about Hazel Green, her husband – Byron Gogol, a billionaire and head of a company specializing in new technologies – mentioned that he implanted chips in their brains.

“Kung Fu” – new episodes

Nikki, a Chinese American, sets out on a trip to a secluded monastery in China. When she returns, she discovers that her hometown has been swept away by murder and corruption. Nikki uses martial arts to protect her community.

“A Black Lady Sketch Show” Season 3 – New Episodes

The third season of the HBO comedy series consists of scenes that tell the story of several women in a very original way.

Barry Season 3 – New Episodes

Season three of HBO’s award-winning black comedy, starring Bill Hader, revolves around the adventures of a man on a budget who unexpectedly begins his acting career in Los Angeles.

“Naomi” – new episodes

The story of a teenage girl from a small town in the American Northwest, located in the middle of the multiverse. A supernatural event rocks her hometown. Naomi is trying to find out her origins. What he discovers will completely change our view of heroes.

All episodes of the new American season 4

The fourth season of the series is based on the life of NFL star Spencer Basinger.

Weekly Overview: An Evening with John Oliver Season 9 – New Episodes

The ninth season of the satirical and satirical show presented by John Oliver. In the program he presents his own vision on many social, political and existential issues.

Tina – Tuesday
Directed by Academy Award winners Dan Lindsey and TJ Martin, HBO Documentary – An intimate and revealing look at the life and career of Tina Turner The painting shows the queen of rock and roll’s journey to early fame, her personal and professional struggles with her fate, and the unexpected rebirth of her star in the 1980s.


The documentary chronicling the professional careers of two Queensboro Community College students, Sheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Baby” Denton, who recorded a song for their friend Horby Azure, began with a strong focus on the rap and hip-hop scene.

“Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” – Thursday
Award-winning film adaptation of De Browne’s famous novel about the difficult relationship between Indians and Americans in the Wild West.

“Wild Roots” – Friday
When 12-year-old Nikki learned that her father had been released from prison and had come to town, she decided to meet him secretly, and advised her grandmother not to. During the meeting, Tibor has to confront his past.

San Andreas – Friday
It’s a massive earthquake in California. Experienced pilot and ranger Raymond Gaines tries to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco to find his beloved daughter.

“Dirty War” – May 20
A thriller about fictional events that can come true at any time. Despite an army of people and emergency security measures, a tragic terrorist attack occurred in the heart of London.

“The Defender” – May 20

Woody Harrelson as a construction worker by day and a superhero by night. Defendor is a comedy that aims to captivate viewers with a legend straight from the comics.

Your Holiness – Saturday May 21
Hassan, an apple farmer, knows that an energy company wants to build an electricity pole on his land. He decides to block it, even if it comes at the cost of cutting off contact with friends and neighbors.

“Legend” – Sunday, May 22
The Dark Lord wants to destroy the last of the unicorns so that the earth will be surrounded by eternal darkness. Jack and his friends do everything in their power to save the world and Princess Lily from the Dark Lord.

The Cup – Tuesday 24 May
The insightful paper presents the complex and contradictory relationship between big game hunting and nature conservation.

“Perfect Plan” – Tuesday 24 May
Cliff Owen, as the leader of a gang of thieves, plots a spectacular robbery on a bank in New York. When he takes hostages at work, an experienced negotiator is called to his aid. Played by Denzel Washington.

“I Bolt” – Thursday May 26
A captivating documentary that depicts Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, the fastest man in history and one of the greatest athletes in history.

“All is well” – Thursday, May 26
Los Angeles during a pandemic crisis. Hairdresser Danny, who has recently become a widow, and her 8-year-old daughter are forced to live on the streets. Danny tries to find a roof for them and somehow protect his child.

With Mom or Dad – Thursday May 26
Flora and Victor are born winners who always and everywhere compete with each other. Each of them wants to win the divorce case. On the contrary, both of them struggle hard not to be given custody of their three children.

“Dunes” (1984) – Friday, May 27
Film based on the famous novel by Frank Herbert by David Lynch. The desert planet Arrakis in the year 10191. The entire universe depends on Melange, which is only available on this desert planet. Its inhabitants await the arrival of the Messiah who will lead them against the Harkonnen Empire.

“In the Episode of Risk and Imagination” – Saturday, May 28

An anthology of related love stories. The lives of three women – a model, a mature student, and a 30-year-old woman – take an unexpected turn due to small coincidences.

Amores Perros – Tuesday, May 31
love. betrayal. death. Three interconnected stories about different areas of life in Mexico City are resolved in a fatal car accident. Read also:
Tina Turner is now available on HBO Max. Over the years, she has been the victim of physical and psychological abuse

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