Gianni Crito, the coach who won the European Men’s Volleyball Champions League

Azuti Kidzerzen-Cosly (known as ZAXA) won the Men’s Volleyball Champions League on Sunday night after beating Aitas Trentino 3-0.

So far nothing is common, except that the coach of the continental champion is the 53-year-old Romanian: Gianni Crito.

Who scored in the history of men’s volleyball in Poland: the first team to score a hat-trick in this country: the Polish Cup, the championship and the Champions League.

Gianni Cretu, the Romanian coach who won the European Volleyball Champions League for men! High school handball player but a man who completely changed his life: “It’s my time” exclusive

ProSport Talk to the man of the moment in world volleyball, Gianni Crito, who had just returned to Poland from Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Radu Miglia is the one who took me from handball and took me to volleyball. At 13 and a half, I admit that I played handball. At that time, even in Constanta, it was a different philosophy. The teachers from the sports schools walked into the schools and chose me for this major.

When I got to the volleyball court, I thought that I would never make progress, that I would never reach the level of others. Quickly, in a few years’ time, I came to Dynamo to play alongside the big names in the sport.

This guy, coach Radu Meclea, passed away a few months ago, and I visited him last year in Digg, and he’s retired at home. I am so bitter that he couldn’t enjoy my success. But we cannot resist fate. I enjoyed the success, but I thought a lot about this guy, perhaps one of the three best kids’ volleyball coaches in the country.

I’m so sorry I can’t see him again and let’s talk,” Gianni Creo declared ProSport.

Poland, the trophy after four decades! Dynamo also won the Champions Cup

The activity in this club started last year, on the first of August, and consisted of 49 official matches, and it has now concluded successfully at all levels.

“Zaxa is the club that fought for this cup in the last two matches, last year it was the same final. Volleyball is Poland’s national sport, and it is the third team I have coached here in the last 10 years.

We got results and got to this group. Poland has not won this continental cup since 1979. Dinamo Bucharest, for those who do not know, won three times: 1966, 1967 and 1981.

We are a team supported, among other sponsors, by a state company – Azoty Group ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle – that produces chemical fertilizers. Unlike Romania, the Poles did not close their large enterprises and factories.

Basically, this factory is located within three municipalities, you can drive from one to the other “and the people in the area work in this factory”, says the Romanian technician.

“over here There is a rule of no more than three aliens To be in the field, I have no problem. I only have two Americans, the rest are Poles. The staff is also Polish, with two assistants, two scouts, three physical trainers and a team manager, and now the position of sports director has appeared according to the Italian model.” continues Gianni Creto.

The Romanian coach also coached Romania for a short time, in 2007, but five of them were coach of Estonia. In Poland he led AZS Olsztyn, Cuprum Lubin and now ZAKSA.

Gianni Crito, a performer 15 years away from another Romanian – Stilian Moculescu

“The Poles have a special cult for volleyball. They are fond of sports. Because we are in an industrial area there is no academy. The club cooperates with a small academy in the area and with some sports schools.

There is a lot of dependence on young people, the base is with three foreigners. But if they get here, it means that they are above the team average. The Polish athlete is a follower of discipline and hardworking. That is why the results came,” considers Gianni Crito.

And in the final of the Champions League, which was held on Sunday evening, in Ljubljana, Zaxa defeated 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, 32-30), Itas Trentino.

Gianni Crito was for the first time in the position of coach in contention for the final of the Champions League and managed the performance after 15 years of another Romanian technician, Stilian Muculescu, Won the cup with German VfB Friedrichshafen.

Photo: Facebook/FR Volleyball and Twitter/Azoty Group ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle

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