National Reading Day Activities for Lira Publishing House

Starting this year, February 15th is dedicated to the celebration of National Reading Day in Romania. This annual event aims to encourage reading in all its forms through campaigns and projects and specific events.

On this special day, Litera has prepared a series of events that put the book at the fore.

Together with our partner Poşta Român, we celebrate reading by giving 500 letters to Romanian readers as a gift. On February 15, Prioripost customers of the Romanian Post will receive a gift, in addition to their own packets, and a book they are invited to read and then pass on to other reading enthusiasts.

Another event, this time in an online environment, is the competition”Books inspire youRegardless of age or literary preferences, readers are challenged to liven up the cover or likable character of a book in a creative way: by duplicating the original cover photo, by adopting a dress-like attitude or attitude, etc. All original creations that match will be uploaded With competition rules as images on the event’s Facebook page, participants will receive guaranteed prizes consisting of books or subscriptions on, the online platform of more than 2,500 e-books (audio books, e-books and video books).

Also on National Reading Day, we are with the Constanta children who, through the project “read samples‘, They give life to the stories in the reading marathon that will take place in the classroom.

The Giant Radish The Two-Money Bag Written by Ion Creanga The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen Musicians Bremen or Hansel and Gretel Written by the Brothers Grimm All these childhood books, in hardcover and oversized editions, will be open and seated On the chair, at the teacher’s “start reading” signal, the children take turns in front of the class and read part of the book. When the last child reaches the Finish reading area, the marathon will be over and all students will receive their Reading Champions diplomas.

We are glad that, starting this year, in Romania we have established a National Reading Day, a great occasion to celebrate books and who wrote them! We hope Litera events will inspire reading and generate new ideas and educational projects for all readers, young and old alike!

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About National Reading Day

Starting in 2022, it is established in Romania National Reading Day.

February 15, chosen to celebrate reading, marks the birthdays of two personalities who played an important role in the development of Roman education and the promotion of reading: politician and literary critic Tito Maiuriscu (February 15, 1840), founder of the Literary Society Junimea and Spiru Haret (February 15, 1851), mathematician and minister Famous Education He is credited with developing the modern education system in the country.

National Reading Day is celebrated on different dates around the world: November 19 in Germany, March 2 in America, June 19 in India, etc.

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