Tişe, puzzled by the reaction of the “U” fans: “I can’t agree to any match on Cluj Arena that people from U Cluj are upset, who consider it theirs”

Cluj County Council Chairman Alin Tișe has reacted today, after publicly proposing on Monday the Cluj community to invest in a single football powerhouse to “win the Champions League”, in his congratulatory letter to CFR. Teshe seems puzzled by the reaction of Yu’s fans who, he says, would have threatened him with death in the past.

During a press conference, Tișe said he took on this discussion that began in the public space, which was expected to warm more lives. Supporters of her case have been working to make the actual version of this statement available online.

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I expressed a thought, opinion and a few question marks. First of all, I am not the person to dissolve or create football teams. Secondly, I went through this when the old stadium was demolished, I was threatened with death and told I wanted to go shopping there. What you said there is a question mark about our sport in general and what we want to do in the future. Do we want a sport that is a hobby? Do we want a performance sport? How far can we have two, three or more teams and perform or the Cluj community wants fewer teams and performance. I didn’t say I wanted one team to stay or the other to disappear. In fact, it is known that in my political career I did something for the University of Cluj. The decision to demolish the old stadium is mine and everyone is running away from it. I thought of a three-year budget plan, and the stadium was built out of the county budget.

I would like to have a discussion on this topic of sports. I find that there are difficult times at the moment. The owners do not have the money to fully fund the teams, and the public administrations can only fund a portion of the sports entities. We, the District Council, have not funded CFR Cluj in any way, because I am accused by the “U” of being a CFR member and vice versa. Instead, I funded the University of Cluj because there was this legal possibility and I did‘ Happy Allen Tiye.

Tish says he is not insisting on a particular conclusion, namely that the people of Cluj have to say what they want.

The people of Cluj have to say what they want. They should say if they want to spend public money on sports. If so, to what extent. We, as a society, need to set goals. If we set some great goals and stick to them, we’ll perform. I want to know very clearly what we are doing. Whatever the criticisms I have assumed, it remains a fundamental problem for the sport of Cluj. We can make an effective medium and long term strategy.

I like strategy for all sports. Keep in mind that there are teams from cities with a population of 50,000 who have played in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League (Villarreal CF – ed.). There are exceptions, but why can’t we perform too!? Why can’t Cluj have teams, one or more, to perform? Not impossible. People will say I’m dreaming again. I accept that opinion, and I have no problem“Happy tech.

The Cluj County Council Chairman also brought up a discussion about the status of the Unirea Dej team, whose matches were supposed to play at the Cluj Arena, a decision that was canceled at the last minute. Tişe says Cluj residents should decide what to do with Cluj Arena.

Today I can’t agree to any football match in Cluj Arena because I have problems and people from “U” Cluj are upset, who consider it theirs. And I’m not talking about CFR Cluj here, because they don’t want to play there. I’m talking about any other team. He happened to play with other teams, but it’s very embarrassing. Likewise, untold events or other events that affect the lawn. Any decision we make affects the football team in one way or another. We have to decide. On the other hand, we are also criticized, why Unirea Dej cannot play on the field, because Unirea Dej is also from Cluj. I want to know very clearly what we are doing. It is very easy to sit down and criticize. Any decision I make, and I make my own decisions, will lead to criticism. If the infinite lasts more than four days, why is it so long? Why does the rugby team play? Why isn’t the stadium completely empty at “U” Cluj?

There are also questions: Why not make the playground accessible to the community? I agree, if the community agrees, to provide everything that means sports infrastructure for Team X or other teams for free. I don’t have a problem if this is the community’s desire, but we need to know. It is not mine or the property of an individual. But from the point of view of legal processing, we need to clarify”, concluded the Cluj County Council Chairman.

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