Let’s take time to think and appreciate life

Born: April 29, 1992 in Chisinau, Moldova. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moldova State University. LLM in Criminal Law, International Relations and Cross-Border Cooperation. PhD Student (Criminal Law) from USM Doctoral School of Legal Sciences. Adviser to the legal department of the Central Elections Committee. DHD clothing brand image.

When I was about to write this diary, I felt a kind of uneasiness accompanied by mild euphoria.

It’s a beautiful challenge and exercise. An analysis of the activities, ideas and experiences that took place during the week.

The experiences that make you happy, or the experiences that come with the lesson.


I took a diary and started writing on paper so I could really feel the experience of keeping a diary for a week, but also because I missed putting together my thoughts on paper not just for work.

– I recently returned from a business trip in Prague, Czech Republic. The event brought together representatives from 18 countries and aims to launch the European Regional Network for Empowerment of Women in Elections. We had the opportunity to discuss and analyze various issues in the field and we had the opportunity to analyze the solutions to them. I discovered a woman beautiful in face and soul, very strong and intelligent. At the same time, I combined the useful and the interesting, enjoying the city like a tourist, and I can say that Prague conquered me, such a diverse and special city.

Monday sets the tone for the week, which is why at 5:30 p.m. I actually hit the gym, or that’s my healthy addiction. Sports help me ease my feelings or, if needed, give me that energy boost that I desperately need sometimes.


6:30 p.m. The alarm rings on the phone. I put for her a song that I love that makes getting up in the morning easier and with a positive mindset.

I got my set of documents ready to go to court and started my work.

We need to support our loved ones as much as we can

On Tuesday I felt the need to reflect on the fact that we have to support our loved ones as much as we can and know that, and in difficult times we can step on our ego to be with them both physically and spiritually. I think we need to make time every day to think and appreciate the lives we live and most importantly the people who are a part of our lives. And to make them feel positive about us.


After drinking lemon-honey tea in the morning, along with bread made by my mother, the most delicious in the world – no croissant in the world can compare with this, I hurried to work.

Wednesday was all about emotional warmth, smiles, and craziness.

The theme of the day for me was that we should not be afraid of unpredictability and take risks. Or a risk can bring a lot of emotional fulfillment and joy.


I started on Thursday alert. A court hearing in the early hours of the morning gives you energy for the day before.

Now that I analyze the activity I do every day, I realize that I am the guy who goes to his dreams.

I’m still in high school, teachers asked us what would you be like when you grow up?

And I always prepared the answer – an ambassador or a good lawyer/lawyer.

Even today, in retrospect, I came to the conclusion that I work in a place with various responsibilities and activities that are directly related to the activity of a lawyer, but also to activity related to international relations.

Even my favorite quote is “Believe in the beauty of your dreams” – which can be even more beautiful than believing in your dreams. Believing in them, they have a beautiful tendency to achieve.


The day is about loved ones and beautiful emotions. About smiles and hugs.

Finish the week with a rose wine tasting. And I was pleasantly surprised that the title of best wine of the evening was the title I noticed from the start.

With the onset of summer, I hope that Fridays with light sweetness and a glass of fragrant wine, or happiness comes from the little things. From words to whisper, from eyes between 4 eyes and from the unique details of each one.

I want each of us to be able to warm our hearts

Happiness is what we all live for. Happiness is the good and peace of the soul, and the soul is worthy and must be happy. For me, Friday is synonymous with words – passion, ecstasy and warmth. And I want each of us to be able to warm our hearts. Because the rest is details and is resolved. Now, after this week’s experiences, I’m curious to see what awaits me next week, but for that I go to bed dreaming of something beautiful…and to wake up to live that dream in reality.

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