Vacation in Grințieș. The third edition of the “Ștefan Țifui” competition

The noise, the joy, children, teachers, family supporters and people from the community of Grințieș, led by the mayor’s office, gathered small and big, like a grand celebration, at the “Constantin Panțîru” sports school, on Sunday, at the end of May. And it was truly a celebration of the third edition of the fun “Ștefan Țifui” math and football competition, named after the late Mathematics teacher, born in Ceahlău and who got special results combining mathematics and sports. It was an opportunity to get closer to the community, to have a dialogue with those who came from the communes of Valia Monteloy, whether they were children, teachers or spectators. A distinguished man who left his mark on the soul of the place and proved that he had valid descendants was honored.

In memory of Stephen Chefoy

Beloved teacher Ștefan Țifui studied at schools in Ceahlău and Borca, but most of the years he taught at Grinție School, from 1972 until 2009, the year of retirement. He founded the “Gazeta Micilor Matematicieni” and is best known for his collaboration with the “Gazeta Matematică”, having had 99 topics proposed and published, ranking 76th in the list of the 100 professors who collaborated in this prestigious journal. He collaborated with many other publications of the genre and his activism and professed his passion for mathematics, as well as the results obtained by his students when he was accepted into high school, made him talk for many years about the “Mathematics School in Grințieș”. In fact, in 2006 he was awarded the “Excellence Award” in Mathematics.

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“I had the opportunity to call Mr. Sevoy the ‘Mr. Commander’ in the last years of the Ceausescu period, when, as we all remember, the justification of everything around us became appalling. In Grințieş, a mathematics teacher, of modest means, but with enthusiasm, work and precision, fired,” newspaper” in the Romanian sports scene – “Gazeta micilor matematicieni”, a leading company that attracted teachers and students from all over the country. In 1989-1990, we were selected with two classmates from 8th grade B, Marina Trovin and Laura Asafi, on the editorial team led by Mr. Sevoy Years later, in 2004, when I became a fellow of the professor, I began to write a general cultural magazine, focusing in particular on the history, geography and traditions of these places, called “Catharsis”, and his reign was again one of the founders. He smiled when he saw the chosen motto: Moldova You also give birth to people!” – Myron Kostin Narrated in the “memorial” of the director of the sports school “Constantin Panțîru”, Daniel Decono, history teacher, initiator and spirit of the competition.

Biology teacher Florica Sevoy, wife of Professor Stephen Sevoy, remembers how much she was hated and appreciated by her colleagues and students.: “My husband also taught at the Grinție School and at Ceahlău. He collected mathematics and sports, did half an hour of mathematics, and half an hour of football. However, or perhaps precisely because he devoted half of his activity to sports, he did very well with mathematics students. Of course, because he was known throughout the country, he collaborated with many teachers from Neamt and from the country, published magazines and many mathematics groups. That is why I dedicate this competition to his memory.. He was a perfect husband and a perfect grandfather! My message to these children is that They learn, and rely on mathematics, at the moment it is on an equal footing, it merges with computer science and has a lot of research. In many professions you need to know mathematics. My husband was very naughty, I can say that he is very upset. He liked to entertain his friends I don’t remember now, unfortunately, but he was making a lot of jokes.”

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Fun math for 96 students

Participants’ impressions: “I loved the team spirit! I hope to get another chance … “

The atmosphere of concentration, but also smiles and joy, in the classrooms where the fun mathematics competition was held, was attended by 96 students, in groups of 4 students each, from 3rd to 8th class, from gymnasium schools from Grințieș, Ceahlău, Pipirig and Bicaz Ardelean and Borca, Farcașa, Poiana Teiului, and Hangu.

I got some impressions right after the competition, some of the participants.

Mate Daniel Decono, 7th grade, Grinție School: “Some of the subjects were really fun, but I also prefer the subjects from the Olympics, because they are more complex and mentally moving. I got 3rd place in geography, mentioned in math and physics, 2nd in history in the country, the rest I don’t remember now. In the future, I think I will catch up In a high school where I can study mathematics and physics as well as my favorite subjects.”

Ioana Christina, third grade: “I am from the Bicazul Ardelean crew. I am 10 years old. I really enjoyed the math competition, it was really fun. There were also some difficult topics, and I had some feelings for it. This is my first time in such a competition and I hope to get Another chance. It was great, great. Loved the team spirit. I hope our team wins!”

Ștefan Sebastian Curcă 4th grade: “We simply knew it back then. It was so easy, I was amazed at how easy it was. There were ten topics and I solved them all quite easily. I hope we get into the top ten because we did so well!”

Iulian Diaconesei, fourth grade: “I thought it would be difficult, but when I saw the topics I changed my mind. I also participated in the literature competition and got a score of 9.50. I would like to participate in such competitions again. I wanted to participate in football, but I am very young, but when I grow up I really want to Becoming a footballer, that’s my dream. Let the best win, that’s us!”

Flaviana Amari, 7th grade, Grinție School: “The exercises were very nice and very interesting. We hope to make a good impression! I decided to go to Hogaș in Piatra Neamț in a year, or to OCT in Toplița, at mate info or biochemistry profile”

Elena Mido, Flaviana Crew Member: “We just learned about it at the time. I had six exercises, of all kinds, and they also included algebra and geometry, and there were also logic exercises. After the national assessment, I also decided to go to Hogaș philology.”

Who are the winners

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In the numbers contest, in the fun math, in grades 3 to 4, the crew of “Muntenii” from Ceahlău took first place, with a score of 9.30, a score of 9.00, the hosts called the “winners” team of Grințieș, and in third place, with a score of 8.00, It was the “colossal” of Poiana Teiului.

In classes V-VI, in the face of logic and numbers, the first place winners, with 55 points, knocked out the “Speranța” crew of Hangu. The second place was in second place, 5 points behind “Little Genesis” from Poiana Tioloi, and on the third place “Winners” from the municipality of Chihlo.

The category 7 and 8 category were won by the Drumol Talinilur team from Burca, second place was taken by “Bombili” from Varca, and the third place was “Tilikuli” from Picazol Ardeline.

The first to third place winners received diplomas, prizes and books, and all other participants were rewarded with commendations consisting of diplomas and books on the history of mathematics.

Football, Professor Safeway’s second passion

Meanwhile, on the football field, teams of 11 athletes demonstrated their mastery of the ball game, heavily supported on the sidelines by teachers, colleagues and parents.

The second great passion of Professor Stefan Sivoy, collected the teams from Valea Muntelui, grades V-VIII, who showed good preparation, competitive ability but also fair play. Radu Ursu, a physical education teacher at the Grințieș School, took care of the organization and training of the sports competition: “Today we met in a fun competition of mathematics and football, in memory of Professor Stefan Schevoy. In football, we have teams from our town, from Ceahlău, Hangu, Farcașa, Poiana Teiului, Borca, Pipirig and our friends from a distant town of Bicazul Ardelean. It is a match 11 to 11, and there are a lot of fans. We play real football here! Best to win! We made two groups, A and B. The winning team from group A will play the final match with the winner from group B, and the runners-up meet in the small final, as well as on the two groups. Even If there were small discussions, because that is how it is in football, we hope it all ends well, in the spirit of fair play and as I said, the best will win!”

The results were not delayed. At the end of the event, an awards ceremony was held, where all participants received certificates, thunderous applause, and books. In football, the first prize was won by the Mikhail Sadovino High School team from Burca, and the second prize went to Ioan Luca High School from Varca municipality. Football players from Iustin Pârvu High School from Poiana Teiului took third place, and the hosts from Grințieș took fourth place.

Proud and happy mayor

Mayor Anna Potihan is proud of her many participation in this educational activity and fondly remembers the late teacher Stephane Sivoy: “Today, May 29, we are on a beautiful day, at Constantin Panțîru Secondary School in Grințieș, where the third edition of the competition dedicated to the memory of Professor Ștefan Țifui is taking place. Because Professor Sifoy was also my teacher, it is a more emotional day. The family participated, the city council and the council participated. The event was organized by the local school, and the school participated in. A beautiful event that trains children and teachers from all over the mountain valley in mathematics and sports, because Mr. Evoy was passionate about sports and a very good mathematics teacher. He taught for several generations and that is why many of us mentioned it. He was very fond of us And he knew how to organize the kids, keep them close to them, and direct them in both sports and math. I’m happy to have the principal and teachers involved and I want as many activities of this kind in our community as possible, because we focus on education.”

At the end of the awards ceremony, the young children enjoyed the sun and the fresh air as they played in the school yard, the older children discussed, a hot barbecue and a glass of mineral water. Two Commune priests held a memorial service in memory of Professor Stefan Scheffoy and blessed the dishes, the table, the school and the whole community.

The activity ended with an upbeat atmosphere, and it was a joyful and enthusiastic exchange of experiences, which the students and teachers had to learn from. Some of the participants and organizers were already discussing what the next edition would be like.

Photo reporting by Angela Croetoro

Photographs and editing: Bogdan Kalyan

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