Turda City Hall’s reaction after information about the organization’s alleged banned accounts began to be covered by the media

Turda City Hall, after information regarding the blocking of the Foundation’s accounts appeared in the public space, responded with a right of reply in which it denied that it had banned the accounts, although it acknowledged the subpoena sent by the creditors and the final decision of the court.

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What do representatives of the city council of Turda say:

In order to properly inform the public, regarding the press article providing false information titled Turda has blocked accounts and assets forfeited, subject to legal provisions, Turda Municipality conveys the following right of reply:

“The municipality of Turda has no assets under seizure”

As a first, we want to see the fact that the article has serious documentary flaws and presents a distorted case, given that the municipality of Turda has no assets under seizure. Moreover, during the foreclosure proceedings, the premises are not seized, but the real estate is ordered to be tracked, and the foreclosure institution is foreign to the subject of the article.

Referring to operational work reported by B. Ș. IC through which a sum of money in the amount of 693,878.16 lei is expected to be paid within one day (according to the first summons) in a row 15 days (according to the second summons – taking into account that the real estate land will be executed on 2,949 square meters of Turda, registered in CF 64790, areal number 64790) we show the following:

P. creditors hold consent to enforced execution based on the executive titles represented by Civil Judgment No. 725/2021 (File 1529/117/2021) Final Pursuant to Decision of the Cluj Court of Appeal No. 84/2022 which the defendant orders the municipality of Turda to pay the sum of RON 656,955 in favor of claimants PG and PM, representing unrealized interest between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2021. Expenses consisting of stamp duty in favor of claimants PG and PM respectively On appeal when the court obliges defendant MT through P to pay plaintiffs PG and PM 2,975 lei each, partial costs to the court in first instance. The defendant is obligated to pay plaintiffs PG and PM 4,400 lei, partial costs on appeal, resulting in a total of 674,504.55 lei.

“Turda municipality has not taken any measures to seize any real estate or freeze accounts”

In view of this situation, we show that the municipality of Turda at the moment has not taken any action to confiscate any real estate or frozen accounts, and the only measures taken by the creditors are to start the seizure of movable and immovable property, against within 15 days of contact, which is not fulfilled to after. Thus, the municipality of Turda will start all legal procedures, including the appeal for implementation, in order to protect its interests from these enforcement actions, which the record performers arbitrarily and illegally, ignoring the legal deadlines set by the legislator for the implementation of public institutions. Non-compliance, which in itself leads to the invalidity of the execution works.

Similarly, the land of 2,949 square meters in Turda, registered in CF 64790, cadastral number 64790 is free of any charges for the time being, as there is no enforced execution document registered in the land book.

“These statements (Turda Cityhall accounts blocked) are for the sole purpose of creating media pressure on a public institution.”

In this context, it cannot be said that the assets of the Turda municipality are under seizure, all these statements have the sole purpose of creating media pressure on a public institution, which under this influence is subject to illegal enforcement actions.

At the same time, it should be noted that these creditors never attempted amicable settlement and determination of reasonable legal procedures, but they resorted directly to this illegal application, which proves their bad faith and their desire to obtain debt at any cost. General rules of law‘, notes turdanews.ro.

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