The National Stage of the Olympiad “Roman Culture and Spirituality” takes place in Suceava

Yesterday, May 11, 2022, in the Archbishop’s Cathedral in Suceava – the monastery “New Saint John” was held the opening ceremony of the national stage of the Olympiad “Roman Culture and Spirituality” for grades 5-8, the interdisciplinary competition has become a tradition here, the initial project was proposed, since 2008, by Professor Daniela Seredev, current school inspector for religion at the Suceava District School Inspectorate.

The competition includes 40 groups of Olympic students from the largest number of provinces, and the expanded group Bucharest, totaling 180 students and 42 accompanying teachers, in addition to them 45 teachers and specialists from the Ministry of Education and delegates of the Patriarchate. Central Olympic Committee.

With the blessing and support of His Eminence Metropolitan Kalinik, the Diocese of Suceava and Radauti has, once again, become a partner of the Suceava County School Inspectorate through the sectors of Theological Education, Information and Communication, Christian Education, Youth and Other Education of the District “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Bukovina Writers Association, National Museum For Bukovina, Library of Bukovina “IG Sbiera” Suceava, Orthodox Theological Seminary “Metropolitan Dusofti” of Suceava, Municipal Theater “Matei Višnik”, Architecture Center, Culture Landscape “Water Station” Suceava, Association of Architects of Romania – North Eastern Regional Branch , Putna Monastery, Dragomirna Monastery and Diocese of Suceava I.

The event began with the Te Deum service at the Church of the “Holy Great Martyr George”, as a token of thanks to God for the benefits he bestowed upon the participants, companions and organizers. The Archimandrite was part of the Cabinet. Melchizedek Velnik, Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti, Archduke. Ionuț Isopescu, diocesan advisor in the theological educational sector, Archimandrite. Valerian Radu, Grand Canon of the Archbishop’s Cathedral in Suceava, Fr. Ionel Doro Bodiano, Archdiocese of Suceava I, as well as the Archduke. Bogdan Mihai Hricho, Director of the Orthodox Theological Seminary “Metropolitan Dosofti” from Suceava. The liturgical answers were provided by the Psaltic group of Suceava Seminary, this time led by student Ionuț Andrei Juncu Atănăsoaie and coordinated by the Archduke. Paul Yuska.

At the end of the service, important figures from the Ministry of Education, the Roman Patriarchate, as well as from the Suceava County Inspectorate and the Diocese of Suceava and Radauti, addressed words of encouragement to those who would compete in the coming days. Share the word by giving the chosen words.

Mr. Assoc made opening remarks. Dr. Vasyl Timich, Inspector General of Religion in the Ministry of Education, is a supporter of the School Olympiad. Subsequently, Mr. Foreign Minister Florian Loxandro, Ministry of Education, as well as Mr. Romeo Moyo, Advisor to the Minister of Education, welcomed this initiative and congratulated the participating students and the organizers.

Patriarchal Inspector Orléans-George Gambor, from the theological-pedagogical sector of the Roman Patriarchate, spoke to the audience about the power to save prayer, especially in this context, when young people are under the protection of Roman saints, especially Saint John the Apostle. A new one from Suceava, whose relics were completely placed in the canopy inside the place of worship.

On behalf of the School Inspectorate, welcoming speeches were delivered by Prof. Gregor Bocanci, Inspector General of the School, Mrs. Prof. Dr Isabel Ventillo, School Inspector for Romanian Language and Literature, and Mrs. Prof. Daniela Seredev, School Inspector Religion.

Last but not least, the Archimandrite delivered a message of blessing from Eminence Father Kalinik. Melchizedek Velinik.

In the end, the vocal group “Ai lui Ștefan, noi oșteni” by Vicovu de Sus, coordinated by Professor Vassil Chibor, supported a special artistic moment, by interpreting some patriotic songs and reciting some sentimental poems.

The theme of the Olympiad was put under the title of the sacred beauty of the world, respectively: Creation is a gift of divine love (fifth grade); My Universe Family and I (6th grade); a man in communion with his comrades and his deity (seventh row); Love as a form of company and fulfillment (8th grade). The competition includes two written (May 12) and oral (May 13) exams, which were held at the Economic College “Dmitriy Kantemir”; Among them, the program of student groups includes various cultural activities, visits to attractions, book launches, exhibition openings, and a book fair.

The Olympic Awards Ceremony will take place in the “Pimen Arhiepiscopul” Hall of the Suceava Diocesan Center, on Saturday 14 May 2022.

The National Olympiad “Romanian Culture and Spirituality” brings together deserving students linked to the faith and values ​​of the Romanian people.

Irina Orsace

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