“University Markets”, article by Mircea Certurescu in the Agora, 1991

18 volumes have been written, with a total of approximately 10,000 pages Safety and othersand its collaborators Doreen TodoranThe dissident poet in the eighties, born in 1945 isand othersHe graduated from college in 1968, and in 1971 was already a general editorţromanand othersoutside. Then, since 1974, he has been working for “morning Star”, a literary magazine that made communist nationalist propaganda at the time. In 1979, although he was already under security surveillanceţSecondly, Todoran goes on scholarship to FranţA, A year later in Germany.

in a security reportAn article written by Todoran for “Luceafărul” is adapted from 1978, butţThat is, when the poet of that time came to the conclusion, we quote that “Young writers are a cowardly generation that is easy to buy with jobs and money.” Document smallerţionization positionsţDorin Tudoran fa . critique takesţFrom Adrian Bonescu In Na Colloquiumţof poetry. We quote again from the Securitate reportţSecond:

“Taking an excuse for the centuries-old presence of flatterers in the various royal courts, Todoran ironically describes the activity and behavior of the poet Adrián Poonescu, and othersHe concludes that he could have a detrimental effect on his supporters. Todoran also says that in our country a lot of alcoholic drinks are allowed, and that national poetry is the real hair-neck talanga. and othersAnd that we don’t need to develop awareness…”

Another note from securityThe second on March 20, 1982, menţPresented by Doreen Todoran party cardprotesting against “an organization that pursues a policy of gradual destruction of national culture and economy”, and on October 13 of the same year, Julian Vlad and general Nikolai PlišićThe Deputy Minister of the Interior approved an action plan that concerned him and stated that Todoran was protesting against the re-imposition of censorship” and the “proliferation of the practice of “power abuse”.

In April 1984, Doreen Todoran applied for immigration. After being refused, he wrote a note to him in early August Ceauand othersescuFrom which we quote:

“Nearly half a century ago, in a situation similar to mine, I am the writer Afghani Zamytin He wrote these lines Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin: «The author of these lines, a man sentenced to the maximum penalty, appeals to you with a request to reduce this sentence». It was the ultimate punishment, Your Excellency, for not being able to publish or even being able to write in the midst of a reality that was increasingly hostile and incomprehensible to him, as an artist and as a human being. The commutation of the sentence, His Excellency the Minister, was to agree to go into exile. And he got it right away, thanks to his intervention Maxim Gorky. Although I cannot call upon Maxim Gorky’s good offices – we don’t even have that, and I don’t know if I would ask him to intervene anyway – it is hard for me, Your Excellency, to believe that this was what a Soviet writer said and the citizen was passing on to Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin during the most terrible horror that could deny your verdict, today, in 1984, of a Romanian writer and citizen. Because it’s okay to hope and act like we do 1984 Don’t look like his George Orwell“.

34 informants discoveredţand Doreen Todoran in nearly 10,000 pages that Securitate collected during his quest. Date Radu Iwanidwrites in the foregroundţKarţto Todoran, “We simply learned about it at the time. Security file‘, that these informants were Literary CriticsAnd the the bookAnd the fatherţAnd theAnd the friendshipAnd the Neighborhood and othersAnd thatţiva foand othersYou are FromţinuţPolicy who have been recruitedţand through coercion during detentionţTake them. On the list of those who wrote or spoke about Todoran in the foregroundţa ofiţThere are famous names in the field of security. between them really Mihai Pottieshad become and othersHe was an opponent, after the fall of Kyuand othersRomanian ambassador in Washington.

Radu Ioanid wrote that in the investigation files of Tudoran there are 15 pieces of information dated 1982-1985 from Mihai Botez, which were presented to the lieutenant colonel. Marian Yurichi. Nine are signed, and the rest are Marian Yurichi reports about his conversations with Todoran. We quote from the writings of historian Radu Iwanid:

From report to report Mihai Botís’ consciousness gradually deteriorates, and the discrete account of the benevolent and scrupulous witness disappears in the first report (very similar, in fact, to the reports given by Theodore Fornico on Silvio Brocan) in favor of accurate information about Doreen Todoran, but also about Doreen Todoran’s activity Some U.S. diplomats stationed in Bucharest.Finally, Botiz’s statement of February 2, 1983, about the same—”roaming foreign embassies in Bucharest and the presence of diplomats for about 15 years”—in the case of Doreen Todoran indicates that he had a longstanding relationship with at least two directives security managementţfor the state: Anti-spyware And the to spy“.

In 2010, Doreen Todoran admitted that he couldn’t find an explanation for what Mihai Botiz had done, except that his friend was playing a gameUh and othersWas hoping to do itand othersrods, even if and othersHe knew the system was invincible. Todoran does not want to believe that Mihai Botiz betrayed him, even though he has all the data needed to do so. “Mihai, concerned about what worries me, provides all sorts of details to Marian Yurichi about my condition (I sleep little, poorly, etc.), as well as a medical report for my daughter (stomach problems, skin disease, etc.). Exactly what Securitate needs To burn me, they say, butt exactly where my skin was thinnest. The information in these notes is very accurate. Can I be sure Mihai has them in their face as Marian Yurichi says? No.”

Quoted from Doreen Todoran’s 2010 testimonial in 22 magazine. Before thatand othersPublishing “I’m Their Son. A Safety File”, Todoran writes the editorial for two years in “Jornalul Na .”ţIt was founded by Dan Voiculescu, and in 2004 he became the political advisor to the Romanian Humanitarian Party, a political game for it.and othersAnd Dan Voiculescu, identified in the Safe Detective FilesţThe second, codenamed Felix.

Why did he want to “succeed”?Romanian resistance from abroad”, as Adrian Marino called Dorin Todoran in his memoirs to work for someone like Dan Voiculescu?

“We just learned about it at the time. These are purely professional services,” Todoran explained and othersHe knew that Voiculescu was a manager at one of Securita’s major companiesţSecond, until the death of Ceauand othersescu and othersAnd then directly.


In 1989, the Journal of Alternative Culture was created in the United States “Currently”led Doreen Todoran And the Vladimir Tismaniano. The first issue of this magazine in 1991 was the subject of two editions of the exhibition “Tale of Speech”Presented by Virgil Ironca In May 1991.

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