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The name of Nikolai Rotaru, a true symbol of the cultural and artistic life of Slobozia, is inscribed on the facade of the Municipal House of Culture.

Society is built around values ​​that begin in its midst and that leave their mark on all that means spiritual, cultural and artistic life.

From this point of view, the appreciation of those who fulfill these qualities is only a tangible sign that we, the members of society, know how to preserve in the collective memory all that the eminent personalities have achieved and are doing for all. “city”.

This was the idea from which the Directorate of Education, Culture and Youth set out when the name of Nikolai Rotaru was placed on the facade of the Municipal House of Culture, a true symbol of cultural and artistic life in Slobozia.

This week, of the Slobozhin Cultural Days, the series of events hosted by the Municipal House of Culture opened on Tuesday evening with a show dedicated to the artist, folklore collector, guide, friend, but especially to Man Nikolai. Rotaru.

Under the title “Nikolai Rotaru – a life, a song”, the event began with a press conference in which representatives of the cultural institutions of the city and artists invited to the show, along with Nikolai Rotaru, shared memories of his career and the future. plans, but also about the importance that the name gives to a cultural institution.

The press conference was held in the lobby of the Municipal House of Culture, amidst a photo exhibition depicting the artist’s life and career.

The conference was attended by the famous musician Nikolai Rotaru, Director of the Municipal House of Culture “Nikolai Rotaru” from Slobozia, Caitlin Stancio, Director of the District Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture in Ilometa, and Daniel Trevaux, the popular. Music artists Floarea Calotă and Miruna Ionescu.

“It is an emotional event that we celebrate today and live with everyone, an event that marks the official opening of the hall of the Municipal House of Culture, which today will be called Nikolai Rotaru. It is a promise made by the Mayor since October 2021, on the stage of the Doina Bărăganului Festival, and it will come true today ( …) “, He said. Miruna Ionescu, presenter of the show dedicated to Nikolai Rotaru.

Nikolai Rotaru was born on July 29, 1951 in the village of Onfricíria, Dor Meronte town, Călărași province, into a family with six children. 1974 marks his debut in artistic life, within the first stage of the competition “Flower from the Garden”, and in the same year he begins to collaborate with the Radio Popular Music Orchestra, conductor of the Paraschiv Oprea. In 1977 he won the cup in the “Flower Garden” competition.

“1979 marks the first record ever made in the Electrecord, and the recordings we can find in the Radio Sound Library, as well as in the Golden Archives of Romanian Television and the Archives of the Electrecord prove to be a fulfilled and chosen profession, and I would say an art scholar, because such is the nature of Mr. Nikolai Rotaru, that He remains aloof, does not want to highlight much, like the love of the public. And I am glad that here, in Slobozia, the value finds its gratitude and today we have the Municipal House of Culture named Nikolai Rotaru,” he added. Mirona Ionescu.

Nikolai Rotaru is considered a man of a lot of common sense, unpretentious, unpretentious, with a sense of humor that often helps him get through the unpleasant episodes of his life more easily.

Along with her dear friend, friend for life, folk music singer Floria Kalotu said she was honored to be invited to this event. She remembered her childhood when she met “that true song” of the rural areas she was born and raised in, while talking about the “talent” she got from God and never tried to “twist”.

“Nikolai Rotaru is a man who raised his children with love, gave them all his best things and, above all, gave them a good upbringing, gave them the basis of the seven years at home. Now she raises her grandson equally and beautifully. (…) The fact that Nikolai Rotaru being celebrated during his lifetime means a lot (…)”, he said, among other things, flower cap.

With tears in his eyes, Nikolai Rotaru thanked everyone for the beautiful words he had received, for the support he had received throughout his career, however, he regretted that “it is no longer the same, to be able to do at least half of what it was. As he did “, But even if the horses ‘left him a little,’ he promised he ‘won’t give up’.

    Nikolai Rotaru“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been so generous. I feel the words are so generous and so beautiful for what I deserve. Especially as you said, Myrona, my dear, modesty is what has been on my mind throughout my career. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I can’t to do what I did on my own. If I was not supported by you, by the press, by those who directed the destinies of the culture, the county council, the city council, here I would like to thank the local council and mayor Drago Soare for this recognition of my continuing work. But I am not the only one who works. My opinion is that many would have deserved this gesture. There are artists who have passed away but if I am lucky. (…) I was fortunate to receive this honor while I was alive, so that I may also rejoice, because usually, in our country, in Romania, only When the value disappears, the world begins to say what it has lost because of this rugged time. He said: I thank you from the bottom of my heart (…) ” Nikolai Rotaruclearly excited.

The scene then was where other memories unfold, this time to the beautiful rhythms of Roman folklore.

To the applause of the spectators, the folk ensemble “Cununa Carpailor”, Sofia Moyoyo, the folklore troupe “Doina Bărăganului”, Nicole Domitrako, Ionuț Cocoș, Nicoleta Rădinciuc Vlad, Daniel Trifu, Miruna Ionescuu, Nicolae Special.

During nearly four hours of performance, the hall of the Municipal House of Culture “Nikolai Rotaru” was slobozia resounding in the vibrations produced by the chords of an unmistakable Romanian folk song, in an event that wanted the character to properly honor who Nikolai Rotaru is.

He received from the organizers, as a symbolic tribute to all that he means to the Sloboss community, the Shields of Excellence.

It should be noted that in the future it is planned to organize a festival bearing his name, dedicated to young folk music artists, but also a “school” for traditional instrument players.

Activities included in Slobozen Cultural Days run through the weekend with events geared toward fans of choral music, modern music, and editorials, as well as events celebrating seniors and teachers.

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