Sibiu starts negotiations from 4.3 million euros for a cultural space, which will become the temporary “home” of the “Radu Stanca” theater

For the first time in the history of the “Post-European Capital of Culture” of Sibiu, the local administration intends to start negotiations to acquire a space with cultural values. It is about the “Culture Factory”, resulting from the reconversion of an industrial area on Triagului Street, in Sibiu.

The “Culture Factory” appeared in Sibiu when Construcții SA was run by Sibiu businessman Yuan Tuenen. An area of ​​more than 6,700 square meters of the production base of Construcții SA was transformed into a cultural space, where the mega-show “Faust”, signed by director Silviu Purcărete, was staged.

After Ioan Tușinean left management of the company, it declined, and is now insolvent. The partnership with the “Radu Stanca” National Theater (TNRS) (realized in recent years by paying the rent of 530,000 lei annually) may end as a result of the imminent sale of the space in question. Therefore, Sibiu City Council is now suggesting that it be purchased for the city. €4.3 million is the amount paid by the current representatives of Construcții SA to sell the building of 6,776 square meters and the land of 2.7 hectares. The final price will be determined, however, after the approved evaluation.

The Cultural Factory has become the stage for a huge show “Faust”, directed by Silvio Burcrete

“Given the fact that the Culture Factory has, since 2015, become a symbolic space for Sibiu and the country, as well as by the potential that this space offers for the future of the Sibiu community (a cultural, educational and research space, all year round) clearly demonstrates the need for the existence of this vital object, to invest in Creation, development, vision, education and research”, representatives of the local administration justify the need and opportunity for this acquisition.

One of them put it in the context of the Exhibition and Conference Center (CSC) project in place of the current headquarters of TNRS (the project is estimated at €118 million after a pre-feasibility study). During the construction of this new center (a scenario that does not portend in the short term), the Culture Factory could become the temporary headquarters of the TNRS, according to the local administration. The acquisition of the Culture Factory is an ideal and unique alternative, at this moment, both for the further development of TNRS activities during the construction of the new performance and conference center, but also for the optimal solution to the space distribution and structural components of the new CCS. , as it is very well documented and substantiated in the Pre-Feasibility Study, it is also presented in the quoted report.

The Culture Factory spaces can be used to arrange TNRS workshops for some desired storage space, but also for three indoor and one outdoor performance spaces “where invited performances can be supported at FITS, with easy access from outside and from the city center (train, car, pedestrian)”.

– 33.7 million lei. Where does the money come from?

Representatives of the local administration also explained that “the acquisition of the building and land of the” Culture Factory “is an important project and a potential generator of additional income from the organization of cultural, artistic, social and educational events.”

It is estimated that the approximately 33.7 million lei required to acquire and develop the area will be able to be raised from several sources. Approximately 22 million lei will be raised for the purchase of the Culture Factory from a bank loan of 18.3 million lei (with interest and commission close to three million lei) and from local budget support of 3.2 million lei.

To arrange offices and indoor and outdoor spaces, in addition to obtaining the necessary permits and permits, 3.5 million lei will be required, which is another 5 million lei to install air conditioning in all spaces. Utility costs are estimated at 800,000 lei per year.

TNRS representatives note that in addition to expenses, the Culture Factory will also generate revenue of 3.5 million lei annually, from renting spaces for various cultural events.

The draft resolution requiring local council members to express their consent in principle to the acquisition of the Culture Factory is to be submitted for discussion and vote on the Sibiu local council members at the meeting scheduled for next Thursday.

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