Dialogue between poets at the Ipotiti Monument: Vlad Cebeci and Vlad Moat


On Friday, from 11.00, the Ipotești Monument – Center for National Studies “Mihai Eminescu”, in partnership with the “Regina Maria” Dorohoi High School, is organizing a new edition of the Poets in Dialogue meetings. The guests of the month of May are the poets Vlad Cebeci (Suceava) and Vlad Moat (Ploište).

The event will be held inside Regina Maria Dorohoi High School and will be supervised by
by Lucia Orcano.

Vlad Cipici (b. 1986, Boroaia commune, Suceava County), a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of the University “Ștefan cel Mare” in Suceava, a member of the Cenacle of Literacy and Young Art “Zidul de Hârtie” (founded 2008 in Suceava). He debuted in 2008 in “Crai nou”, and was later published in “NordLitera”, “Bucovina Literară”, “Vatra”, “Ramuri” and “O mie de semne” (online) magazines.

He was awarded the “Nicolae Labiș” Grand Prize and the “Literary Conversations” magazine prize during the National Poetry Festival “Nicolae Labi” (2010).
In 2019, he was awarded the “King of the Morning” in the sixth edition of
Debuted “Alexandru Muchina”, and as a result published The Old Man’s Reflections on Freedom (Tracus Arte Publishing House, Bucharest, 2019), nominated for the National Poetry Prize “Mihai Eminescu” – OPUS PRIMUM (2020). For this book, he was awarded the USR – Yash Branch Award (2020) and First Prize for Literary Conversations magazine (2020).
Vlad Cebeci actively participates in the meetings organized by the Nour El-Hebr Poetry House in
Susiva (Coordinator: Georges Christian).

VLAD MUȘAT (b. 09.29.1988, Băicoi Town, Prahova County) Poetry published in magazines:
“Family”, “Roman Cultural Meridian”, “Literary Compositions”, “Literature”, “Qpoem”
(Online), “Discobol”, “Banquet”, “Scriptor”, “A Thousand Signs” (online), “New York Time”
magazine “,” Noise Poetry “(Online),” Tempul “(Republic of Moldova),” Axis Libri “,” Stewa “.
Winner of the National Poetry Festival “Costach Konacci”, 27th Edition (Tikuchi,
2019); She has participated in the “Poetry in the Citadel” festival (Oradea, 2019), the Bleacher Institute (20th edition), and the Augustin Duenay Festival (Sad – 2020).

In 2020, Vlad Moat made his debut in his editorial with the volume of hair La inaugurarea
Cemetery of Elephants (Junimea Publishing House, Iai), and in 2022 published the second volume of poetry, A Complete Barefoot World (Junimea Publishing House, Iași). He has also published short prose in the online magazine A Thousand Signs and Flash fiction in the online magazine LiterNet (under the title Real Fiction).

Appears in the anthology of Almana Syntagmy 2018 and a special statement
Liability – UBB Cenacle in Pandemic (2021). Vlad Moat is the winner of the Opera Prize at the “Tudor Arghezi” International Festival of Literature (Târgu Jiu, 2021).

Beginning in 2019, he has attended Poets in Dialogue meetings at the Ipotiti Memorial:
Cosmin Perwa and Ewan S. pop. Liviu Antonesei and Radu Andriescu; Nikolai Sava and Radu
Florescu. Nikolai Panayet, Magda Karneci and Simona Popescu; Iwan Rado Fuchorescu and Rita
Cherian. enamel deco and florin partine; Jello Dorian and Gregor Chipper; Svetlana Karsten and
André Gamaro; Doina Ioanid and erban Axinte; Nichita Danilov and Emilian Galaicu-Păun;
André Dupuy; Andra Rotaru and Kotilina Mate; Theodore Dunno and Dan Koeman; Stelorian Moroșanu and Dan Sociu; Luminița Amarie and Manon Pițu; Rizvan Ooba and Paul Vinicius; Lucien Vasilio and Robert Serban; Aurel Pantea and Ioan Moldovan; Liviu Ioan Stoiciu and Adrian Alui Gheorghe

also Ioan Bentia and Paul Arezzo; Diana Jekur and Oana Kotilina Nino; Daniel Corbo and Ion Montino; Claudio Comartin, Andrei Dósa and Alexandru Vakulovski; Ion Pop and Adrian Popescu; Doro Mario and Christa Bilcio; Livia Roșca and Iulian Tănase; Romulus Bokor and Alexandro Cosmesco; Mate Vyshnik and Anka Mizumsky; Nikolai Cowande and Vasyl Baguio; Dino Flemand and Andrei Novak; Cassian Maria Spyridon and Vasily Theodore. On the occasion of these meetings or other activities, the following readings and discussions were also attended: Anna Blandiana, Nora Ioga, Ion Morian, Alexandro Ovidio Ventillo, Mihaela Pedroario, Constantin Severin, Giuseppe Massavo and the poets from Botosani: Dumitru Nicano, Christina Optilia, Nicolae Corlat, George Luca, Gabriel Alexei, Vasily Iftime, Petro Barvesco, Florentina Tonic, Nina Visiriuk, Lucia Olaro Ninati, Flodo Skolnico.

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