Gabriella Szabo, about her niece and her relationship with Zsolt Jeongyosi

Gabriela Szabo remains an outstanding mark of will, perseverance and performance at the highest level. The balance in her life is family, Zsolt Gyongyossy, daughter Petra, and their niece Vera Mei.

This does not mean, for Gabriela Szabo, only serious work from the position of Director General of the CSM Center in Bucharest. Vera May’s granddaughter, who will turn 3 on August 27, is a presence that comforts her soul, every time they meet.

It is not known at this time what he will do after leaving the position.

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“He says I love you, it melts me when he says it.”

Her name is Vera Mai. Mai comes from Asia, China. Petra is my stepdaughter from my first marriage, and Vera is a prodigy. We try to spend as much time as possible together. If I go to Bistrita, she comes to Bistrita, and if I go to Cluj, I go to her. That day I was in Oradea and he stayed with us for a few days. Those days, I tell you with all my heart, are wonderful.

Not only do we run together, we play, we have fun but we spent the whole day together on Saturday, from morning to evening, she came from Cluj on Friday night. I tell him a miracle, it has been 3 years since August 27, coincidentally, my father was born on August 28, God forgive him… Vera came at a very beautiful time in our lives and we are very happy.

She told me “I love you”, she melts me when you tell me that … Yesterday she came from the kindergarten and was playing in the garden, I called her and she said “Where did you miss, to see me jump?”

He’s a sweet baby and he sings to me all day long, the poems say, he’s our soul. For now, to grow up healthy… (Editor – regarding her niece’s desire to become a champion in the coming years) we’re thinking about what’s best for her. I’m speaking from my grandfather’s or my grandparents’ perspective,” Gabriella Szabo says, excited.

Vera Mi, Gabriella Szabo’s niece, will turn 3 on August 27

“There is more between us than chemistry, there is respect and love”

The athlete who would become a multiple Olympic and world champion under the direction of coach Zsolt Gyöngyössy – through a happy cross between the pairs of fate – became his wife. Gabriella Szabo is excited to talk about those moments and says that there is much more between her and her partner than just the “chemistry” that unites a man and a woman.

Respect and love are the two basic components of a long-term relationship, and Gabriela Szabo admits that it’s all done “together.”

“Zsolt is a very special person to me. And not because he’s my husband. Sometimes we stay at home, it’s just the two of us, and say how God made us meet. It’s more than just chemistry between us, it’s a relationship based on a lot of respect and love from both of us. I think every What we did in our jobs, in sports, we did together.He was a young teacher from the school, he was assigned to the school gymnasium, he was trained in the university -not only him -a bunch of people were prepared for great performance, because before the ’90s, he was physical performance The only college of Education and Sports in Romania.The choice in the university was very difficult, not everyone came, you had to be well prepared, and then, in the last year of college, with Elena Bitang and a few others, they were selected for super specialization.

At that moment, they didn’t realize that they had been chosen, that few group of people, six or seven people, in different sports, ready to perform great. Zsolt never saw a teacher in a school, talking to him, he had never seen a teacher go to a sports class, he saw himself in this part of the training.

Gabriella Szabo with her family

And besides, a very good card came to the school sports club, in a very favorable environment, Zsolt has great respect for the former director of the school sports club. He told me that every week they took the coach or the gym car, with all the coaches from the other departments – cross-country skiing, handball, volleyball – and went to the selection in the villages, where I supervised sports classes. If an item jumps in front of them, automatically – with parental consent – it will come to the school gym and enter the starting and gradual introduction to the performance.

Everything came naturally (editor – regarding the transition from a sports marathon to a “life marathon” with Zsolt). What happened happened. She took me several years ago, twenty years ago… We got married in 1999. This year, on October 2, we celebrate 23 years of marriage,” says Gabriella Szabo.

“Zsolt is a very special person to me. And not because he’s my husband. It’s more than just chemistry between us, it’s a relationship based on a lot of respect and love,” adds Gabi Szabo.

“We don’t sleep without praying with our mother.”

Gabriela Szabo, looking back, admits that she could not achieve anything – in sports, but also personally – without God’s help, and recalls her grandmother, a devoted woman, with whom she grew up in the village of Genda, Bistrita Nosud province. .

The former world champion in athletics admits that when she was young, she did not understand why she had to go to church and go under the table during the service. But, she says, she never slept with her brothers without praying, as their mother taught them.

(…) Everything I did was with God’s help. He gave me this talent through my father. And remember, it can pay off. I have always prayed. I happily remember my grandmother Anna – my mother’s mother – with whom I grew up as a child in Genda. It used to be a village, and now it is popular … five kilometers from Bistrita. My grandmother used to take us to church and she was a very, very honest person, and so was my mother…she was a very faithful and God-fearing person. We don’t sleep without praying with my mom

We were children and I remember my mother coming, and before we went to bed we would say our prayers. I was a child, and I don’t even know how old I was – 5-6 years old, my grandmother died when I was 7 years old – she took us to church and did not understand why I had to go to church under the table before Easter and why the four-legged dad comes … and I was smiling. My niece was also brought up in the spirit of faith – my niece – and my mother told me that she would take her to church and open the laces of the priest during the service. play

We are three brothers, and I am the middle. I’m in Bistrita, I work at Bistrita, I’m a factory worker. One works in the battery factory and the other in the radiators,” says Gabriela Szabo.

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