It is the best films of 2021, but the actors and actresses

The Oscars are not what they used to be. The annual feast has become the subject of several scandals in recent years, recent editions’ effort is to calculate the average between good films and variety, and for the most part opinions at the end are very divided.

This does not mean, however, that there is still no interest in future releases. Even if you don’t spend a few hours in front of the screen to see the winner, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for “Best Picture” at the Oscars. The same goes for a movie with best actor or best actress.

2022, Oscar winner

Based on the current social and cultural context, the Oscars tradition, and the films released last year, Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter set out to make some estimates as to which films have the best chance of enjoying the figurines. The next edition of the awards.

the best movie:

Chances are high
(Focus, November 12, trailer) AFI*, CCA, HFPA, NBR
dog power (Netflix, November 17, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA
West side story (Disney, December 10, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPANBR
King Richard (Warner Brothers, November 19, Trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA, NBR
Licorice pizza (MGM/UA, November 26, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA, NBR
Tag, put… Boom!
(Netflix, November 19, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA
(Warner Brothers, October 22, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA, NBR
kuda (Apple, August 13, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA
do not search (Netflix, December 10, trailer) AFI, CCA, HFPA, NBR
Spider-Man: There is no room for home (Sony, December 17, trailer)

the missing daughter (Netflix, December 17, trailer) is being, IFP
Being Ricardos (Amazon, December 10, trailer)
come on come on (A24, November 19, trailer) is being
a hero (Amazon, November 12, trailer)
summer of the soul (Hulu/Scout, July 2, trailer)
nightmare alley (Scout, December 17, trailer) AFI, CCA, NBR
Gucci House (MGM/UA, November 24, trailer)
The tragedy of Macbeth (A24/Apple, December 25, trailer) AFI, NBR
driving my car (Side View/Janus, November 24, Trailer) LAFCAnd the NYFCC

small chances

God’s hand (Netflix, December 3, trailer)
run away (Neon/Participant, Dec. 3, Trailer)
(MGM/UA, December 31, trailer) HFP
red rocket
(A24, Dec. 10, trailer) NBR
Parallel mothers
(Sony Classic, December 24, trailer)
The hardest they fell (Netflix, October 22, trailer)
The last duel (Fox, October 15, trailer) NBR
Spencer (Neon, November 5, trailer)

best director

Chances are high
Kenneth Branagh (Belfast) CCA, HFPA
Jane Campion (dog power) CCA, HFPA, LAFCAnd the NYFCC
Steven Spielberg (West side story) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Denis Villeneuve (Dune) CCA, HFPA
Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice pizza) CCA, NBR

Asghar Farhadi (a hero) – audio notation
Maggie Gyllenhaal (the missing daughter) FI, HFPA, IFP
Guillermo del Toro (nightmare alley) – audio notation California.
Rinaldo Marcos Green (King Richard)
Mike Mills (come on come on) is being
Paolo Sorrentino (God’s hand)
Adam McKay (do not search) – audio notation

small chances

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Tag, put… Boom!) – audio notation
Julia Docornau (Titanium)
Aaron Sorkin (Being Ricardos) – audio notation
Ridley Scott (Gucci House) – audio notation
Pedro Almodovar (Parallel mothers) – audio notation
John Watts (Spider-Man: There is no room for home)

best actor

Chances are high
will Smith (King Richard) – audio notation CCA, HFPA, NBR
Andrew Garfield (Tag, put… Boom!) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Benedict Cumberbatch (dog power) – audio notation CCA, HFPA, NYFCC
Denzel Washington (The tragedy of Macbeth) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Good Hill (Belfast)

Joaquin Phoenix (come on come on) IFP
Peter Dinklage (cyrano) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Simon Rex (red rocket) – audio notation FI, IFP, LAFC
Javier Bardem (Being Ricardos) HFP
Bradley Cooper (nightmare alley)
Nicolas Cage (Pig) – audio notation California.
Clifton Collins Jr. (jockey) is being
Cooper Hoffman (Licorice pizza) HFP

small chances

Leonardo DiCaprio (do not search) HFP
Ansel Elgort (West side story)
Mahershala Ali (swan song) – audio notation HFP
Adam Driver (Gucci House) – audio notation
Oscar Isaac (card counter) – audio notation IFP
Anthony Ramos (in the heights) HFP
Filippo Scotti (God’s hand)
Tom Holland (Spider-Man: There is no room for home)
Frankie Faison (Kenneth Chamberlain murder) FI, IFP

Best Actress

Chances are high
Kristen Stewart (Spencer) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Nicole Kidman (Being Ricardos) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
lady gaga (Gucci House) – audio notation CCA, HFPA, NYFCC
Olivia Colman (the missing daughter) – audio notation CCA, HFPA, IFP
Rachel Ziegler (West side story) hfpa, NBR

Penelope Cruz (Parallel mothers) LAFC
Jessica Chastain (Tami Faye’s eyes) – audio notation CCA, HFPA
Alana Haim (Licorice pizza) CCA, HFPA
Emilia Jones (kuda)
Frances McDormand (The tragedy of Macbeth)
Jennifer Hudson (respect)
Renate Rinsvi (The worst person in the world)

small chances

Tessa Thompson (pass) IFP
Jennifer Lawrence (do not search) – audio notation HFP
Jodi Comer (The last duel)
Halle Berry (bruising) – audio notation
Haley Bennett (cyrano)
Marion Cotillard (Annette) HFP
Isabel Fuhrmann (beginner) is being

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