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European Men’s Handball Championship, hosted by Hungary and Slovakia, has come to an end. Denmark won bronze medals after winning overtime against France.

Sweden is the new European champion! Spain lost at the last second

This is the fifth continental title the Swedes have won, after the opening (1994) and the triple title from the early 2000s (1998, 2000, 2002).

And the Swedish national team, runners-up for the world champion, led the inexhaustible goalkeeper Andreas Balica, the man of the match, Ekberg (5 goals), Oscar Bergendal (5 goals) and Hambus One (4 goals) to achieve an excellent second half. The score is 12-13.

For the Nordics, Jonathan Karlsbogaard scored twice, Max Darg 1, Niklas Ekberg 5, Daniel Peterson 2, Andreas Baleka (goalkeeper) 1, Humpus One 4, Felix Klar 2, Albin Lagergren 1, Jim Gottfriedsson 3, Oscar Bergendahl 5, Walter Currents 1.

The goals of the Iberians were scored by Jorge Makeda Pino 1, Angel Fernandez Perez 4, Adrian Figueres-Trego 6, Juan Canelas Rexach 1, Agustin Casado Marcelo 1, Alex Gomez Abello 6, Gideon Guardiola Villaplana 2, Ian Tarvita Serrano 5.

EC Men’s Handball Final: Sweden-Spain 27-26

Update 21:00 Sweden is the new European champion! North hit in the last minute, after a throw of 7 meters. Ekberg scored in cold blood and the Nordic countries returned home with the gold medal.

Eduardo Gorbindo, of CS Dinamo, was also part of the Iberian team.

Update 20:26 Spain remains in the lead, with a score of 18-17, but the finish has been declared very hot!

Update 19:56 Break into the grand final! Spain leads the duel with Sweden with a score of 13-12.

Update 19:18 The two teams are preparing to start the match after singing the two anthems.

Update 19:00 Delayed start of the match in Budapest.

Update 18:25 Here is the composition of the two teams that will face each other in Budapest:

The Danes won the bronze medals at the European Championships

Denmark won the match for third place in the European Championship, with France, after extra time, with a score of 35-32.

In the second half, France led 14-13. After 60 minutes, the score was 29-29.

Denmark’s Holm was the top scorer of the match, having racked up ten successes.

From the French national team, Mahe (8 goals) and Disks (7) starred.

Denmark is the world champion and France is the Olympic title holder.

France-Denmark 32-35, on Digi Sport 2, small final

Accurate. 70: France-Denmark 32-35. The Danes won bronze medals at the European Championships.

Accurate. 66: France-Denmark 30-33. Holm scores goal number ten!

Accurate. 61: France-Denmark 29-30. The Danes are the first to score in extra time.

Accurate. 60: France-Denmark 29-29. Additions are coming!

Accurate. 56: France-Denmark 28-28. On the counterattack, Svan tied for the Danes.

Accurate. 52: France-Denmark 26-26. Jacobsen equivalent to Nordic countries.

Accurate. 45: France-Denmark 23-22. The French returned to prominence after Mahi’s success.

Accurate. 40: France – Denmark 18-20. The Danes took the lead for the first time, after the “bi” of Saugstrup. France plays in numerical inferiority.

Accurate. 37: France – Denmark 17-17. Holm equalized for the Danes, after a magnificent execution, between the goalkeeper’s feet.

Accurate. 32: France-Denmark 15-13. The French started the second half well.

Accurate. 30: France – Denmark 14-13. The final of the first half in Budapest!

  • Diskat and Lin scored 5 goals each for France.
  • Holm (5 goals) and Kirkjeluke (3), Denmark’s top scorer.

Accurate. 28: France-Denmark 13-13. The French have only scored once in the past three minutes.

Accurate. 22: France – Denmark 12-11. The North team balances the match, with Kirkilok scoring two goals in the last minute.

Accurate. 12: France – Denmark 8-5. Lynn and Discs continue to make a difference for the French! The two scored seven goals.

Accurate. 5: France-Denmark 4-3. Holm scored all the goals for the North team, and Diskat and Lynn scored two goals for France.

Update 16:30 The match that will establish the third place in the European Championship begins!

Update 16:00 Here is the composition of the teams facing each other in Budapest:

France and Denmark will face Budapest in the small final for third place. The match will be broadcast live on Digi Sport 2 starting at 16:30.

Denmark is the favorite, although France won the main first group match on January 26, 30-29.

The world champion, Denmark, was surprisingly eliminated in the semi-finals of the European Championships, by Spain, with a score of 29-25.

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France, the Olympic champion, was close to beating Sweden in the semi-finals, but the Nordic nations were victorious at the maximum, with a score of 34-33.

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Sweden – Spain, 19:00, live video on Digi Sport 2, final

Sweden and Spain meet Budapest in the European Championship Grand Final. The match will be played live on Digi Sport 2 starting at 19:00.

Sweden is the unveiling of this tournament, after eliminating Norway (Quarter-finals) and France (Semi-finals). Sweden has won the European Championship four times, most recently in 2002.

Spain can win the European Championship three times in a row, after the successes of 2018 and 2020.

Sweden and Spain met in the preliminary round of the European Championship, on January 15, and the Iberians won 32-28.

Spain achieved ten consecutive victories against Sweden. The Nordics’ last success dates back to 2014, in a friendly match.

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