The novel, winner of the Goncourt Prize 2021, published in record time in the Romanian edition in the ANANSI collection

People’s most secret memories From Muhammed Mubaugher SarThe novel, which was awarded in 2021 the Prix Goncourt, France’s most important literary distinction, has recently appeared in the Romanian version, less than half a year after the award was announced at Hexagon. Posted in group Annecy. Fantasy world From Editura Pandora MIn the excellent translation of the author O. Nimigeanthe Romanian edition has recently left to bookstores across the country.

The translation of Muhammed Mbogar Sarr’s novel complements the portfolio of the Goncourt Prize winners for the Anansi Group, an editorial project that since its launch has not missed the publication of any novel that has been rewarded with this literary distinction – and abnormalityThe best seller ever Hervey Le Tellierthe book that won an award in 2020, has also been published in the Pandora M World Literature Collection curated by Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu.

At the end of last summer, his novel was published Muhammed Mubaugher Sar He was one of the stars of France’s famous “liberal boom”, La Rentrée Littéraire. The book was received with unanimous enthusiasm by the cultural press throughout the country: “Declaration of Love for Literature” (pounds or pounds for weight), “a great book, a jewel of literary mastery that delights, engulfs, and stalks you” (Express), “an interesting and confusing passage through a mosaic of testimonies, accounts, and documents, which is also an initiation narrative” (Release).

People’s most secret memories It tells the story of Dejan Later Faye, a young Senegalese writer who in 2018 discovered in Paris a legendary book published in 1938, labyrinth of inhumanity. Nothing was known about the author, who at that time was called “The Black Rambo”, following the scandal sparked by the publication of his novel. Dejan hangs out in Paris with a group of young African writers who argue, drink and make love. , and questions the need for creativity in exile.: The Sulfur Sega, the author of Some Secrets on Eliman, and the energetic photojournalist Aida…

The story, which has been described as a reflection of the connections between fiction and reality, is an echo of the true experience of the financial writer Yambo Oluguwem, who in 1968 became the first African to win another famous French literary prize, the Renault Prize, but he was. Later charged. Literary theft and fled from France and disappeared from public life.

“I am part of a great tradition of people who, both in the West and on the Continent, have never given up on, never wanted to forget, the financial writer Yambo Uluguim, and who for decades have dedicated their honor in various forms,” he says. Muhammed Mubaugher Sar
Immediately after the publication of the novel.

People’s most secret memories He was also awarded the Prix Transfuge 2021, as well as the Goncourt Prize – Romania’s Choice. A few days after the award ceremony, Mohamed Mbugar Sarr sent a message to readers in Romania in which he spoke of his relationship with contemporary Romanian literature: “I discovered Romanian literature and thought in Senegal, through Cioran, and then Mircea Eliade. Then I discovered Liviu Rebreanu, whose great novels were – The Forest of the Hanged And the ion They liked me and focused on me deeply. Now I have read Mircea Certurescu, whom I consider one of the greatest writers in the world.”

Muhammed Mubaugher Sar, born in 1990 in Senegal, graduated from the prestigious Prytanée Militaire de Saint-Louis in Senegal. After moving to France, he was accepted to the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Social Sciences (EHESS), where he studied literature and philosophy.

Noted in 2014 after his first story was published, no calfor which he received the Stefan Hesel Prize for Young Francophone Writers, came into the limelight in 2015 with hot earth (surrounding land), his first novel that brought him the Ahmadou-Kourouma Prize and then the Grand Prix du roman métis.

In 2018, he became the youngest writer to receive the Prix Littérature-Monde for chorus silence (chorus silence). pure men (About pure peopleIt is his third novel, to be followed in 2021 People’s most secret memorieswhich will award him the Prix Goncourt and Prix Transfuge for Best French-Language Novel for 2021 in the same year.

“The Prix Goncourt is a symbolic gesture that transcends my name and the name of the book. I cannot ignore the symbolism they represent. The award should state all French-speaking writers from sub-Saharan Africa (but also elsewhere): “This language is yours too, you can use it to write acclaimed works Her”, but this reference should not remain exceptional. I hope it won’t take another century to crown another sub-Saharan region,” the author said in an interview published last fall.

Mohamed Mboughar Sarr currently lives in Paris.

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