Actor Gabriel Vito, ‘executed’ Nickor Dane at the head of the Dallas Center: ‘It was announced on Friday that Ms. Gabriela Szabo will come on Monday’

The dismissal of Gabriela Szabo from the president of the SCM Bucharest club, at the request of the general mayor of the capital, has already made a collateral victim. It’s about the actor Gabriel Vito, who until yesterday coordinated the Metropolitan Center for Education and Culture “Ioan I Dalís”.

Nikosur Dan, a strange decision: he sacked an actor and appointed an athlete to head a cultural center

Nikkor Dan solved the “Gabriela Szabo problem” in a purer political fashion. He removed the ex-champion from the management of the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club on the grounds of mismanagement, and as a “punishment” transferred her to a cultural center.

According to the sources I consulted fanaticGabriela Szabo would have accepted the solution proposed by Nikkor Dan, who announced on Friday that she would change it from CSM Bucharest chief.

“I have taken a decision to change the management of the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club. The Director-General of the Supreme Council of Information, Gabriela Szabo, will be seconded to manage the Dalís Center, and in her place she will appoint a temporary deputy director”Nicușor Dan announced on his Facebook account.

Gabriel Vito has already packed his bags: “Mrs. Szabo came to the show on Monday”

This information was confirmed by representative Gabriel Vito, who has run the Dallas Center since 2016. He revealed that he left the office of the director of the Dalles Cultural Center on Sunday and that Gabriela Szabo has taken her place.

“I don’t know many details either. The news came on Friday afternoon. Anyway, I had two days to recover, Monday and Tuesday, because I have a show with the show “Gaiţele” in Suceava and Piatra Neam.

I have nothing to comment on, I was not appointed as a politician, I entered the competition and then was loaned. I don’t know what the mayor general is planning to do with Dallas. So far no one has been able to post the perfect solution, which is not surprising. On Sunday I went, took my things from there, and on Monday Mrs. Szabo came to the programme. We did not meet to deliver – reception ”, Gabriel Veto said about fanatic.

The representative explained that in his six years in charge of the Dulles Center, he spent the last of them on a temporary stint, being fired from UNATC, where he still has a job.

Nicușor Dan did not organize a contest for the position of director in Dalles

“Neither Mrs. Feria nor Mr. Nicosur Dan called me. In 2012-2016 I was General Counsel in the capital, by chance, with Dan Diaconescu’s party. I saw this institution, Dalís, which was in dire straits, and before the expiration of my term as Counsellor General, I applied for a manager job and took it in. I had another month in the position, but I was fired and a manager came to Dallas.

When I saw how it was raining in the hall and what dandruff was in the yard, I said I had nothing to do and went home. But I said to try the sea with my finger, then there were 3 staff and 4 of me.

There was no support at that time. After about two years standing at the doors of the mayor and the general counsels, they realized the foundation had to be saved and got a grant at the end of 2018. Within a few months, I had made a new state of the art, very stocked, sound room, lights, curtain, air conditioning, all something.

It’s true that after the term expired and the mayor changed, I thought there was another team. Mr. Nicușor Dan told me we go further, he signed for a class from the theater university, where I was still employed. Then my job was to be put up for competition.

The pandemic came, there were no more jobs and we went from breakup to breakup. Two months ago I was signed to a new loan for half a year. On Friday, you received from us and UNATC that my loan had ended and that Ms. Szabo had started as a principal at Dalles on Monday. As well as with the separation from the sports club “A Gabriel Veto also revealed fanatic.

Fatou: “No one takes my profession and my talent”

The actor says he is not aware of the alleged reprimand that Mayor Nikkor Dane may have towards his activism. On the contrary, he says that in 2019, before the epidemic arrived, he was able to make his own income of 900,000 lei, compared to 700,000 lei, as he had expected.

Also, during Gabriel Vito’s tenure, a 10-year lease agreement was signed with the Roman Academy, an institution that claimed and won in court the building that houses the Ioan i Dalis Metropolitan Center for Education and Culture. “I signed a reasonable monthly amount, I say, 5,000 euros, for 20,000 euros, as the academy requested, initially,” Vito added.

The actor says he doesn’t know what will happen, but remains open. “If the mayor wants us to work here or in other institutions, I am willing, because I still have a lot to do. If not, I have a profession and talent, and no one can take it from me.”

If I have to leave, I’ll leave, but I know there’s a speck of color left behind and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”Gabriel Vito concluded: fanatic.

Don’t get attached to Gabriella Szabo

On the other hand, Gabriella Zaboa declined to comment. “Thank you, but this is not the time.”Gabriela Szabo .’s message was fanatic. The only reaction came through her personal Instagram account, where she wrote that there was “no documentary basis” about her dismissal.

“I noticed in the public space, respectively on the social network FB, the announcement of Mayor Nicușor Dan regarding the change of leadership of the SCM, including through my ‘isolation’.

Without a documentary basis, the decision appears to have been motivated by issues that the mayor personally found “inside” (the club). The same employees on whom the announced decision was based have been lost in court cases that began as a result of defamation or my activity.” Written by Gabriella Szabo.

Mayor Nikkor Dan stated that he would send an observation corps to check activity in CSM Bucharest, “following the signals received from within”.

Gabriella Szabo will earn more at the Dallas Center

Gabriela Szabo, at CSM Bucharest, earned 124,870 lei (salary + other income), according to the last wealth declaration, which was filed in 2021. On the other hand, Gabriel Vito received a salary of 126,611 lei from the manager’s activity in the Dalles Center . .

According to the 2021 fortune telling, Fătu received another 54,000 euros from the roles he played and 18,000 euros from the directors of some different events and presentations.

He also worked in the marketing department of the National University of Theater and Cinematography IL Caragiale, receiving 50,168 lei and receiving another 3,000 euros with the award for best actor, which he received in Cairo.

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