Mozart / Haydn Party in the Radio Room

If relationships in the art world are often dominated by augmented pride, there are exceptions and one of the most beautiful is the friendship and mutual admiration between Mozart and Haydn, the two great representatives of the Viennese musical classicism. Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 7:00 pmYou will have the opportunity to listen to a concert at Radio Hall Mozart / Haydn Presented by orchestra chamber radioUnder the baton of Mosul Jorge Costin.

The famous pianist will be on stage too Horia Michael, whose business card includes hundreds of concerts and concerts given in Romania and abroad. will explain party no. 20 for piano and orchestra, which Mozart himself first sang in Vienna in February 1785, a work that later became one of Beethoven’s favorites, and which he often performed. The evening program will open at opera show Don GiovanniMozart It will end with Symphony no. 92- Oxford From Haydnwhose name is derived from the fact that it was performed in 1791, on the occasion of the award of the title of Doctor to the great composer, by the University of Oxford.


Jorge Costin

Formed under the guidance of great conductor characters
Sergio Celebedacci and Eric Bergil Jorge Costin He was hailed as the permanent conductor of the Orchestras of Timisoara, Tirgo Maurice and Yasi and was invited to direct in the office of all Romanian Philharmonic orchestras, but also abroad, either as a guest conductor of prestigious European orchestras or with Romanian orchestras at major tournaments or festivals. In September 1998, he made his debut in London’s Schubert Players Orchestra at the International Windsor Festival. Concerts with the works of Yiannis Ksinakis from 1992 (Bucharest) and 1993 (Cluj-Napoca) in the presence of the composer are still unforgettable, an event after which he was awarded the Prize of the Union of Critics “Mikhail Jura” in Romania. In 2011 and 2017, he directed Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra From Beirut, and in 2016 he conducted the Camernorchester course in Wernigerode, Germany.

He toured Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, England, Holland, Belgium and Canada, in famous concert halls: UNESCO Hall – Paris, Hall GastejAnd the Herkulessaal der Residenz And the Karl
Orff – Sal (Munich), Megaro Mousikis (Athens).


Horia Mihail (Photo Credit: Virgil Oberina)

After 14 years of study in Romania, the pianist Horia Michael He attended the University of Illinois, graduating with BA and MA degrees in 1995. After serving as a lecturer at Boston University, Horia Mihail returned to Brasov in the fall of 2002 as a soloist at the Philharmonic. In addition to performing in Romania, the musician gave concerts and concerts in Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris, Lisbon, London, etc.

Horia Mihail is a soloist for radio orchestras and choirs and a cultural advisor to Braków City Council. Horia Mikhail also participates in the annual tournaments portable piano violin duelTogether with Livio Brunaro and Gabriel Croetoro, golden flutetogether with flautist Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu and
Violin George Enescu in the villagesWith Gabriel Croetoro.

The concert will be broadcast live on the airwaves – on all frequencies of Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Romania Music – and broadcast live on the Internet, on the sites two radio stations.

Tickets can be purchased at the Radio Hall box office (tel. 021 314.68.00). For the ticket office program, please refer to the official website Ticket section.

the tickets Also available online at Tickets are also available at Flanco stores, Rompetrol gas stations, Metro Unirii 1, “Music” stores, IQ BOX, Uman and Selfpay. Online, you can pay by card, via Paypal, Sodexo Cultural Cards, on a Vodafone or Orange bill or cashback via Fan Courier, anywhere in the country.

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