Adrian Poggio, Vice President of Arggio County Council, admits he’s not good at culture, but he’s not good at logic either!

The vice president clearly has nothing to do with the field of culture, and it shouldn’t even be emphasized. The problem is that Mr. Bughiu is not even a specialist in the field of financial management and, moreover, he also has serious errors in terms of reasoning. For this!

Wrong mistake!

Pepe Kotimanes was fired by the Argiou County Council administration because it would have been too costly and because they wanted a poorer culture, so we live in troubled times. It was later discovered that most of Pepe Kotimanis’ expenses had been incurred by ex-manager Nikolai Bogerk, a friend of CJ’s leadership. But we no longer bury the dead. Bughiu & Co, through the “competition”, brought in a new director, and assigned him a much larger budget! Cotimanis’ budget was 128 billion lei, while CJ’s Goldbach received serious savings of 165 billion lei. This is how Bughiu saves, in his reasoning in financial accounting.

second error

After about five minutes of discussions, Bughiu forgot what he had said and found himself praising the foundation for providing generous sums to the culture. 7% of the provincial budget for all five cultural institutions. “No one around us allocates this percentage to the total budget!” Bughiu applauds, adding that the amounts awarded by Argeș County Council are as follows:

* Argo County Museum – 66 billion lei

* Guletti Museum – 71 billion lei

Alexandro Davila Theater – 165 billion lei

* Provincial Center for Culture and Arts – 73 billion lei

Deneko Julescu District Library – 58.3 billion lei.

In order to emphasize the idea that Argeș is generous in the field of culture, Bughiu brings examples and characters from even more important provinces, such as Alba.

Using minimal logic and without bias in any way, we also ask ourselves: Where is the policy of cutting budgets in the culture he said he wanted to implement?

Not far from the end of last year, speaking of canceling the Argeș County Cultural Center, Bughiu stated that significant budget savings would be made. No matter how good the savings are, the culture budget is higher this year than it was the year before.

The third mistake

Faced with such a logical contradiction, the moderator asked esteemed CJ member Eddie Vasily what savings he was talking about.

“We did not save, but we will save. Miracles do not happen overnight. We allocate more than the surrounding provinces, but we will save money.” Buhiu says.

We’ve looked into the DEX for what “economy” means, it may have changed its meaning in the meantime, and we found, indeed, that the idea has taken on new meanings: “Economy = an excuse used to replace managers who don’t follow your instructions; an excuse used when you don’t have logical arguments.

In the case of Felix Goldbach, he did not have to invoke the economy, because it ruined it from the budget point of view on the whole line, so he had him write his resignation himself, so as not to evaluate it with the remark that it would spoil the CV staff.

Fourth error

But wait, that’s not all! Bughiu’s logic reaches new heights when he says “There are no longer great group buys. We try to work with what we have in stock. I’ve always said we want more performance for less money.” In other words, he has made bigger budgets (even though he wants as little money as possible) so he can spend less than before. That word, CJ gives you, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money. You’re also leaving, there, a huge budget surplus, to show CJ your finger, at the start of the year, that you can’t afford to spend the money!

Come on with the fifth mistake!

Despite saving money, the Argeș County Council has given more money in the hope that less will be spent, 70% of the money allocated goes only to cultural institutions. In other words, what the vice president isn’t saying is that those budget increases don’t translate into direct investment in the act of farming, but rather go into energy bills, salaries, covering all kinds of new jobs in the system…

Nowadays, culture work in Argeș is largely limited to dirli-dirli costumes and folk costumes! In their wits, the people wanted CJ to include in the theater “Alexandru Davila” the “Doina Argeșului” ensemble, in order to be, as such, a kind of separate shawarma.

But, going back to what the president said at the beginning, “I never thought I was a great specialist.”

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