Poor and disgraceful! Reactions to the defeat of the national team

The Romanian national football team started with a defeat at the 2022 edition of the League of Nations. Eduardo Ordonesco’s students were defeated away from home, in Podgorica, by the Montenegrin team with a score of 2-0, scoring both goals in the second half.

The homeowners dominated more than 30 minutes of the first half, and got 4 consecutive chances in Nii’s goal, without the three colors threatening the opponent’s square.

Romania’s first chance came only in the 44th minute, when Tounas crossed the goal a lot.

Edward Iordănescu had to make a substitution in the 13th minute. Cristea left the field faltering and was replaced by Creţu.

The second half also started with Montenegro attacking Nis’ goal, and Jovovich and Haksapanovic’s shots passed.

Mugosa opened the scoring in the 66th minute, and the Montenegrin attack took advantage of Chericic’s mistake.

Alibek and Mitrich, who came before the goal, tried their luck, but their shots did not stir Mijatovic’s feelings.

Three minutes before the end of normal playing time, Chiricho stumbled and fell, the hosts took advantage of the opportunity and after Neo’s first refusal, Vukcevic followed him and sent the ball into the goal.

The match ended with a score of 2-0, and Eduardo Yordonescu failed in his first match in an official competition, after receiving only one point from the friendly matches with Greece and Israel.


Coach Eduardo Ordonescu: “We simply knew that back then. We weren’t physically fit enough. In the first half we were able to move, but in the second half we lost clarity, our physical strength. This is a very bad night for us. I didn’t come to spoil my career, but to perform. We must. We all take responsibility. We feel so bad, waiting for another commitment, another energy. If we can’t handle the pressure now and we’re not responsible, it’s going to be very difficult for us. It’s a black game and we have to analyze it and change things.”

Romanian captain Vlad Chericic: “I only take responsibility for this failure. I made two mistakes that cost the national team. Sorry. I’m sorry for the players and I hope it doesn’t affect them and makes them better in Bosnia. Maybe we were a little surprised by their aggression. Obviously we didn’t play a great match. I think I got a lot.” In their game. They were more aggressive than us. In the end, it was a mistake that cost us money. I don’t think they have other opportunities than my mistakes. I hope we win in Bosnia and that will give us better morale.”

Striker Denis Alibeck: “We just knew that back then. Montenegro was more involved in the game, more aggressive. We’re trying to fix what we broke here with Bosnia. We’re trying to do our best. The fans are upset, they’re right, but maybe they can be with us more. “.

Midfielder Alexandro Maxim: “It’s a humiliating defeat, we put in a pathetic performance. We played a very poor match, below the level of what we play in clubs. I didn’t deserve any points, it’s hard not to find explanations. We will also have to finish it.”

Gika Popescu: “It was a shameful match, without soul, without behaviour, I don’t remember it because I didn’t play badly. It’s hard for me to comment when I see that Romania is probably defeated by a team with a population like Cluj. It’s just a shame. We fought alone. And since the players Behave tonight, he doesn’t deserve to wear the national team shirt.”

Football player from Montenegro, FCSB-certified Risto Radonovici: “It was a great victory, it means a lot of success for us at the start of the League of Nations. It was a good match we had, but I expect more from Romania, they are very efficient in attack and the coach is very good. I think the timer needs him. He just didn’t play (no – Tounas), we all expected more of them in attack. It’s the start of the group, they play, we see, the next matches determine the shape of the group.”

Montenegro: 1. Mijatovi – 7. Vešovi, 5. Vujačić, 6. Tomaševi-cpt., 2. Vukčevi – 23. Marušić (4. M. Vukčevi, 79), 20. Raičković (19. ekić, 79), 10 Janković (18. Savićevi, 84), 16. Jovović (8. D. Božovi, 56) – 17. Haksapanović (3. Radunovi, 84) – 9. Mogosha. Coach: Miodrag Radulovic
Reservations: 12. Petkovic, 13. Dragojevich – 11. Pechiraj, 14. Duranovic, 15. Palic, 21. Sikulić, 22 Milovic.

Romania: 1. Niță – 2. Rațiu, 6. Chiricheș-cpt., 17. Rus, 11. Bancu – 18. Marin (8. Cicâlduu, 78), 3. Cristea (5. Creţu, 13), 14. Olaru (10. Maxim, 46) – 9. Ivan, 19. Tonas (7. Alibec, 65), 13. Mihăilă (23. Mitri, 65). Coach: Eduardo Yordonescu
Reserves: 12. Moldova, 16. Iowani – 4. Manya, 15. Porky, 20. Hanka, 21. Popescu, 22. Camorra

Photo/Video: frf.ro

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