“It is difficult to play against Finland, but we definitely beat Romania without problems,” the statement that shows how weak we are

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Specialists are trying to find explanations and, possibly, suggest solutions for a quick recovery, but the trichomes have played so poorly that it is difficult to hope for a radical change.

Narcissus Rodokan:How has football been reflected in the past twenty years if Finland was a difficult opponent and Romania was defeated in advance?! “

I have no logical explanation and theory for what happened. It’s not about a lack of opportunity or anything else. The moment you don’t reach the opponent’s goal, you can’t. I’ve experienced this feeling before in the dam with Iceland (score 0-2). Of course you can lose, all those who played this sport went through all the hypostases, but the most frustrating thing is that in this football game you can’t reach the opponent’s goal.

I mean, you can win 6-2, you score two goals, you miss… I played too. A match like this gives you the feeling that you can’t, damn it very painful. They are not in the category of those who immediately demand the resignation and change of players. We have to drop this whole bunch of games to give a full opinion and get a picture of what we can do at the moment and what the selector and the currently selected players can come up with.

But it is a huge flaw that left him with this defeat. I enjoyed a statement from a Bosnian player saying that every time’It is difficult to play against Finland, but we will definitely beat Romania without any problems“.

Do you realize how football has been reflected in the past 20 years if Finland was a tough opponent and Romania was defeated in advance?!

Of course, he is on the level of statements and appears more than a boxing party in the way the Bosnian announced. Eddie might also use it before a game to motivate players, but the fact that he said it says a lot about other people’s perception of what we can do.Narcis Rodokan announced on the European Football Programme, that he is very careful in his choice of words.

Program Group 3, League B, in the 2022-2023 League of Nations

In the League of Nations, Romania’s program includes four matches in June and two matches in September.

4 June 2022
Finland – Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1
Montenegro – Romania 2-0

7 June 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Romania 21:45
Finland – Montenegro 21:45.

11 June 2022
Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina 16:00
Romania – Finland 21:45.

June 14, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland 21:45
Romania – Montenegro 21:45.

September 23, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 21:45
Finland – Romania 21:45

September 26, 2022
Montenegro – Finland 21:45
Romania – Bosnia and Herzegovina 21:45

Video summary Montenegro, Romania 2-0

Romania’s lottery for the June matches in the League of Nations

porter: florin neta (Sparta Prague | Czech Republic, 16/0), Marian iwan (Constanta Lighthouse, 0/0), Horacio Moldova (FC Rapid 1923, 0/0), Ștefan Tarnovanu (FCSB, 0/0)

defense: Andrew rate (Huesca | Spain, 7/0), Christian mani (CFR Cluj, 16/2), Adrian Russian (Fehervar | Hungary, 13/0), Julian Crystal (FCSB, 4/0), Virgil JOEL (KS Krakow | Poland, 1/0), Vlad شي (Sassuolo | Italy, 72/0), Andre burca (CFR Cluj, 9/0), Nikkor seat (University of Craiova, 1/24), Mario camera (CFR Cluj, 7/0), Marius Stefanescu (OSK sepsis, 0/0)

Midfielders: Diane sorescu (Rakow Czestochowa | Poland, 5/0), Alexandru cyclado (Galatasaray | Turkey, 23/3), Darius Ularu (FCSB, 4/0), Alexandru Maximum (Gaziantep FK | Turkey, 6/6), Sergio Hans (KS Krakow | Poland, 5/0), Florin forget (FCSB, 12/1), Octavian Popescu (FCSB, 2/0), Nikolai peacock (Sepsi OSK, 0/0), Valentine Mihaila (Atalanta | Italy, 8/1), Alexandru Mitra (Bauke Thessaloniki | Greece, 3/18), Alexander Crete (University of Craiova, 6/0), Rizvan Navy (Cagliari | Italy, 2/38), Marius Navy (Pisa | Italy, 3/0)

attackers: Dennis alipic (Atromitos | Greece, 24/2), Andrei Evan (University of Craiova, 16/1), George PUŞCAŞ (Pisa | Italy, 27/8)

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