Cosmin Chiriță, MERITO Project Director, on the main purpose of the project and how to select valuable teachers

Kuzmin Cheric, director of the Merito project, was a guest of Marcel Bartik on the program “Victory Square” on Europe FM. MERITO is a project in which Romanian Entrepreneurs gather in Romanian Business Leaders – RBL – to publicly and materially learn about the merits of outstanding teachers in the country, and then bring together a system of good practices for other teachers. The project was started in 2015 by Măriuca Talpe and she is still leading the project today. The main objective of the MERITO project was to re-accredit the teaching profession in Romania.

“It is an essential starting point in our case for the long-term re-accreditation of the teacher profession in Romania and its easy transformation. It is worth noting that I did not actually lay the foundations of the project, but I joined its management in my daily life.

Initially, in 2015 – Măriuca Talpe is the one who started the project and is leading it today – it seemed as a reason to re-accredit the teaching profession as I said, out of the need for positive examples of teachers in general.

At the time, the media was full of negative news from education, school and teachers, and it somehow lacked those positive role models that existed and still exist, but we need to deliver more. Thus came the idea of ​​a celebration in which you reward such valuable teachers, like examples and models that give us confidence in our profession as teachers and show us that despite the setbacks in the system, we still have reason to hope and trust and have those people with whom we build and change the things we want to change in the system “said Cosmin Chiriță, MERITO Project Director.

Kusmin Cheric: The ceremony is a starting point for gathering award-winning teachers in a community in which we are constantly investing

“We started awarding 10 teachers annually and continued to grow. It is worth noting that the ceremony is not a limited point, but rather the beginning of our relationship with the graduate teachers we meet in a community in which we invest continuously for the development of the community and the development of teachers in the community. Transfer of practice to teachers others”.added Kuzmin Cheric on the Europa FM channel.

What are the selection criteria for valuable teachers awarded in MERITO

“First of all, we don’t have a file. We don’t have a file or rail. Our system is based on recommendations. We receive recommendations from the general public, meaning that anyone can make recommendations on our site, and then we go through the selection process that takes about a year: documentation Online, we search the internet for these recommended teachers, we validate in the area – we’re back to the network of entrepreneurs behind the project at RBL Foundation – and we’re looking for as much information as possible about what these teachers do in and out of the classroom.

That, in addition to standards of professionalism, dedication, and passion for class and what they do with children during class, we also look at what they do outside of it – the extent to which they participate in extra-curricular activities, how much the life of the community in which you work. The extent to which they apply these practices to teachers – that is, they help other teachers to improve their own teaching methods.

The selection is made by a jury of entrepreneurs from the MERITO team and Romanian business leaders just to make sure that the teachers we give – for being an exclusive private initiative – put dedication and a little charm and grace into their profession and I take that extra step for the job and for those changes in education that we all need” .said Kuzmin Cherich.

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