Modernization. The magical festival funded by CJT in the amount of 100,000 lei. The Foundation allocates funds for projects submitted to the Cultural Agenda

Timic County Council has allocated 5.6 million lei in this year’s budget for cultural events. Those who submitted projects and are not satisfied with the results can file appeals between May 31 and June 3.

Thus, in the chapter “Cultural Events Achieved by Professional Cultural Institutions of Timi County”, the German Theater, the National Opera and the Philharmonic of Banatul receive funds.

The German State Theater in Timisoara requested 300,000 lei for the Eurothalia European Theater Festival (September 21-29), the eighth edition, but received only 100,000 lei.

The Romanian National Opera of Timisoara asked 112,000 lei to organize, between September 2-4, for the Opera and Opera Festival in the Rose Garden of Timisoara and on September 20 at the Municipal Theater in Lugoj. He receives only 70 thousand lei.

The Banatul Philharmonic of Timisoara has asked for 99,000 lei for the “Kamo” Jazz Blues Gala, between August and November 2022, but will receive 30,000 lei.

93 towns in Timici receive funding from CJT

Also, 93 local Timi locations receive various amounts of money from CJT through Timcultura in the “Cultural Events Investigated by Local Authorities from Timi County” section. In most cases, the funds will be used to organize gathering days, but funds are also allocated to some traditional events. It’s about Gottlobbeen Festival in Gottlob (14-15 August), now in its twelfth edition, Autumn Celebrations, the eleventh edition of the Festival of Pelent Traditions and the Festival of Paprikaș, Wine and Brandy, Twelfth Edition, which will take place in October in Buziaș. You can find the full list over here.

In the chapter “Cultural, Artistic, and Educational Events Held in the Space of the DKMT”, Timi County Council, through Timcultura, allocates funds for 11 events, including Nedeea of ​​Romanians Everywhere, 22nd Edition, which will take place in August on the Fărășești Valley of Tometi Municipality.

There’s also money for the Borders of Roock event, which will be held in October in Jimbolia and the Gastronomic Traditions of Wild Banat, the first edition, which takes place in September at Otelec. You can find the full list over here.

In the section “Cultural, artistic and educational events organized by NGOs”, each receives 100,000 lei: educational institution of the Hospitality Culture Project – Uma Academy, first edition, June – December, which will be held in Buziak; The Magical Support Association of the International Magic Festival, 1st Edition, to be held in Timisoara in the fall, as well as the Association of Youth Festivals for the West Festival – Urban Festival, 7th Edition, June-July, which will be held in Siuka Aerodrome.

CJT offers money andCultural Associations and Societies

The Timișoara Polytechnic Foundation is benefiting from 90,000 lei to organize the Timioara International Festival of Literature “La Vest de Est / La Est de Vest” (FILTM), Eleventh Edition, between October 26-28.

The Cultural Academy Foundation receives 70,000 lei for organizing a symphonic concert in the Roman Cave, 38th edition, and special events to promote online culture in the region.

The West University of Timișoara Foundation allocated 55,000 lei to address the security challenges at the Balkans event, 6th edition, between June and July.

The Art Time Association is benefiting 50,000 lei for the 10th edition of Vienna Music Days Festival, which will take place between August and September in the Botanical Garden, Regina Maria Park and Rose Park. The association will also receive another 40,000 lei for the 10th edition of the concerts to be held in the Multifunctional Hall of Timich County Council, from September to December.

The Pro Art Fashion Association has secured 30,000 lei for Timisoara Fashion Week, 1st Edition, which will take place between June and October in Timisoara, Geruda and Lugoj.

Timiș Tourism Development and Development Association receives funds for two projects: 40,000 lei for a break in Timi County – cultural experiences, first edition (June-December) and 30,000 lei for summer in the capital, first edition (June-September), the next project to take place in Timișoara and Sânmihaiu Român and Otelec and Foeni. You can find the full list over here.

32 other projects funded by Timcultura

In the chapter “Cultural, Artistic, and Educational Events by Institutions in the Field of Education in Timich County,” CJT funds, through Timcultura, 32 projects. Among them is the National Biology Competition “George Emile Balad” – The Path to Perfection, 8th Edition, in which the public school does not exist. 30 lei will get 15,000 lei. Also, the National Girls College of Timisoara is benefiting from 12,000 lei in the Inter-Provincial Competition for Environmental Environmental Projects, 15th Edition, which will be held in Făget in October. You can find the full list over here.

In the section “Online magazines, book publishing and printing and other activities complementary to publishing and printing”, 30 projects are funded, such as Jimbolia – Ordinances in the Transformation (20,000 lei) from Jimbolia City Hall, Hygiene Culture (15,000 lei) provided by the European Union Banat from Romania and print of the “Palette” album by Petro Galic (8000 lei) from the Society for Heritage, Art and Nature.

Instead, the 2021 European Cultural Association Timioara did not receive any funding for the “I love Timioara” project (9,000 lei were requested). You can find the full list over here.

Seven projects have been funded in the chapter “Artistic Cultural Events, Educational and Vocational Training for Youth” in Timkultura. These include Magnetic Festival – the seventh edition of the World Volunteer Society, which received 70,000 lei from July 1 to September 30 and SOS – educating young people about first aid measures and local cultural heritage, the first edition, conducted by the Negura Traditional Culture Society during September and October which Benefit from 30 thousand. You can find the full list over here.

400 thousand lei for organizing the aviation festival

The final section of Timcultura, “Cultural Events Included in the Timișoara European Capital of Culture Program”, presents the largest sum. Thus, the airline receives 400,000 lei for organizing the Aviation Festival – International Festival of Music, Arts and Technology, 4th edition.

With 250 thousand lei, the community development association “Bistra Forest” will organize the Kudru Festival, the fourth session, between 25 and 28 August in the localities of Mocnica Vici and Ghiruda.

Another 200,000 lei arrived at the West University of Timișoara Foundation for the La UVT project, Cultura e Capitală, second edition (June-November). You can find the full list over here.

Modernization. 250 projects were accepted by the selection committee for funding

TimCultura County Council announced Tuesday that of the 374 projects submitted in the TimCultura program, 250 have been accepted for funding by the selection committee.

“The award of non-reimbursable financing contracts takes into account several criteria. We mention here the cultural and artistic value, originality, financial and operational capacity of the applicant, impact, degree of co-financing, importance in the cultural development of the province, highlighting cultural pluralism, enhancing competitiveness among students , taking advantage of Banat’s cultural heritage and the sustainability of the project over time.”, relayed representatives of the Timic County Council.

The committee consisted of representatives of the Timić County Council and specialists with at least three years of experience in the field of culture in Timi County, as follows:

  • Vasily Suroch – Chairman of the Evaluation Committee and Adviser to the President;
  • Alexandra Viviana Chico – member of the county council;
  • Blaga Lucian – member of the district council;
  • Marius Al-Qarniah – Member, National Museum cartographer in Banat;
  • Diana Denko – Member, Librarian of Timich County Library “Soren Tettle”;
  • Remus Vălungan – Member, Head of the Department of Culture and Arts Center of Timi County;
  • Daniela Crito – Member, literary reference, Merlin Children’s and Youth Theatre.

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