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Urban Promenade Open Streets – Bucharest continues the weekend from 21 to 22 May with new activities, cultural and entertainment events on the pedestrian routes of Kiseleff Boulevard, Calea Victoriei, Unirii Boulevard and Sector 4 of the Fântâna Zodiac roundabout.

The largest outdoor project in Bucharest, Open Streets takes place over several weekends from May to October 2022 and is organized by City Hall through the Ministry of Culture, Education and Tourism with ARCUB – Cultural Center of Bucharest, created – Center for Creativity, Art and Traditions of Bucharest, PROEDUS – Center for Educational and Sports Projects in Bucharest – as logical operators. The project’s artistic program has been prepared by the city’s cultural institutions and includes relevant events for independent cultural operators.

Pedestrian areas / open streets from May 21 to 22

During the third open street weekend, pedestrian routes will be constructed between 09:00 and 22:00 in the following areas:

May 21: Kiseleff Street between Arhitect Ion Mincu Street and Monetăriei . Street
• May 21-22: Callia Victory, between Victory Square and Speleool Independent
• May 21-22: Unirii Street between Splaiul Independenei and Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, respectively between Dimitrie Cantemir Street and Mircea Vodă Boulevard.
• May 21-22: Zodiac Fountain Roundabout in Carroll Park 1 District, Sector 4

Premieres this weekend from May 21-22 at Open Streets

Among the premieres of the third weekend of the Open Streets are guided tours through the industrial architecture of Carol I Park, revealing to the city’s secret participants, such as epeş castle and Bucharest’s highest point. Also, high school choreography “Floria Capsali” on Saturday, May 14, participates for the first time in Open Streets with a mob on Michael Jackson music, classical music and traditional choirs in front of the Music Store on Calea Victoriei, Casa Artelor Dinu Lipatti, exclusively at Open Streets , musical performances and documentaries about the great pianist and composer Dinu Lipatti.

The program of related events includes, for the weekend of May 21-22, a series of music venues at Calea Victoriei organized by Untold Festival and SAGA Festival. The 65th edition of World Press Photo Romania continues on the University Square and presents the most interesting documentary and press photos of the year. One of the four pedestrian zones this weekend, Bulevardul Unirii has been hosting multimedia shows at Fântânile Urbane since last week.

Art program / open streets from May 21 to 22

Events for youngsters are scheduled for this weekend in Kiseleff Park and Sector 4. The PROEDUS Educational and Sports Projects Center has prepared for Saturday, May 21, at Kiseleff Park playgrounds with slopes for skaters, rollers, climbing boards, micro-walls, a gate, and a basketball and badminton court. In the Carol I Park area, on the Fântâna Zodiac Tour, children can take part in a series of workshops, sports and leisure activities designed by the CREART Center for Creativity, Arts and Traditions, the University of the Arts in Bucharest and the Children’s Club Sector 4, the Jewish State Theater presents a lyrical theatrical show on Saturday, May 14.

The evening program includes street theatrical moments supported by the actors of the Anderik Animation Theater in front of the Radisson Hotel, the Zodiac Fountain, and performances by the Musk Theater in front of the National Museum of History and in Sector Four. Projects in Calea Victoriei and Sector 4 also include the contemporary dance performance of the Delazero Association, proposed in the ARCUB programme.

After the success of last weekend, when a participatory installation on the window of Muzica shop collected hundreds of thoughts about Bucharest from city dwellers and tourists in Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish, English and French, the ARCUB – Bucharest Cultural Center is also waiting for this weekend, participants of the Open Streets will stop at the Music Store, read Participatory confirmation messages and contribute their own impressions of Bucharest.

Classical concerts in the Kretzulescu church district are part of the Open Streets 3rd Weekend Open Air Concert Series. ARCUB organized Armonia Brass and Four Strings concerts and a tour of the Carol I-Park neighborhood, Bucharest School of Art.

The full program for the weekend from May 21 to 22 “Open Streets” is available on,,,

During the established restrictions, it will be allowed to cross Kalia Victory, Sevastopol Street, George Mano Street, Dacia Boulevard, George Enescu Street, Otterby Vody Street, Ion Campinino, Regina Elisabetta Boulevard. Traffic on Unirii Boulevard will be restricted to the part between Splaiul Independenţei and Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, respectively Unirii Boulevard, the part between Dimitrie Cantemir and Mircea Vodă Boulevard (meaning towards Alba Iulia Square). Bucharest Transport Company’s traffic will be diverted without affecting passengers.

Residents will be allowed access to the house, as well as to economic units in the area according to the signs temporarily installed during the restrictions on the following streets: Frumoasă Street between Sevastopol Street and Calea Victoriei Street, Gina Patrichi Street between Lascr Catargiu Street and Calea Victoriei and Calea Griviţei between Constantin Budişteanu and Calea Victoriei, noting that the car access for residents will be redirected to the alley in front of the tirbei palace, and then to Banului Street.


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