The fifteenth edition of Bookfest has begun. Ambassador…

The Ambassador of Japan to Romania, H.E. Hiroshi Ueda, expressed the wish that the 2022 edition of the Bookfest, to which his country was honorably invited, would be “a benchmark for further deepening of Romanian-Japanese relations,” the diplomat said. The launching ceremony of the fifteenth edition of the book fair.

Hiroshi Ueda, Ambassador of Japan in Romania, expressed his “gratitude for choosing Japan as the guest of honor at this edition of the International Book Fair, the largest book event in Romania. For a year and a half, since the beginning of my mission in Romania, I am amazed at how famous Japan is in Romania, And there are many restaurants that serve delicious Japanese food, there is a deep understanding of martial arts, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and ikebana.Surprisingly, a large number of Japanese speakers are at a high level in terms of literature, many Japanese authors have been translated into Romanian and bookstores Filled with manga and Japanese comics (…), starting today, Romexpo will host a variety of events, from messages and talks with famous contemporary Japanese authors such as Akira Mizubayashi, Yoko Takawa, Yoko Ogh Awa and Hiromi Kawakami, to a special dialogue with Francesco Miralles, to Artistic moments of Japanese artistic dances, along with workshops specially prepared for children.I invite you to discover a whole new Japan for you! more Japanese.

Culture Minister Lucian Romaşcanu said he supports everything related to written culture, as Romania is present at international book fairs, and is currently the guest of honor in Belgrade. “All that means this phenomenon must be augmented and sustained, because nothing replaces the pleasure of reading a written page.” The minister urged the children to address him, saying: “Every book you see illuminates your souls and minds, dear children, and it is good that you leave the screens from time to time and open a book!”

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Adrian Cioroyano, Director of the National Library of Romania, and was delighted to meet with the readers and children of Bookfest, “under the motto of the book and this wonderful culture, which is Japanese culture.” “Japan is not so far from us that we don’t know about the tea ceremony, the manga literature, the kids who really love it, their great storytellers, the ikebana, or their incredibly beautiful poetry, and these days they will be an opportunity to rediscover the great Japanese culture.”

Gregor Arsen, President of the Romanian Publishers Association, host of the event, thanked the readers and invited them to the events organized in the coming days.

200 models from the country and from the Republic of Moldova

More than 200 exhibitors from all over the country and from the Republic of Moldova, along with cultural institutes with representatives in Bucharest are present until Sunday, June 5, at the Pavilion B2 of Romexpo, and more than 500 events are scheduled for the five days, both in Exhibitor booths or in specially arranged venues during the book fair: three stages, two cafes, a cinema gallery, a children’s pavilion, Bookfest Junior.

About 50 events are dedicated to children, in Bookfest Junior, the project was developed during the book fair five years ago, which is growing exponentially from one edition to another. This year’s edition of “Kids Bookfest” in the program brings together, in addition to the release of long-awaited books and meetings with favorite authors, a series of workshops, drawing exhibitions with drawings inspired by books and theater, complemented by special moments with attractive discounts hour-type discounts and sweepstakes.

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