Haverland Week Cultural Festival. 10 years of Saxon culture and tradition

Haverland Week Cultural Festival, now in its 10th edition, takes place from July 29-31. The annual edition of the largest festival dedicated to Saxon culture and traditions in Transylvania will take place, both physically and online, in 10 villages in the Land of Oats.

The main elements of the 2022 edition of the festival are the promotion of intercultural education and environmental conservation.

Veronica and Michael Schmidt, founders of M&V Schmidt

The Haverland Week Festival was launched in 2012 by the M&V Schmidt Foundation and the Tabaluga/Peter Maffay Stiftung Foundation, and aims to promote Transylvania’s Saxon culture and traditions and develop the tourism sector in the region.
The Saxon region of Transylvania, located between Braشوفov and Sighisoara, was called the Land of Oats or Haverland hundreds of years ago, due to the locals who used to grow oats mainly, due to the harsh climate.
“The idea for the cultural festival was born in 2012. That summer, Peter Maffei invited me to the Open Day at Roadeș. That’s when we came up with the idea to join forces and organize a cultural week together. A few days later, the idea of ​​oats crops came to us, because the climate in this area between Rupiah and Sighisoara was harsh for viticulture. That is why oats grow so much. This is what I called Haverland Cultural Week, and my idea, as well as that of Peter Maffei, was to bring as many people as possible into the customs and culture of Saxony. Haverland Week’s first edition was a huge success. For example, the festival was attended by many locals from my hometown, Crete, who moved to Germany a long time ago.” said Michael Schmidt, President of M&V Schmidt and one of the founders of Haferland Week.

A Brief History of Haverland Week Cultural Festival

The year 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the first edition of the festival to be held in the country of oats. Each edition deals with a different topic with cultural and educational characteristics, on preserving and promoting Saxon traditions (2013 – the year of music, 2014 – the year of restoration, 2015 – the year of education, 2016 – the year of the family, 2017 – the year of gastronomy, 2018 – the year of Saxon Craft, 2019 – the year of the community, 2020 – the first online edition of the festival,
2021 – Tradition goes further in the land of oats).
The festival is held every year at the end of July – beginning of August, its duration varies from 3 to 7 days. Each area of ​​the gatherings covered by the festival has its own program, in line with the projects and cultural characteristics.
Each day of the festival is different. Thus, participants can enjoy concerts in fortified churches, video shows, traditional Saxon balls, bike trails, culinary events, music and dance of local communities in the area, fan music, plays, poetry recitals, book launches, and traditional crafts workshops (making workshops). pottery, woodcut workshops, canvas painting workshops, and felting workshops), fairs of traditional Saxon fashion, and exhibitions of traditional objects specific to the region.
Public interest in the festival has grown from year to year, reaching in 2021 more than 18,000 visitors.

Haverland Week Cultural Festival Anniversary
The 10th edition of Haverland Week Cultural Festival embraces all the values ​​built so far and gives us the opportunity to look confidently at what’s to come.
History should be cherished. Moreover, it must continue to be written for and for future generations. It is necessary to know and preserve our traditions, protect our heritage and, at the same time, educate the people of tomorrow with respect for the values ​​of society, openness to cultural pluralism and a willingness to participate in sustainable development. Therefore, Haverland Week Festival anniversary will focus on children and youth, those who represent the future of this country.
The main elements of the 2022 edition of the festival are the promotion of intercultural education and environmental conservation.

“Every year we tackle a new topic, and this time education is perhaps the most important component of society. The Transylvanian Saxons have been leaders in this regard.
For example, the history of the school in the village of Crete goes back about 400 years,” added Michael Schmidt.
Each edition of Haverland Week Festival has been sponsored over time by prominent figures from cultural and political life, both in Romania and Germany.
For the second year in a row, the cultural festival “Haverland Week” is held under the high patronage of the President of Romania, His Excellency Mr. A. Klaus Johannes, who honors us, lends prestige and value to the anniversary edition.
The cultural program will take place between July 29 and 31 in 10 villages in the Oats Country: Archita, Cloașterf, Saschiz, Roadeș, Bunești, Rupea, Homorod, Criț, Meșendorf and Viscri.
During the three days of the festival, the public will have the opportunity to participate in a series of events, such as: fanfare music, traditional Saxon music and dances, plays, organ recitals and classical music in fortified churches, traditional Saxon three balls, woodcut workshops, canvas painting workshops, Pottery and felt workshops, book launch with children’s stories, lecture on Transylvanian Saxon life and traditions, jazz concert, general discussion “The Role of Society in Haverland Villages”, bicycle tour, piano concert, book presentation and exhibition of traditional Saxon costumes.
During this year’s edition of Haverland Week, the Romanian-German Bilateral Cooperation Forum will meet, and this time the main theme will be the 30th anniversary of Romanian-German friendship and partnership in Europe.

This year’s edition festival partners
As every year, the festival is held in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Braków County Council, Remarul 16 Februarie, Valvis Holding (Aqua Carpatica and Domeniile Sâmburești), Sennheiser, CEC Bank, CON-A, Bosch Romania Foundation, and Transavia, Theodora Golf Club, MHS Truck & Bus, Automobile Bavaria, Almdudler, Karpaten Meat Siebenbürgen. The local partners co-organizing the festival are the M&V Schmidt Foundation, Tabaluga/Peter Maffay Stiftung Foundation, Mihai Eminescu Trust, ADEPT Transilvania Foundation, Nowero Association, Rupea City Hall, Discover Archita Association and Saschiz Women’s Neighborhood Association.
Being a special edition, Haferland Week is also supported this year by German partners such as: the Ministry of Family, Labor and Welfare in Bavaria, the Association of Transylvanian Saxons in Germany, and the German Democratic Forum in Transylvania.

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