CSM Oradea handball team will not be joining the National League for financial reasons

It also touched on the financial situation and budget expectations for the upcoming season. The official from Oradea stated that the club’s budget is insufficient to ensure the performance of the eight divisions. The budget for the Basketball Division for 2022 is €1,150,000, of which 750,000 are from the resources allocated by City Hall, and 400,000 are the amounts obtained from sponsors. 14,000 euros in television rights for the matches at their stadium were received. 25,000 euros have been allocated to the youth teams of the Basketball Academy. A significant part of the department’s budget expenditures are devoted to participation in the European Cups, with long and long trips. In the current season, for example, there were three trips to Portugal and one to Denmark.

“I consider that our team’s participation in the European Cups is a priority for the club, CSM CSU Oradea managed to perform in the FIBA ​​European Cup. I am convinced that the fans also appreciate these results and are eager to see the best teams in European basketball in Oradea,” said Serban. In the season that just ended, our basketball team’s budget is no longer in the top three in the National League. For the next release, the situation does not seem to be improving, on the contrary, there is a possibility that other teams will benefit from larger budgets. “We will try to attract more money from sponsorships. In any case, the goals of our team remain the same: a campaign as good as possible in the European Cups, winning the Championship and the Romanian Cup”, explained CSM President Oradea. The polo division had a budget of 550,000 euros in 2022, 90% of the club’s budget, and the remaining 10% of its revenue and sponsorship. “We are in talks with a sponsor and we hope it will come true,” the Oradea official said.

Zerban Seri pledges to increase the budget for the next season, which will amount to about 650 thousand and 700 thousand euros. In turn, the handball department benefited from a budget of 158 thousand euros coming from the budget allocated to the club. At the end of the season, CSM Oradea handball team, ranked third in Al Sadd for promotion, received an invitation from FR Handball to join the National League, after the withdrawal of CSM Resita. In order to be able to play in the Bison League, CSM Oradea must also register a team in Division A, in accordance with federation regulations. Unfortunately, Oradea does not have the budget to form two competing teams.

“For the two teams, from the National League and Division A, we must transfer at least 15-20 new players. The budget of the team that will be relegated to the Bison League is around 700 thousand euros. That is all that Poli Timișoara had, if I know correctly. Unfortunately, we have no way to secure such a budget, since it is very difficult to find sponsors. We could only increase the handball budget if we reduced the budgets of other departments, which would obviously lead to dilution, lower performance. This is undesirable. Under these circumstances, the handball team would continue to be active in Division A. Unfortunately, there was no local strategy or local strategy in handball to form a pyramid, with teams at all levels of children and juniors. It took 8-10 years for basketball To build these structures and only then were we able to take a step towards great performance. Zurban Siri explained that my goal is to create such a strategy in handball, in order to be able to increase the emerging and valuable players.” And on ways to increase the budget allocated to the club for the next season, SCM President Oradea stated that he will request a larger amount from the city council and the local council. “However, it is hard to believe that the municipality will be able to increase the budget allocated to sports, given the conditions of the current crisis. At present, local authorities are making great efforts to ensure that European projects can be co-financed by borrowing large sums of money for this purpose. For these reasons. , I don’t think we will be able to benefit from a significant increase in the budget compared to the previous budget,” concluded SCM Oradea President.

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