“Was it worth it?” , a disturbing book by former film director Ion Buchero. From today, with the magazine. “We live in an endless transition and no one knows where”

Journalist and TV man – Program director and director of TV stations and newsrooms, film producer – 46 feature films, as Director of Casa de Filme Unu, Novelist, playwright and screenwriter, Ion Bucheru (graduate of “Mihai Viteazul” Secondary School from Bucharest and Faculty of Philosophy and Journalism of the University of Bucharest ) central publications, taught higher education television courses, published 20 volumes of theater, prose and essays. It was shown in theaters of the country, in the radio and television theater. His feature films and documentaries were made after his screenplays. He is a member of the Federation of Romanian Filmmakers. His book, Merit, which can be found starting today with Jurnalul, is a disturbing passage through the modern history of Romania, going through two systems, one more harmful than the other: the communist system and the “capitalist” system.

Ion Bashiru revealed to us why he felt the need to write this book. Is it a cure for the defeats he suffered throughout his life? “There were many grievances, and in a way, the hero of this book lives them. As a journalist, he was not allowed to say what he saw, and when he told the truth, he was told the reason for his expulsion. I also had such moments, when I was dismissed from the position of Vice President of Romanian Radio and Television , and when, because at Casa de Filme Unu I wanted and produced Lucian Pintelli’s great work, “Why Does the Bell Ring? The Legendary?” I had to go back to TV for a mediocre job. The list could go on, but you can find many of these moments in the pages of book,” admits Ion Picero.

But what did the reader leave after reading this novel? Why buy a book and read it? The author explains: “The book describes Romania going through two systems. The fact that in local socialism you were forbidden to tell the truth was only bypassed by the abuses and corruptions of Dâmbovia capitalism and this endless transition to no one knows where … The reader will understand the struggle of the journalist with all that More harmful is the communist totalitarianism that puts its fist in your mouth, and at present, the corruption, the rule of money and manipulation, which, unfortunately, prevents the journalist, and not only, from the realization of his profession. ”

We, the youngest, are curious what a profession as a journalist, film and television director meant before 1989. But Ion Pechiro sent us to browse the books: “You will surely find the answer in this novel, as well as in many others. The novels whose titles Hoffman Publishing are so gracious to mention it to me at the end of the book.”

Now almost 87 years old, Eon Buchero has devoted himself to writing. But he remains rooted in the realities of the country and it hurts how much Romanians and Romanians have suffered. “My main activity is to be a close observer of what is happening in Romania and in the world, and this makes me worry more and more about what I see. It amazes me how we have come to live in a post-truth era…”, concludes with pain in his voice, the former great TV man.

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Ion Buchero was the director of House One between 1974 and 1982, one of the great film studios in communist Romania. During his tenure, several important films were made, such as “Iancu Jianu Zapciu”, “Iancu Jianu Haiducul”, “Dumbrava minunată”, “Duios Anastasia trecea”, “Toamna Bobocilor” or “Hello, the grandmother land”, with cream Actors in the main roles: Amza Pellea, Draga Olteanu, Horaţiu Mălăele, Ştefan Iordache, Valeria Seciu, Adrian Pintea, Ştefan Mihăilescu Brăila, Sebastian Papaiani or Octavia Cotescu. Under the leadership of Ion Pechero, 7 first-class directors from Romania made their debut, among them Alexandro Tatus, Mircea Daniluc, Todor Moresco, Nicolae Morginano, or Alexa Visarione. “Yes, we started a number of seven directors, among them Mircea Danieluk. Apart from him, who, as far as I know, did not agree with anyone, I kept in close contact with all my collaborators – directors, cinematographers, set designers, and of course the actors. I watched Their careers are filled with joy and satisfaction, and I am happy whenever they call me to tell me that they have read me a book that has just been published,” admits Ion Buchero.

The book has a film story: Seeing the injustice his father suffered, his child becomes a prosecutor and fights those who make life impossible for his father

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