“What will you do when you grow up?” The answer that moved Mihaela Effie

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Mihaela Effie, who is currently coaching Gloria Bystrica and one of the coordinators of the Romanian women’s handball team, claims that her goal is to win a medal with the “little tricolor”. Until then, the former athlete enjoyed her work every day and told a funny and emotional episode in which the protagonist was one of her students from Gloria.

  • 6 National Champion titles and 3 times Vice National Champion is Mihaela Effie’s performances as a coach.
  • 3 titles in the Sarios Cup, Slovakia, Silver Cell Cup, Hungary, Smederevo Cup winner, Serbia, still has a record.

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Mihaela Effie, the idol of the girls she coaches: ‘I had fun and was happy at the same time’

I’m proud that I never skipped a step in my training as a coach, I started with a small game of handball and became the National Champion in the junior junior team with his upbringing team. Today I coach in Bistrica a young team in Division A, but without performance goals as a team. I set out to help them grow in value to move into the National League, and as a result of the fact that we did well, we were able to win some very important games with teams like U Cluj, who wanted to return to number one for value.

I think the next normal step in my career is to win a medal with the national team. The World Junior Championships takes place in the summer, from June 22nd to July 3rd, in Slovenia, where I have the opportunity to fulfill my dream.

At Gloria we currently have 14 middle school girls’ teams. I live funny and beautiful moments every day. I enjoy their positive energy and the passion they have for the sport they love. For example, I had fun last week and at the same time enjoyed the project of a young girl who had to choose a job when she grew up and a model in this field, and she chose me. “What will you do when you grow up?” And the answer was, “When you are a handball coach, you smile and you are always happy.”‘,” Mihaela Evi told digisport.ro.

The blow to Mihaela Effie: “I suffered a lot because it was my dream”

Born in Bucharest, Mihaela Effie wanted to make a name for herself in handball at Târgu Morey, but injuries and an unfavorable environment forced her to leave what she loved most. almost , Create a club in her “certified” city and became a successful coach with national and international titles.

The idea to create a special handball club came naturally and easily, and they were teachers of physical education and sports. Târgu Mures was a city with a tradition in handball, but it had not been in the final tournaments and important competitions for a very long time.

I’ve always loved kids, so the task of playing handball and playing with the kids seemed perfect. The creation of the Olympic Club was a real success, hundreds of children have registered since the first month of activity. Because I was so young, I was 21 when I started training, I chose to start from scratch, with groups of 7-8 year old girls. In 10 years of activity, we have won all possible national competitions: junior V, junior IV, junior III, junior II, the ice on the cake, junior I.

I also won many medals in international tournaments with that generation. Being a private club, the activity could not be continued when the girls moved into their seniors. I think the local authorities created the SCM in 2018, but that turned out to be a fiasco. A club of 13 divisions in its first year of existence accumulated huge debts after a few months. The year I was a Junior National Champion, I competed with money from home.

We haven’t been paid in months, but we kept bringing in money so we could finish the competition. Although conditions were very challenging, I came close to being promoted in the League of Flowers with a team averaging 19 years old. The pandemic came and with it the offers made to our players at that time, who finally decided to put the financial part first.

We suffered a lot at that time because it was my dream to go up in the first league with the same formula that, one by one, we achieved all our dreams together. But I think that was actually a blessing. We have personally incurred a lot of debt to support the business and would probably have continued to do impossible things if we had not been disappointed.

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