The government is reorganizing and changing the leadership of Artexim, organizer of the George Enescu International Festival: who runs the institution now

Artexim, the organization that organizes the George Enescu International Competition and Festival, will be reorganized by dissolution and creation of a new performance institution, which will be led by a director appointed on the basis of a management project competition, according to a draft decision on Wednesday’s government agenda.

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How the government stimulates the need to reorganize Artexim

The Evidence Note states that it is necessary to clarify the legal status of the enterprise and establish new leadership.

  • “Currently, the management of the enterprise is ensured by a director, contracted employees, which is not based on a management vision established by a management project that is selected after competition and following the body’s objective book.
  • At the same time, the analysis of its activity does not go through an evaluation process, which is conducted with specialists in this field to ensure a professional management evaluation. “, shown in the document.

The new Artexim will be led by a director appointed by the competition / who will lead the enterprise until then

The new Artexim Foundation will remain under the Ministry of Culture and will have the main objectives of organizing and developing the international festival and competition “George Enescu” as well as organizing cultural events, festivals and/or international competitions, as well as providing domestic and international artistic entrepreneurship.

Driving changes:

  • Artexim will be powered by Appointed manager on the basis of competition for project management, organized in accordance with the provisions of Geo No. 189/2008 regarding the management of public cultural institutions with subsequent amendments and supplements.
  • Until the competition is organized Management, the administration of ARTEXIM is ensured by a temporary director, appointed by order of the Minister of Culture, within 10 days from the date of entry into force of this decision.
  • In his activity, the manager will be assisted by Technical Council – Composed of personalities from certain fields of theatrical arts with an advisory role and an administrative board with a deliberative role.
  • At the same time, it will include the official mode of Artexim Deputy General Manager, Technical Director and Chief Accountant.
  • At the same time, since it is a fully funded enterprise from its own revenues, the annual surplus generated by the implementation of the Artexim income and expense budget is carried over to the following year.
  • The organizational structure, number of positions, list of positions, organization and workflow of Artexim is approved by order of the Minister of Culture, on the proposal of the Director. ”

Who is now driving Artexim: Christina O’Rourke, temporary appointed director, in March 2022

The current director of Artexim is Christina O’Rourkewas appointed provisionally to lead this institution in March 2022.

According to Ministerial Resolution No. 168 / 03.03.2022, Christina O’Rourke will temporarily exercise, on loan, the position of Contract Management for a maximum period of six months.

Since October 2021, the timer has been provided by Carmen Mihăilescu, Director within the Foundation.

Upon taking the position, Christina Oruk stated that she would like the foundation to “improve its working methods and possibly increase its team” and that it would collaborate with former Artexim director, Mihai Constantinescu, According to Agerpres.

Christina Uruk began her career in the world of organizing concerts, cultural events and performances in 2007 at ARTEXIM, gaining more than six years of experience in all stages of production and organizing one of the largest classical music festivals in the world.

He was the General Director of the International Week Festival of New Music, as well as the Director of Tours for the famous old music bands Il Giardino Armonico and Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri.

Since April 2021 Christina O’Rourke has been working as an artistic advisor with the Sibiu State Orchestra. He studied composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest under the direction of composer Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), and in 2019 he was awarded the title of Doctor of Music at the same institution.

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