Ion Dichiseanu Festival in Adjud: full program and special invitations: Europa FM

More than 10 events, with exceptional participation: Claudio Belloni, Victoria Cocchia, Gabriel Dorobano, Anna Maria Ivan, Catrinel Domitrescu, Creina Mattei, Paul Sorogio-Fuego, Nicolae Dumitru, Ioana Diccino, Simona Florescu, Toma Inacci, George Rotaru, Eliana Popovici, Lorencio Damien

The first edition of Ion Diccino Film and Music Festival It brings to Adjud a full program of events. Ajdud City Hall And Artis AssociationAs a producer, he invites audiences of all ages for three days House of Culture “Theodor Fornico”. In the hometown of beloved actor Ion DeCicino, film screenings, shows, photo exhibitions and books will be held from May 20-22, 2022.

For the numerous roles in the theater and cinema, dozens of appearances in the television and radio theater of Ion Dichiseanu, the organizers assigned the actor a series of events in the presence of those he loved and appreciated: from family, friends, collaborators and colleagues to the audience who enjoyed being on stage and screen.

The program of theatrical performances and film shows in which the actor performed is complemented by a photographic exhibition that narrates the various stages of the actor’s life and the release of one of his books, The truth is more beautiful than the legend (Polyrom Publishing House), as well as a music CD Remember the moment.

Spectators will enjoy the presence of some of the artists and personalities that Ion DeCicino has met or who would like to show their appreciation, such as: Claudio Belloni, Viktoria Kocic, Gabriel Dorobano, Anna Maria Ivan, Catrinil Domitrescu, Crina Mattei, Paul Sorogio-Vuego, Nikolai Dumitru, Ioana Dicicino, Simona Florescu, Thomas Enasch, George RotaruAnd Eliana Popovici and Laureno Damian.

“We created such a big event because Ion DeChesino was a complete artist, which left us with so many joys. From movies, songs and books to valuable lessons. It is the start of a unique event in Adjud and an opportunity for those out there.”

We know that he would have loved this festival, especially since meetings with the public were among his joys, as we have seen in the previous events of the Artes Society to which he was invited”- Andrei GeorgiaDirector of the Artis Association.

first edition program

Friday 20 May 2022

17.00 The official opening of the festival

17.30 – The opening of the exhibition – Ion Diccino – Role and Human Life

18.00 – Show a movie The last frontier of death (Directed by Virgil Calutescu)

20.00 – Stage show Amadeus (Directed by Toma Enache) with Claudiu Bleonț – Iasi National Stadium

Saturday 21 May 2022

16.00 – Music CD version – Ion Dichiseanu – Remember the moment book launch The truth is more beautiful than the legend (Polerum Publishing House) by Ion DeCicino

16.30 – Meeting with great actors who talk about their artistic and life experience with Ion Dichiseanu

17.30 – Show a movie Beyond the barrier (Directed by Francis Montino)

20.00 – Stage show It’s not a game here (Director: Catrinil Domitrescu) with Victoria Kokiac and Katrinil Domitrescu – Notara Theater Bucharest

Sunday 22 May 2022

16.00 – Show a movie third jump (Kings: Alecu Croitoru)

18.30 – Stage show anatomy cliché (Directed by Chris Semyon Mercurian) with Krina Mattei, Anna Maria Ivan and Nikolai Dumitru

20.30 – The conclusion of the Ion Dichiseanu Festival

musical show Remember the moment in MEMORY Ion Dichiseanu With Gabriel Dorobano, Paul-Sorogyo Fuego, Jorge Rotaru, Simona Florescu and Ioana Diccino

Tickets for theatrical performances can be purchased at the cashier of the House of Culture “Tudor Vornicu”, Adjud (schedule Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 and 17.00-19.00, Saturday 09.00-12.00).

Entry to movies and other events is free.

Information: 0237614946

Details about the program and on the Facebook page

Ion Diccino Film and Music Festival

Organizers: Adjud City Hall and House of Culture “Tudor Vornicu”, Adjud municipality

Producer: Artis Association

Principal Media Partner: Europe FM

supported by: cinema marathon

Supported by: UCIN

a partner: Student Journalists Association

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