The success of the daughter of Andrea Marin and Stefan Baneke Jr.: “Violetta is eligible for the overseas stage”

Andrea Marin has been in love for more than five years with Adrien Brancofino, a professional diplomat. exclusively for fanaticThe fairy revealed her plans for the future with the man who became her fiancé and spoke of him without faltering to praise him. But Andrea Marin’s joy really comes when she produces Violetta, her daughter with tefan Bănică jr. , huge surprises for her, as it happened recently.

Andrea Marin, surprised by her and Ștefan Bănică jr’s daughter, Violetta

Andrea Marin revealed to us that her daughter Violetta has recently made her very happy. Violetta’s surprise is about what Andrea Marin really values: class and culture.

“The last surprise my daughter Violetta gave was the result of an international competition and her qualification to the overseas stage. This is a general culture competition.

I think it’s very important to see that today, when superficiality dominates, when so many kids are on the Internet without good information gathering, there are other initiatives like that, and I was glad that such things exist. “, Andrea Marin said exclusively to admirer.

Andrea Marin admits that her daughter’s accomplishments make her remember more and, often, the most important and most beautiful thing that happened in her life: Violetta’s birth.

The birth of my daughter was the most beautiful thing in my life. (…) The most valuable thing is life itself. I appreciate life even with its suffering. But only if she lives beautifully and with dignity, and I try to live her with dignity.

When I feel a danger to my baby, it’s hard to maintain my composure and dignity, but I try. I think every parent knows that.” Andrea Marin told us, too, exclusively.

Andreea Marin, on her boyfriend, Adrian Brâncoveanu: ‘Nothing is more appropriate’

Andrea Marin, with a smile on her face, spoke about her relationship with her fiancé, Adrien Brancofino. The star admits that it was the job that the man she loves that brought them closer.

“I don’t think anything would be better for me than being a diplomat’s life partner. I think I’m a diplomat too (laughs, editor) and that’s why we get along so well. He’s an elegant man, in expression and in his way of being, and he’s a man of spirit. I think he’s the right man for me “.Andrea Marin said fanatic.

Indeed, the “Fairy” admits, the relationship with Adrien Brancofino has the necessary capacity to develop into a future marriage. But on one condition! “What God wants will happen.” Andrea Marin says, smiling piously.

As Andrea Marin says, it’s true that things might have been in a hurry if the miracle she and Adrien Brancofino dreamed of were produced. Child! “A sister or a brother will come to Violetta whenever God wills. We want each other very much,” As Andrea Marin stated, to fanatic.

How Andrea Marin sees the emergence of Adrien Brankovino in her life

Even if she avoids making an explicit rating of the men who have gone through her life, Andrea Marin does not hide the fact that she is still in love, five years after she met Adrien Brankovino and decided to make a couple.

In fact, explains the star, the fact that she met her fiancé is one of the most precious things that have happened to her in the past 20 years, the years in which, as she herself admits, she experienced moments of suffering.

“Loss of my loved ones was the hardest moment of my life. Aside from the birth of Violetta, the most precious moment was the meeting with Adrien. It makes no sense to tell you now – I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But yes, if we are together today, it is the best option.”he told us, too, smiling as if it were only a woman he loved, Andrea Marin.

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