(P) Turning pictures of dreams into unforgettable vacations!

Visual stimulation is particularly effective when it comes to choices of any kind, but especially when we are considering the decision to plan a trip.

Have you ever craved a cake just by admiring it in the shop window? Or vacation while watching your friends’ photos from your social media feed?

The fact is that perfect photos open up our appetite and desire to repeat the experience, and in tourism they can more than ever convince us to choose the most exclusive vacation.

In this context, Framey puts the world before your eyes and provides you with all the information you need to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, which you can immortalize and share with other people interested in special destinations.

From a dream image to an unforgettable vacation

Framey shows you how important a photo is in planning a unique vacation. In this way, this platform provides you with the resources you need to travel intelligently in one place. All you have to do to discover the most exciting holiday destinations is to relax by viewing the photos that inspire you directly from the app.

Starting with selecting your favorite photo, its geographical coordinates will indicate the exact location of the attraction. With Framey, you can travel to unique places that you haven’t had a chance to visit yet or that you already know, but haven’t explored in detail.

Starting with a single photo, you will have access to a wide list of travel possibilities, through which you can live the most beautiful tourist experiences. Everything is possible in just a few minutes, without the need for other apps, guides or maps. All you need is the camera or the camera on your mobile phone to capture the most memorable moments of your vacation.

What can you do with Framey?

With Framey you enjoy unique tourism experiences thanks to the way this app has revolutionized the concept of tourism. If until now you needed to do rigorous documentation on specialized websites to find the perfect travel destination, now you need a single app, which you can download on your phone, to get unlimited access to your travel diaries.Travel.

Here’s how Framey can help you plan your trip:

● Provides you with amazing pictures

Do you love to travel but still don’t know what your next adventure will be? Well, with the help of Framey app, many possibilities are revealed to live unique experiences, in popular tourist spots or in less explored areas. In the app feed you can find the inspiration you need for your next trips to the farthest corners of the world or even near your home.

If you have an area that you are considering, you can use the “Search” function, which shows you the most interesting attractions in the area of ​​interest. Plus, you can find unique attractions around you, no matter where you are.

● Allows you to save your favorite photos

Have you found the perfect picture and are you ready to plan your next vacation? excellent! Then all you have to do is save it. Framey’s Save feature allows you to always access the images that inspire you. Whenever you like, you can review the entire content in the Saved Images section. Thus, you can create your own holiday collection, with amazing photos, to inspire you on hiking, romantic stays or spiritual journeys of self-rediscovery.

● Helps you turn your dream into reality

Framey doesn’t stop there with the unique features it offers. Therefore, it helps you to create customized travel plans, according to your preferences, so that you can turn your dream into reality, starting with a single photo. Adjust your itinerary according to new discoveries and make sure you don’t miss anything from your trip!

● Share your travel experience

The joy of the trip can be conveyed through pictures. That’s why Framey lets you upload the photos you take to the app to share with other travel enthusiasts. Thus, your tourism experience can be a source of inspiration for other people who yearn for new adventures.

Connect with the new Framey features!

The creators of Framey prepare new surprises for you, aiming to complete a very special travel experience, adapted to your desires. More travel information is now available, so you can access all the details you need without having to use multiple travel apps.

In addition, Framey’s new features will allow you to book plane tickets, accommodation, and other services directly from the app. At the same time, each attraction will have additional information such as address, entrance tickets, contact and visiting hours for unlimited access to all the data necessary for a perfect trip.

Choose Framey to be amazed by amazing destinations and truly unique travel. Download the app and be an integral part of the community that turns your photos into unforgettable vacations!

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