More than 5,000 spectators on June 1 at the Children’s Comic Opera

On June 1, children, their parents and grandparents celebrated their childhood together and enjoyed the unique activities prepared by the children’s comic opera. The first day of the sixth edition of the Children’s Opera Festival met at the Foundation’s headquarters in Calea Giulești no. 16 of the more than 5,000 spectators took part in 5 indoor shows, and dozens of workshops, games and outdoor activities, all geared up to celebrate Children’s Day, which this year coincided with the official opening of the most anticipated children’s festival after a two-year holiday.

In addition to the 12 hours of activities scheduled at Headquarters, between 10 and 22, on June 1, OCC held presentations and workshops in two other phases in Bucharest – at 1uniFEST, an event organized by Itsy Bitsy in the Park “Al. Koza”, OCC participated in Show “Magic Way” by the magician Bogdan Montaigne, and in the shopping center AFI Cotroceni 6 hours of open lessons and demonstrations were held by students of the “Young Artist” workshops, a program developed by the OCC starting in 2015. Also, at the invitation of the County Culture Center Dambovica, the children’s comic opera house made a trip to Targovica on June 1 to present the opera “Don Pasquale” on stage at the Royal Court. This event marks the inauguration of Dâmbovița County Days, a county that this year celebrates 510 years of documentary legalization.

The season’s most anticipated musical show, The Sound of Music directed and choreographed by Rozvan Mazzello, filled the audience’s hearts with joy and applause at the end. Until they leave for summer vacation, little children’s comic opera awaits with other beautiful performances, during the month of June. A performance of the ballet “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the operetta “Happuccio de Major” are scheduled to be held in the Great Hall. “Magic Way”, “Toy Parade” and “Seasons – Spring and Summer” performances are held at the Mozart Salon, and in the UnderGrant Hall, audiences aged 0-3 years have their own sensory show, for the first time, “Bobo and the Seasons”. Tickets for all shows can be purchased on the network.

The Children’s Opera Festival takes place between June 1 and 26, 2022, every weekend, between 10am and 10pm. The program includes many activities for the whole family, which are organized on the premises of the Foundation at Calea Giuleti no. 16, including 40 performances in the three performance halls, exhibition and relaxation areas, passport, games and competitions, but also creative workshops. Attractions that all kids love, such as Ball Pool, OCC Trampoline, Little Archer, OCC Circuit, OCC Express, Adventure Park, Escape Room and VR Zone, are not to be missed. In addition, to prevent the heat wave, starting with this version, there are two new and cool attractions: the water target and the water area. Visitors who are at least two years old have their own goals that they can enjoy at the OCC park: excavators, motorbikes, and motorbikes. Entry to the festival is free, participation in the activities is based on tickets valued at RM 3 / piece, available at the OCC store.

July brings Urban Camps back to children’s comic opera

The OCC Urban Summer Camps program begins July 7 at the Children’s Comic Opera Arena. Each series of camps lasts 4 days, with all meals and 3 nights accommodation in a tent included. Participation is guaranteed after purchasing a ticket on the website, specifying the required period. The only selection criterion is the desire of each child to spend his free time in an interesting way. The benefits of participation are many, and program coordinator Roxana Pinko shares some of them: “First of all, there are many children who have never been to camp before, and this kid in the OCC Garden is perfect for inclusion independently of their parents. Second, although all our activities are designed as games, the little ones will learn Lots of interesting things about the art world.Another very important feature and appreciated for all parents is <صندوق القرود> Or the box containing cell phones and other electronic devices, for which we will not save any time during camp.”

The four available series are scheduled as follows: First Series: July 7-10, Series Two: July 10-13, Series Three: July 19-22, Series Four: July 22-25. The maximum number of participants/series is 40, each group benefits from constant supervision by a dedicated staff from the Opera Comic Kids team. Tickets for this program are already available on the network.

Opera Comică pentru Copii is a public cultural institution of the Capital Hall and Public Council in Bucharest, led by soprano Felicia Filip since 2014. Unique in the world by the audience it is directed to, a children’s comic opera that brings youngsters closer to art and culture, both from During high-quality performances – opera, ballet, music, concert lessons, operetta, and musical theater – and through many relevant innovative projects, such as summer and winter festivals, Young Artist workshops, OCC Store and Backyard tours Curtain”, “Birthday Parties”, “Escape Room”, “Adventure Park”, and “Subscriptions” or “Volunteer”.

For press information, please contact the OCC Press Office, by email at or by phone at 0745 45 56 45.

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