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Teachers from the Bivolărie Special Technological School for Children have prepared many fun activities and many surprises for their birthday, International Children’s Day. Even if they have their own family, teachers say, the students “so do our peopleProfessor Dr. Florica Teodoryuk, Coordinator of Educational Programs and Projects, told us, “It is not strictly about the fact that we spend a lot of time with them, but rather about the fact that this time it turned out to be an emotional and real experience. and comprehensive.”

And because the first of June was a beautiful and quiet day, “it was good just to bathe in the June sunshine in the school garden and all that will happen,” the activities were successful.

In the early part of the day, most of the children attended the service in the institution’s church. Father Christian Irina had special guests: Reverend Merrill Ely, known to the deaf community in Romania for his support of the religious service in sign language, accompanied by a hard of hearing, certified translator. They caught the attention of young and old parishioners, many of whom wore beautiful folk costumes especially Bukovina. While the students were in the church, the teachers arranged the garden for them, as it should be on holiday.

The “ice cream box,” prepared from the previous days, was waiting for the moment to enter his turn, “because any day on June 1 is a day without sweet, cold, and silky ice cream,” said Professor D. Florica Teodoryuk said.

Spectacular views, messages, joy

Three huge canvases have been installed on the fence of the sports stadium, which, after inspiration and talent, each leave their mark: a hand wet with watercolor, a rainbow of spray paint, a carefully drawn heart, a name worth keeping. mind _ mind. Next to her, another panel was waiting for the messages of the participants: guests, teachers, children. Luxurious decorations were proclaimed, among the trees and flower bushes, two workshops were set up that prevailed very quickly: one for face painting, the other for balloon modeling. An obstacle course has been arranged in the sports field where action and fun meet. In one of the pavilions, a computer engineer installed his own audio and video studio, and in the other, materials for the general culture competition were brought. A pantomime and dance theater was improvised in the alley, prepared by older students from high school and vocational schools, and in the open space in front of it, seats for spectators were brought. A pinata, full of sweets, was hanging from a pine tree, which was eventually attacked. “Everywhere multicolored balloons lazily swayed in the light breeze. Also the talisman of the day appeared, Mickey Mouse – in the flesh, so to speak; there was no way of knowing who was hiding under the sympathetic and familiar figure of the famous character. To our complete astonishment, she looked at us A festive cake prepared in the school’s pastry lab, says Prof. Dr. Florica Teodoryuk, cannot be missing from this day.”

I also learned from her that the mayor of Vicovo de Sus, Vasyl Elio, wanted to be present to convey to the children his wishes and support for the institution he leads, but also to congratulate the winning students of the National Competition for Hearing Disabled Students, held this year in Sibiu.


The initiators and coordinators of this event are: Unit Director, Professor Palevichi Jorge Dionissi, Deputy Director, Professor Clem Cyprian Yuno, along with teachers, educators, education teachers, secretary, computer scientist and administrator. The atmosphere, the rush of emotion that can be read on everyone’s faces has been captured in the countless photos and videos already broadcast by Trinitas TV.

“I could not say to whom the joy was greater: the children or the organisers. How is he happier: who takes the gift or who gives it? But is there a measure of joy? I don’t know or think it matters. All I know is that the colors of joy spring from the eyes of Happy children. And since June 1, a miracle happens every year, a transformation: all people become children. On June 1, 2022, there was complete joy in Bivolărie: general, colorful, real! As I think all the joys of June 1st are!”, Was the message sent by Professor Dr. Florica Teodoriuk, after the activities for the privileged children of Bivolărie ended.

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