“Ploieti Days” will be taking place this weekend

N. Dumitrescu

After a break of several years, including due to the epidemic, in the municipality of the residence of the Prahova district, the listed manifestations under the slogan “Plochte days” have been resumed. Ploieti City Hall organizes Ploieti City Days, an important celebration of our city, where Ploieti residents can spend quality time with family or friends, enjoy concerts, performances, exhibitions with handcrafted products, workshops, painting exhibition, and volume releases by Ploiesti authors. A new version of this much-anticipated event for the Ploiesti community will take place on the beloved Chestnut Boulevard (Independence Avenue), this weekend, but also in other areas of the city. The municipality expects that the people of Ploiesti will participate in large numbers in Ploiesti Days, an event that has been organized since 2005, dedicated to the documentary ratification of Ploiesti which is held annually around the Orthodox Christian holiday of Saint Emperor Constantine and Helen. It was announced yesterday by Ploiești City Hall, through a press release. Concerts and performances scheduled for the current version will be held on the stage that will be organized on Istiklal Street, in front of the Monument to the Fishermen in the South Station, where famous artists and bands such as Lydia Buble, Funk and Irina Reims will perform. Events also include a handcraft exhibition and workshops. Thus, the cozy atmosphere will be complemented by the beauty and originality of handmade products, and during the aforementioned exhibition will be sold handmade jewelry, interior decoration or organic cosmetics. Since you cannot have fun without food, a street food area will be created between two roundabouts on Istiklal Street, where, for a fee, you can find soft drinks and various culinary menus. The detailed program of “Ploetti City Days” is as follows: * Friday, May 20 at 16.00 – the naive art exhibition “Naive Artists of Ploieti” in the pedestrian area of ​​the theater “Toma Carragio” in Ploieti; 16.00 – 18.00 – a manual workshop in the tented area of ​​the House of Culture in Ploete “El Carragil”, on Istiklal Avenue; On the stage of Istiklal Street, at 16.00, the Prahova Folk Ensemble and the Prahova Folk Ensemble will perform; 17.00 – the show “The Magic Seal” presented by the Imaginario Children’s Theater; 8 p.m., a musical show of Romanian music performed by Majestic Theater artists; * Saturday, May 21, 10.00 – 16.00, National Festival “Eun Luca Karagyal” – Short Prose Competition Section / Theater Competition Section, at the premises of the Children’s and Youth Imaginary Animation Theater of Istiklal Street No. 14; 10.00 – 16.00, exhibition of works of the painting competition “My City, My European City”, in the inner courtyard of the Teatro Imaginario; On stage on Istiklal Street: 11.00 – the Prahova Vocal Ensemble and the Prahova Folk Ensemble will perform; 12.00 – the whole Greek congregation; 6.30 pm – Stefania Koseli and the George Vasili Orchestra will perform. At 20.30 the artist Lidia Buble sings, followed by the Vunk band at 21.15, and at 22.00 the soloist Irina Reims sings. * Sunday, May 22: 10.00 – 16.00, exhibition of the works of the painting competition “My city, my European city”, in the tented area of ​​the House of Culture “Il Caragiale”, on Istiklal Avenue. ; 12.00 – 14.00 – manual workshop, in the tented area of ​​the House of Culture in Ploechte “El Carragil”, on Istiklal Avenue; 12.00 – release of the volume for authors from Ploiești, under the auspices of the magazine “Atitudini” and “Atitudini” Cenacle, on stage on Istiklal Street: 11.00, the Prahova Folk Vocal Ensemble and the Prahova Folk Ensemble will perform; At 12.00 the folk ensemble of “Paul Constantinescu” Ploiești Philharmonic will perform in the evening, at 20.00, it will end with a symphonic rock concert – Rock Bird, supported by “Paul Constantinescu” Ploiești Philharmonic.

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