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From August 22-28, the 12th International Youth Theater Festival “Grigor Vassilio Perlik” (FITT “Perlik”), “Dear Film Festival” and Fălticeni Folk will be held in Fălticeni. For the three festivals organized by the “Fălticeni Cultural” association with local and national partners, the registration period is between May 23 – August 7, 2022.

Judging by the section dedicated to theater groups from the country and abroad, groups consisting of high school students and young people aged 14-25, will take place in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center “Gregor Vassilio Perlik” and the hall “Draga Olteanu Matei” with the physical presence of theater groups competing before A jury made up of actors, directors, choreographers and acting students. The same will be done for the other section, Munajat/Recitation, which is aimed at children and youth between the ages of 7-25.

As Reverend Livio Mihalyi, President of the “Fălticeni Cultural Association” told us, those who wish to participate in this festival must send before August 7, on DVD or on a stick, to the address: “Fălticeni Cultural Association”, Republicii Street, C 32 , sc. EET. 1, ap. 3, Recordings of theatrical performances, poetry recitations or monologues. All submissions will be evaluated between August 8-14, and the contestants who win the preliminary selection will be announced between August 15-18 via the media and on the Facebook page of the organized “Fălticeni Cultural”.

The jury will invite 10 theater groups to the festival and a maximum of 50 participants in the monologue/recitation section. The theatrical performance should not exceed 120 minutes, the performance should not exceed 30 minutes, and the monologue or poetic recitation should not exceed 15 minutes. The total value of the prizes is 10,000 lei, the organizers only provide meals and accommodations to the participants, without reimbursing their transportation costs.

Dear Fest in Fălticeni

The “Draga Film Festival” Short and Documentary is organized in memory of the actress Draga Ultiano Mate (1933-2020) and its main objective is to promote and support Romanian film. The festival will also take place between August 22-28, within the FITT “Birlic” festival, and the registration deadline is August 7. The festival will take place in three categories, two of which are competitive. The first competition category includes the short films section and the documentary section. Another competitive category is for TV documentaries where the documentaries produced can be entered on TV. The third category is for the screening of out-of-competition documentaries.

The film competition is open to film directors, producers, co-producers from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, television directors, and students from photo and film directing faculties. Documentaries and shorts produced after January 1, 2019, are accepted, but “because it is a first release, other films made before the recommended date may be accepted by organizers.” Priority will be given to films that are showing nationally for the first time. Documentary films intended for advertising or publicity are not accepted, and if the film contains dialogues in a language other than Romanian, it must be translated into Romanian. Films will be sent to the address of the association “Fălticeni Cultural”, by post or mail, only registrations completed by 78 August 2022 will be considered.

The organizers will present six major prizes (Grand Prize, Best Director Award, Best Film Award, Best Editing Award, Best Television Documentary Award, Fălticeni Cultural Association Award), to which special prizes and mentions will be added.

Volticine Folk

The Fălticeni Folk National Youth Competition Festival, will take place between 22 and 26 August and is dedicated to creators and artists of folk music, up to the age of 30. The deadline for submitting recordings of popular songs, in DVD format, for pre-selection is May 16 – August 1, 2022. All recordings will be evaluated between August 2 and 10, and invitations to those who have passed the pre-selection will be sent out from August 11-20.

The jury will invite to the festival, after pre-selection, 9 soloists who will present in the competition four pieces (special compositions or processing), judging criteria focus on vocal qualities, vocal technique, interpretive technique, stage presence, interpretation, virtuosity of the instrument, value of special creations . The jury consists of personalities who actively participate in the Romanian popular phenomenon and will award prizes and mentions in the amount of 5,000 lei.

More information on all sections of the theatre, films and popular festivals can be obtained by phone. 0743.102992 or you can order it at the email address asociatiafalticenicultural@yahoo.com.

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