2022 period. Registrations started. List of Required Documents / The Ministry of Education has moved the recruitment of teachers to its own website, on the platform operated by the former SIVECO

Candidates participating in the 2022 National Rental Competition file or submit files from May 9-17, according to the official calendar. We remind you that Edupedu.ro wrote that the Certificate of Behavioral Integrity and Criminal Record has been resubmitted. On May 6, the Ministry of Education published the list of vacancies for the competition.

Tenure is work in a school for an indefinite period. In order to qualify—to be employed for an indefinite period—teachers must have a minimum score of 7 on both the written test and in the semester examination on the job profile. To become a substitute – therefore for a fixed-term position – candidates must have a minimum score of 5 on both the written test and the inspection.

According to a document sent to school inspection departments by the Ministry of Education, the district committee for organizing and conducting the competition is obligated to prepare an email address to which candidates can submit files.

Other new concerns Commitment of the President of the Commission and School Inspectors of Human Resources Management to advise the candidates Regarding the majors of the competition in which they can enroll depending on the studies they have completed, as well as the educational positions / departments they can occupy, according to the document received.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education moved the organization of the competition and the presentation of positions on its website, and is no longer using the platform operated by the former SIVECO. The last job update on the above mentioned company website was on March 22nd.

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According to the competition methodology, Candidates will attach documents in the following order In the original or in a photocopy, certified for conformity with the original by the director of the unit in which he works in the 2021-2022 school year or scanned in color, according to the original documents (the attached documents may be certified for conformity with the original and upon submission of the file, in this case at If documents are sent in electronic format, by e-mail, they will be scanned in color, after the originals, in legible, at least 150 dpi):

  1. The written application regarding distribution in another province or in the municipality of Bucharest where the written test is not taken, in accordance with the provisions of Article 80 paragraph. (3) and (4) of the methodology (the option cannot be changed after the results have been transferred to the written test).
  2. Registration form for the competition, presumed to be signed (if any);
  3. A copy of the tab on the identity card or ID card with the name, surname and address;
  4. Copies of birth and marriage certificates (for applicants who have changed their name) or other evidence of a name change (if any);
  5. Copies of study documents, transcripts, qualification certificates (the last for graduates of pedagogical secondary school / post-secondary education), diplomas / graduation certificates of the pedagogical-psychological unit (if its graduation does not appear in a true copy);
    • 5′) 2022 upgrade graduates will submit a copy of the certificate from the higher/post-secondary/secondary institution showing they have passed the bachelor/graduation/baccalaureate exam, college/post-secondary graduation rate. School / pedagogical secondary school, acquired specialization, average years of study and the fact that during the studies the psycho-pedagogical unit was attended and promoted;
  6. Copies of certificates for teaching degrees;
  7. A copy of the tenure/distribution contract during the validity of the position in pre-university education (if any);
  8. A copy of the Ministry of Education agreement or the school or company inspection decision to suspend the activity (if any);
  9. Certificate showing actual seniority in education (if any);
  10. A copy of the corresponding form from the general personnel register or a copy of the work book if he was previously employed before 2012 and no longer has the status of an employee (if any);
  11. Copies of approvals and certifications required for the teaching position/department, including that of the private school (if applicable);
  12. Medical certificate issued by a physician or professional practitioner, certifying that they are qualified to teach;
  13. declare on my own responsibility that I do not engage in activities incompatible with the dignity of the teaching position, that I have not been excluded from education on disciplinary grounds or by a final court decision of a criminal conviction of offenses against a person intentionally committed in circumstances relating to the profession;
  14. A certificate issued by the school where I work in relation to disciplinary sanctions for the last two completed academic years and during the current academic year;
  15. criminal record, in the original, which shows that I do not have a criminal record of offenses committed against a person intentionally in circumstances related to the exercise of the profession;
  16. Original Behavioral Integrity Certificate/Certificate (in exceptional cases, if the candidate/teacher does not submit the Behavioral Integrity Certificate on file within the registration/validation period, it must be submitted to the Teaching Unit on the application date to complete a new individual employment contract)
  17. Only for incumbents / employees during the validity of the job certificate issued by the educational unit showing the status of the job (structure by department hours and specializations, job/department capacity, education level and ecosystem) and copies of secondment decisions from the period 01.09.2012 – 31.08.2022 (if any) ).
  • Look here at the documents they have to submit or submit Candidates who have applied for national competition in the last 3 years

Some school inspection departments have declared that registration can be done online, and others have decided that files should be submitted physically, which means that teachers or future teachers must go to the center set up in order to register.

  • The competition calendar can be found here.

Participation form for the securitization competition 2022:

Application for registration in securitization 2022:

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