Ion Barbo, “Stone Tamer”, comes to ArtEast Gallery

During Roman Creativity Week, ArtEast hosts the exhibition “The Stones Tamer” by well-known artist Ion Barbu. Therefore, on Sunday, May 22nd from 16:00, the exhibition invites you to the opening of the exhibition sponsored by Dana Longo. The event will be attended by artist and fashion designer Irina Schrotter. The exhibition can be visited between May 20 and June 5 2022 in the ArtEast gallery space on Păcurari Street no. 108, Yash.

Aeon Barbo He was born on July 6, 1953 in Petročani. He is a plastic artist and a member of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania. He participated in more than 400 national and international exhibitions, and won more than 50 awards. He was awarded the National Star of Romania with a knighthood for “outstanding artistic achievements and for the promotion of Romanian culture”.

He distinguished himself initially as a cartoonist, being considered the most important contemporary Roman writer in this field. Of the many awards won, more than half were international awards in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey, Serbia, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan and Korea. Dozens of international exhibitions were also organized in Great Britain, USA, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, etc.

He has done cartoons for the daily newspapers Adevărul, România Liberă (1993-1995), Evenimentul zilei and Ziua (since 1995), as well as for the weekly publications Academia Cațavencu (since 1994), Suplementul de Cultura (since 2004) and Dilema Veche (since 1998). . His cartoons and drawings have also been published in many foreign newspapers and magazines, including: La Repubblica (Italy), Szpilky (Poland), Ludas Maty (Hungary), Witty World (USA), Stîrșel, Apropos (Bulgaria), Hurriet , Mylliet, Cumhuriyet (Turkey) etc.

In the past two decades, Ion Barbo’s activity has encompassed more and more fields of visual arts, and has been distinguished by urban murals, art installations, street art, collages, photographic interventions, interventions on antiques, prefabricated objects, events, etc. Ion Barbu is the founder, director and curator of four museums and exhibition center: the Museum of Poetry (i) in Iai, opened in 2021 in the House of Museums on Vasile Alecsandri Street; ID Sîrbu Memorial House in Petrila, opened in 2010; Mother Museum in Petrilla, opened in 2012; The Museum of the Roman Plumber from Petroccani, opened in 2016, as well as the Pompadour Center (Petrilla), a venue that hosts temporary art exhibitions.

Ion Barbo is an atypical artist, restless and terribly fussy. When you think you’ve got the formula, come up with a new project that forces you to redefine it. We all know his achievement from Petrella, who reinvented it by spreading walls and demolished buildings with verses by Roman poets. The miracle lasted only a few days, because the last authorities came with our hand, to restore the sweet order of mediocrity. But Eon Barbu believes that no one else is in the hidden power of poetry to change the world. This explains the miracle of the Museum of Poetry he made in Iai, the most suitable place for such a thing.(Dana Longo, Curator)

The artist realized many other interdisciplinary projects, combining visual arts and poetry, in his exhibitions, in installations in the museums he created, as well as in various other forms of publishing.

In this project, Ion Barbu proposes a series of petroleum-based micro-capillary formulations. A puzzle, a puzzle, a grid, stamps, emblems or a map are all pretexts on which a verse can be woven. Poetry is all around us. As you can see, born in Petrella, Ion Barbu has a special relationship with stones. From a young age, since he was a pebble, he taught them to recite poems, as he does now. Let’s listen to them and enjoy the spine!(Dana Longo, Curator)

ArtEast exhibition appeared in 2021, judging by the fact that in Iaşi there are great artists whom the state does not know enough, and in the country there are great artists whom Iaşi does not know enough. The purpose of ArtEast is to encourage, support and promote live art, in the time we live in, to cultivate artists with an innovative spirit, whether emerging or established, to enjoy together what the visual arts have to offer us today.


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