POC has been launched! Romania’s first documentary comic magazine can be purchased online

Starting this week, POC Documentary Illustrated Magazine! Available to order from https://bloczero.ro/publicatii/along with the graphic novel about Annina, “From Underground to the Surface. A Story of a Post-Industrial City”, both projects are from the association’s original editions.

The first entry point number! It aims to present the history of environmental movements in Romania, but also to talk about how environmental issues affect our lives and our future.

A team effort bringing together different voices, POC! It aims to promote both experienced comic book authors and new voices, who are publishing for the first time like this: 3 students from the Czech village of Saint Helena in Banat (Adela Bykova, Daniel Hriza, Joza Kon), a young woman from a high school in Bacău (Sabrina Dâscă ), the puppet maker (Agata Tabacu), environmental activist (Loredana Pană) and environmental policy specialist (Roxana Bucată) began writing scripts or illustrations for the band drawn and collaborated with experienced painters from Romania (Iliana Sordokan, Mircea Pop, Ionoch Sociu), Moldova ( Octavian Korosho) and the Czech Republic (Petra Dobroska and Štopanka Jeslova).

The stories combine fiction and documentation and are written in accessible language, making it easier for both adults and young adults of Generation Z to understand mining and bison in the forests of Moldova and to think about climate change.

The magazine can be ordered here https://tinyurl.com/ShopRevistaPOC.

Botelka – Štebanka Jeslova, Adela Bykova, Daniel Hriza, Joza Kona

Adela Peková, Daniel Hrůza, Joza Kun are the third graders of 8th graders who wrote a comic book script for the first time in their lives, the result being “Butelca”, a story about the greening of the village and its surroundings. The script was executed under the guidance of the Czech language teacher, Klara Jechova, and the illustration was done by the most famous Czech painter, Štěpánka Jislová.

Snow Black – Sabrina Dusky, Roxana Buccato

Illustrator Sabrina Dusky, High School Student of the Arts, Department of Architecture, Bacau for the first time appeared in the illustration on this occasion, Environmental Science and Policy Researcher and Specialist Consultant for POC! . The story “Black as Snow” talks about the fair transition of workers in the Jiu Valley, and the professional shift back to the wind field for people from mining communities, an area with an uncertain future.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge was letting go of the words and combining the documentation with a little bit of imagination, but I gained a new perspective on things. As I have been dealing with topics related to the environment and, more specifically, energy transition for some time, I may appreciate the opportunity to explore these topics,” says Roxana. Buccato: “I am happy to tell the story in such a way that it is accessible to young people.”

For me, “Black as Snow” is a story about tradition, family, origins, and how the past and the present intersect. In Aldona I discovered courage and hope for a better future and her ability to adapt to anything for me I think is the strongest and most important aspect of this story”, adds illustrator Sabrina Dâscă.

The Man Looking at the Sky – Agata Tabacu, Ionuț Sociu

Animator and puppet designer Agata Tabacu makes her comic debut with the story The Man Who Looks at the Sky. It tells the story of a young man’s journey to Omo Peak weather station and a reflection on climate change and the relationship between the present and the future. Screenwriter Ionuț Sociu was inspired to write the story from the documents prepared for the “Guardians of Time” report, published by Ionuț in Scena9.

Bucharest Air – Octavian Cruso, Anastasia Rohk, Loredana Bano

Environmental activist Loredana Pană of the More Green Association has accepted the challenge of writing the script for the story of a comic book for the first time and this is how “Bucharest of the Air” was born. Illustrated by Octavian Corso, a Chisinau author with extensive comic book experience, who also illustrated the scale of documentary comics.From Underground to Surface – The Story of a Post-Industrial City”, published by Bloc Zero in 2021. The drawing was completed with the help of colorist Anastasia Rohac from Chisinau, a fourth-year student at the School of Fine Arts and Design.

“My message is that air pollution affects all of us, no matter where we live or our monthly income, and we are together in this fight for our health. We need strict legislation regarding the city’s building system, the growth of green space in the capital, and transportation Effective public action. There are actions that can be taken quickly and in the short term, but we also need vision in this area. Our elected officials must understand that this is an important topic and that it can no longer be ignored,” says Loredana Pano.

More about gold – Eliana Surdokan, Petra Dobroska

Over the Golden was created by illustrator Eliana Sordokan, with screenwriter Petra Dobroska, an author with extensive comics experience. The authors tell the story of the Roșia Montana movement from the perspective of a young girl living in the future of the post-climate revolution and discover a diary about the friendship between her great-grandmother Petra and environmental activist Raluca.

“I worked on a story about Roșia Montană and the protests that tried to stop cyanide mining – but also about the friendship between Raluca and Petra, both of whom were actively involved in the events of those years 2011 – 2013. Even if today I do not feel the same optimism, I think the actions of the activists at that time were makes sense, and I was happy to know and paint the story of those who started the whole process. I was also moved by the idea that Petra and Ralluca wrote memoirs for great-grandchildren together. In the current global context, I think we all like to think about how future generations will view us, and what we will leave them with ‘ says Petra Dobroska.

Zimbrol – Mercia Pope

Known for drawing over 20 books, graphic designer Mircea Pope won the Book Photography Award in Romania’s Most Beautiful Books Competition for Dance Lessons for Seniors and Seniors, by Bohumil Hrabal. For POC Magazine! The author was inspired by articles documented by Roxana Bucatu and Elena Stanko on the bison and wrote the story of the first bison regaining its freedom in the forests of Moldova.

The magazine costs 50 lei and is available online at https://bloczero.ro/produs/poc-1-revista-de-banda-desenata-documentara/

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