Roman mail scandal because of the guild leader. Accusations of transparency and communication

The leader of the Romanian Postal Workers’ Union, 76-year-old Matti Britiano, has provoked the indignation of postal workers.

This is the letter that a member of the Romanian Postal Workers’ Union, from Iai, sent to the union. He complains that he has never received transparent information about how the money from contributions is spent, and requests specific, transparent information about more things about union activism.

Romanian Postal Workers’ Union

Compania Nationala Posta Romana SA

Dear CNPR Director Valentin Stefan,

Dear SLPR Chairman Mattie Brutiano,

I would like to send you this open letter to clarify some aspects of the professional and union activity of the undersigned, as well as the union activity of the company and the union in general. I send you the following:

In fact,

In 2010, I registered to become a member of the Free Federation of Postal Workers of Romania, and from the date of membership until now, I have contributed 1% of my total salary to the budget of this organization. To make a simple arithmetic, there were years when the SLPR received about five million euros from employees, and last year more than 2.7 million euros, and during this period, many union members, including the one below, repeatedly asked to communicate permanently and transparently with Some data that I consider important to union activism.

These include:

– what is the total amount of their contribution to the SLPR;

How were these funds distributed and why were they used? What budget items have been allocated? What has this money actually been spent on?

– What is the exact total value that CNPR converted to SLPR during 2012-2022.

– Analyze the use of these amounts.

During my time as SLPR I have never received any such information (perhaps many of my colleagues), only vague answers and no relevant details, accounting, budgeting or insufficient explanation for union members.

SLPR members need to know all these details, in the spirit of transparency and honest union activism.

According to Article 7 of Law No. 544 of October 12, 2001 on free access to

Information of Public Interest,” 1.  Public authorities and institutions shall respond in writing to a request for information of public interest within 10 days or, as the case may be, no later than 30 days after the request has been registered. The difficulty, complexity, volume of documentary work and urgency of the request. If The time required to identify and disseminate the requested information has exceeded 10 days, the response must be sent to the applicant within a maximum of 30 days, provided that it is notified in writing within 10 days.”

And last but not least, I would like you to share the secret of this continuity with the SLPR and how you represent the interests of the people after more than 30 years as a retiree (76 years old), holding a contract since 2015 in good faith?

In light of the above, I formulate


Please send me the following:

What is the total amount over the past 10 years that has been cut off from my salary and

By bank transfer from CNPR to SLPR?

What is the total amount during the last 10 years that has been taken from salary and

Transferred to the Contribution Account, directly to the SLPR, from all CNPR employees,

Guild members?

What happened to this money? How has it been used by SLPR management What are the tangible results, apart from negotiations, consultations and social dialogue?

Usually related to CCM, acquired by SLPR, to CNPR employees, in

After receiving these payments?

Please provide this information within 10 days of this date

Rado Orsano

Member of SLPR – Iasi Branch”, according to

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