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Under the Empire of Lier … Lazar Zahan and Linsen Francesc-Mihai

Poetry needs no introduction. The words of poets betray him in the love of life and beauty. In Sibiu, on May 27, 2022, it was incredibly beautiful. Cultural event organized in collaboration with “Radu Theodoru” Cenacle Sibiu, Sibiu Military Department, “Rhapsody” magazine, Union of Romanian Writers, Sibiu Chapter and CronoLogia Sibiu Publishing House. The event was moderated by the editor-in-chief of Rhapsody, the poet Ewan Gilgor Stupita. The event began with the presentation of the latest issue of Rhapsody (May 2022, Issue 213), which appeared in a special infographic. Undoubtedly it is the credit of Ioan Gligor Stopiţa to keep a cultural journal which presents, monthly, notable events in Sibiu, for eighteen years, illustrating the specific activities of Sibiu topos. In this context, Cătălin Neghină, the famous representative of the National Theater “Radu Stanca” from Sibiu, recited the poem of General Nicolae Montino, the great Rhapsody, entitled De-ale umoriştilor.

The Book of Late Poems by Lazar Zeehan was the first volume presented to the public by Professor Silvio Goga and Professor Maria Daniela Pinozan. This book, published by CronoLogia in 2021, happily complements the Sibiu author’s work. A famous poet and prose writer, Lazer Zahan places himself under the sign of pure melancholy, poetry troubled by time and finiteness. In the “apse” of time, the poet’s lyre evokes moments of profound experience, in which the “fading of things” flows transparently. Cătălin Neghină interpreted carefully selected poems from the poet Lazăr Zăhan’s volume, which wowed the audience. In the words of the author of “Late Poems”, recalling a famous saying: “The world lives poetically,” Lazer Zahan insisted that this book is the fruit of a difficult period, the epidemic that affected the existence of the whole world. .

Two more volumes were subsequently published by Lőrinczi Francisc-Mihai: De cerca (Articles) and Amiezi cu mocaniţă şi cu libulele (Poems). The first volume surprises the reader, whether professional or not, with the original presentation of the twenty-five authors whose works open up unique waiting worlds. The analyzes of the authors of the articles, most often with a sensitive critical eye, textual themes and subjective considerations define readings and interpretations in a style that I can already take personally unambiguously: Nicolae Bossio, Georges Kabache, Zinovi Karlogia, Nikolai Krebsia, Dumitru Christnuch, Maria de Alba, Theodor Damian, Ladislao Daradicchi, Mirella Ioana Dorcescu, Rozvan Dukan, Ion Horia Groza, Dumitru Echem, Valentin Marica, Ioan Morgenian, Florin George Moldovan, Olympio Nuchel. Konstantin Stanko, Ioan Gilgor Stupita, Nikolai Socio, Virgil Todiaso, Ovidiu Vasilescu, Leticia Vladislav, Lazor Zohan. To add charm to the presentation, the author (in agreement with the editor) suggested an original method that moved the audience, through a unique narration from the words of Dumitru Ishim, one of the authors who has several unique articles published in this volume.

The presentation of the volume of poems “Amiezi cu mocăniţă şi cu libelule” has enjoyed emotional and relevant analysis, made by Prof. Dr. univ.dr. Anka Sergey, who during her time noticed that poetry beautified the evening of the Sibiu people through the books on display. In addition to the fact that he is an avid reader (as he was initially known), the poet Lőrinczi Francisc-Mihai is a fan of the Hârtibaciului Valley, but also of Sibiu, these topos are the sap of his inspiration. Fascinated by Vale, with the “afternoon” that comes as a seal of the work, the author created “mocăniţa” and dragonfly embroideries for words that reveal a lover of metaphors. I remembered an interesting suggestion from the professor: “The real self-cycle could be 32 stanzas called ‘Breathe’, a lyrical exercise for witty metaphor, which I will suggest to young scholars in high school and college.” The volume also has an original cover, both Cover 1 and Cover 4, reproducing plates signed by the poet’s daughter, Francesca-Anamaria, a student at “George Lazur” National College in Sibiu.

Ioan Gilgor Stupica, Mihai Posada, Sebastian Doriano, Mircea Albo, and the author then thanked everyone for their appreciation for the book. Cătălin Neghină recited selected poems from the released volume and sensitized the public to its unmistakable character. Mihai Posada in his speech emphasized the matrix of lyricism and figurative essence, highlighting verses of unforgettable artistic strength. Also, the book cover, the breaths marked with the lyric scale are appreciated, and the idea suggests that the poet’s lyricism has a Christian underpinning, an aspect highlighted by related sequences. In his speech, Sebastian Doriano, president of Mercia Eliade Cenacle in Denver, Colorado, addressed his regards and those of the Cenacle representatives, insisting on the joy of discovering that there were more young people in the hall, so the meetings and performances made sense. Francis Mihai spoke of Lorenzi’s poetry in a wonderful way, comparing it to the apricot and cherry blossoms, the “joy of spring,” whose petals descend into the hearts of readers, especially through the 32 “breaths” that enrich you as a human being.

The last moment, from the signatures, concluded a beautiful cultural evening, in which applause was given to the organizers of the books, poets and presenters, but also to the selected audience. We thank the participation of teachers, colleagues and children who experienced the passion of poetry for 120 minutes of existence: Yulia Zohan, Nikolai, Marilina Sucio, Lia Quicho, Rita, Bogdan Federic, Adriana Baldin, Radu Felica, Sanda Cristia, Florica Igretan, Mirella Cioran, Lucia Moyo and her husband Mirella Morgherita, Rosso Papari, Nellie, Marin, Mia Sosilian, George Cubas, Mihaela Demetriou, Ilarion Barsan, Cosmina Fruelli, Tia Maria Posada, Dana Nelia, Andre Diana Zou, talented and wonderful children: Maya, Cesara, Christiana, Sarah, Larissa, Francesca, Christian and Bogdan. Thanks for the pictures of Mr. Stefan Trehinya.

Heidegger used to say, “In order to listen properly, man lives poetically…we must return it to poetry, accompany it with our thoughts.” For two hours, I lived, on May 27, 2022, in the military circle of Sibiu, with the poetics of the world …

Maria Daniela Bonozan

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