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Nursery registrations in Alba Julia 2022: calendar, necessary documents, procedures and criteria for applications for registration

Children will be registered for the next school year in July, according to the calendar approved by the administration and displayed at the units’ headquarters, as well as on the website of the mayor’s office.


  • 04.07.2022-15.07.2022 – Take over files at 1 Cetate Nursery premises, 13 Alexandru cel Bun Street and online at email address [email protected]between 9-15.
  • 07.18.2022-22.07.2022 – Evaluation of files by the Registration Committee.
  • 25.07.2022 – Presentation of the results on the city council website and in the three nurseries’ headquarters.
  • 26.07.2022 – 27.07.2022 – Submit appeals to the email address [email protected]between 9-15.
  • 07.07.2022-29.07.2022 – Analysis of the appeal by the Appeals Committee and presentation of the final results.
  • 01.09.2022-09.09.2022 – Presenting parents to the nursery to plan the day of entry into the child’s community.

Click here for: Nursery Registration Application Form

List of documents required to register the child in the nursery

1. Application for registration (it can be purchased from the website of the City Hall of Alba Iulia, or from the public relations cam.8-office, inside the City Hall of Alba Iulia, Calea Moţilor, No. 5A);

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2. A copy of the child’s birth certificate.

3. A double copy of the identity documents of the parents/legal representatives,
A copy of the birth certificates of minor siblings and, if applicable, a copy of the decision/placement ruling or adoption ruling;

4. A copy of the marriage contract.

5. Any action that establishes a consensual link.

6. Income certificate for both parents/legal representatives. These could be:

– Certificate of the parent’s gross income in the last 6 months, prior to registration, with
determining the validity of the employment contract;
– a copy of the decision to establish a child-rearing allowance (in the event that one of the parents is on parental leave) issued by the District Agency for Payments and Social Inspection Alba;
– A copy after the decision to resume professional activity with a setting date for the resumption of the activity of the parent benefiting from the child-rearing allowance, for those who resume their activity before reaching the age of 1 year, respectively, for two years, for the child, according to the chosen option;
The decision to suspend professional activity.
Retirement and unemployment vouchers. Other documents evidencing income, as the case may be;

7. For persons who have earned income abroad in the last six months before registration, a labor contract translated into Romanian is submitted, and for those who declare that they do not earn income, a certificate from the Financial Department;

8. A certificate from the family doctor stating that the child is clinically sound and fit for custody.

9. Immunization sheet.

10. Certificate of serious disability of the child (if applicable, a family member other than the person applying for admission to the nursery);

11. The final and irrevocable death/divorce certificate of the single parent;

12. Certificate of siblings who are enrolled in the next school year, the kindergarten near the nurseries (kindergarten No. 13 and Kindergarten No. 14).

13. An updated Master’s student’s certificate of the child’s father/legal representative, specifying the continuation of studies in the next academic year.

14- Other supporting documents as per the case indicated in the application, in order to benefit from the result.

15- The following documents regarding social places shall also be submitted:

Documents proving the family emergency (sudden death of a parent/legal representative, accident of a parent, etc.)
– Plan of service and social investigation from the Department of Social Assistance in Alba Iulia (for the case where the child is at risk of separation from the family).

The procedure for registering children in the nurseries of the municipality of Alba Iulia

If siblings or children are required to be registered in the care of the same parent / legal representative and only one place is free, the number of places will be supplemented by the number of children in the same position. There is no registration fee when registering children in the nursery.

An application to register a child in foster care can only be submitted by the child’s guardian/legal representative. After the registration period is over, the File Verification Committee will evaluate each file, and resolve each case in the letter of law. If necessary, new documents will be requested as the case may be. The files submitted to enroll children in the nursery for the next academic year will be analyzed taking into account first of all the parents’ choice regarding the required nursery, then the criteria will be applied. After applying the criteria for dividing children at enrollment, the list of children accepted within the available places, in each nursery, will be drawn up by the Case Adjudication Committee. Each applicant may choose to enroll his child in one nursery, provided that if he does not obtain a place in the required nursery, he chooses another place, by redistribution, in descending order of score, among the places available in that nursery.

If, after applying the criteria, two or more applications have obtained the same score, to occupy the available places, then a tie will be made in favor of the child whose parents/legal representative begins the service earlier. If two or more applications are in the same situation after applying this condition, the application registration number will be taken into account.

The nominal list with the specific result will be displayed for each child for whom an application file has been submitted to attend the nursery in the following school year, respectively in September, in the nursery and on the website of the mayor’s office and in the mayor’s office.

The specific score awarded to each child can be appealed based on the documents submitted to the file within 3 working days from the date of publication. The appeal will be reviewed by the Complaints Committee within two business days of the end of the appeal submission period. After this appeal period expires, the list of children registered and accepted into the nursery for the next academic year, respectively, will be approved in September.

Children will be accepted to attend the nursery in descending order of the result obtained and depending on the available places in the nursery for the next school year. Children who do not meet the required score to be accepted into the nursery will remain on the reservation list.

When the nursery seat is vacated, it will be occupied by the next child on the reserve list during the school year. In the event that there are places available in the nursery during the school year and those in the reservation list do not wish to fill these places and there is a new request to register in the nursery, the child is accepted in the available places provided that both parents / single parents work.

After the child is accepted into the nursery, the file is completed by the parent/legal representative with the following documents:

1. The epidemiological opinion issued by the family doctor 24-48 hours before the child enters the nursery
2. The immunization sheet prepared according to the regulations prepared by the Ministry of Health
3. Medical examinations: Examination of common bacteria, examination of common parasites and pharyngeal secretions.
4. Other medical examinations or certificates, as applicable.
5. Proof of income (in case of changes in the family’s status in the period between registration and entry into the community).

Criteria for the registration of applications for registration of children in nurseries in Alba Yulia

The criteria for disengagement will only be applied if the number of applications exceeds the number of places available for registration in nurseries.

1 mandate to employ parents/legal representatives (with a non-sustainable business/service relationship) 5 points each
2- Date of resumption of professional activity by the parent who is on childcare leave:
For those who resume their activity by August 31, 5 points
For those who resume their activity in September, 4 points
For those who resume their activity in October, 3 points
– Those who resume their activity in November 2 points
– For those who resume their activities on December 1 point
For those who resume their activity starting from January of the following year 0
3. Siblings who are already enrolled in a nursery or operating nursery near the nurseries (Kindergarten No. 13 and Kindergarten No. 14) 1 point
4- Family status:
One parent’s family 10 points
Two-parent family (married, consensual marriage) 5 points
5- Number of dependent children:
– 1 child – 1 point
– Two kids – Two points
– 3 children or more than 3 children – 3 points
6. Twins/Three children (one file will be filled out for each child) 1 point
7. One parent/legal representative or single parent following a recent form of education (Master’s student/student) 2 points
8- A family that has a child with a severe disability (other than those who choose to attend nursery school) 2 points

Exclusion terms:

Applications of parents (both parents/single parent) who do not have domicile/residence in Alba Iulia will not be taken into consideration.

Children will not be registered in the nursery for which the family doctor does not issue a certificate with the appropriate clinical text for admission to the nursery and the immunization form prepared in accordance with the provisions established by the Ministry of Health regarding the admission of the child. In the community. If the child does not have the compulsory vaccination schedule in Romania, the family doctor will specify in the vaccination registry that he will recover the missed vaccinations and that he is included in the compulsory vaccination schedule in Romania.

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