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Christian Ordan, General Manager of Elite: “We carefully maintain high quality standards in order to consolidate our number one position in the food industry”
What’s new in terms of Elit’s operations and what development plans do you have for both this year and the year after?

Through our projects, we aim to consolidate our first position among meat manufacturers in Romania, permanently raising operational and quality standards through actions based on a program of continuous improvement.

We carry out concrete projects to improve production, storage and distribution capabilities of our products. We pay special attention to the range of brands and products, in order to diversify and improve it. We distribute larger quantities of meat and meat products from year to year and develop the operational infrastructure.

Elite - perfect taste

We are constantly investing for the good development of our activity, in order to increase the production, storage and distribution capabilities of our products. During 2021, we continued investing in the modernization of the plant and reached the third phase of the project, and in 2023 we will complete this entire project aimed at restoring the entire plant infrastructure and facilities to the highest operating standards, while improving production flows.

In short, we aim to integrate the 360-degree integrated business, with respect to the meat market and industry at the local, regional, national and international level, with the customers and consumers of our products, with the company’s strategic suppliers, but also with the labor order to ensure stable and secure new jobs.

How can you guarantee the quality of Elite products?

In our field of activity, the food industry, our main concern is to provide consumers with safe and high quality products.

Thus, at the company level we have implemented a strict quality management and food safety system, which allows us to fully control the raw materials used, the production process and the finished products. The HCCP-Codex Alimentarius certification confirms the team’s efforts in this direction.

We work today to make success last. But for this we must have a long-term perspective and of course the patience to build with care and passion, always attentive and connected to the concrete needs of our customers and consumers.

How is a new elite product born? What role does authenticity play in creating recipes for elite products?

Our team of professionals is in a continuous process of creativity and innovation based on our desire to serve the needs of consumers.

Authenticity is what defines Elite. The latest example of an authentic product is our highly regarded product, ‘Authentic Dry Summer Salami’, which aims to bring the contemporary consumer’s attention back to an authentically flavored dish of summer salami.

In practice, in order to make a new product, we do not deviate from the strong and healthy principles that characterize our entire activity. On the contrary, we go through several steps that begin with the activation of internal mechanisms to identify and inventory the needs and preferences of new tastes and desires of our customers and consumers.

Successful recipes are translated into competitive products made to high quality standards and marketed under our brands: Elite, Full of Meat, Premia, Promo and Veri. We also offer our customers and consumers a constant challenge: to communicate directly with new products to express their opinions. The end result can only be a “near-perfect calibration” between the product and consumer requirements, based on the feedback received.

How has consumer taste evolved in the past / over time and how, at Elit, have you been able to respond to these developments?

In an ever-dynamic society, our customers’ tastes are constantly changing. The elite consumer possesses the necessary information for informed purchases and prioritizes the selection of high-quality products, while evaluating value for money. We successfully position ourselves among honest brand producers who manufacture products responsibly. Our concern is to anticipate all this and enter the market with high quality, well promoted products that cater to the various needs and tastes of our customers.

The real challenge is to generate innovation in producing meat products that meet or even anticipate market needs. In the food industry, innovation is reflected in the constant interest in offering products with good recipes, preserving authentic tastes and at the same time setting selling prices so that they are accessible to a wide range of consumers. In this regard, we invested in the best production technologies, assumed the role of market leaders, cooperated with reliable suppliers, formed a performance product development team, and last but not least, formed and developed the best management team.

We believe that analyzing customer behavior and preferences at the local level demonstrates, once again, our interest in providing products and recipes tailored to consumer tastes, and very well segmented.

This strategic approach aims to differentiate us and give us exclusivity, making our relationship with end consumers more balanced.

In Elite’s most recent marketing campaign, great emphasis has been placed on Elite’s “way of working” and “recipes”, as a special approach to making Elite products. What really sets you apart from the competition?

I strongly believe that “how to work” and “recipe” make the difference, and when I say that, I mean both sausages in particular and business in general.

How do we distinguish ourselves? We are very interested in developing the business in a sustainable way by paying attention to the careful selection of components and raw materials used, the functions of the production processes, well defined in time, through the well-developed sales system, which attaches great importance to all customers. , regardless of the size of their business.

Added to all these key areas of control is the recognition of the quality of our products and brands and committed, responsible senior management with demonstrated competencies in their respective fields, ensuring the company’s sustainable development in the long term.

Have you broken any records since you started the company?

So far, we have weathered the epidemic period well, are healthy and have achieved the strategic and operational goals we set for ourselves. I don’t like to use the term ‘records’, call it ‘achievements’ but am proud to win the 2020 Product Award with our ‘Meat Grilled Sausages’.
We thank our suppliers, customers and consumers for staying with us during this time, giving us hope and strength to continue and accomplish all that we plan to do in the future.

about the elite

Elite is a bold, conversational and friendly brand that is supportive of the high-quality Roman way of saying and doing things. Currently, Elite produces more than 30 thousand tons of sausage annually at its four factories in Alba, Bucharest and Arad. A wide assortment of sausages, from boiled smoked, raw or special dried products, is produced under the umbrella of 7 own brands: Elite, Full of meat, Premia, Veri, Promo, Pizzaro, Finom. The products are packaged in various quantities, from prepared to slices and marketed mainly in traditional trade, but also in national store chains or for export. More details:

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