Basketball – “the sport of stature”

You don’t have to be tall to play basketball. But yes, kids who play basketball as kids have an advantage over others – the drills and drills for this sport will help them get up faster and possibly more than other kids of the same age.

“Basketball is a complex sport that reaches all levels. First of all, it builds relationships, friendships and memories that last. Then it is a sport that promotes beautiful and harmonious growth, fine motor skills and various skills. It strengthens our bodies and balances our mental state. It is also closely related to With the emotional, mental and social part.Participants of this sport become more open to society, become open, communicative, and learn to express their feelings.Basketball contributes to the formation of character and certain values ​​such as fair play, altruism, teamwork and respect.It is a sport that teaches you certain values, shapes personalities, and disciplines you The fact that you are part of a team, helps you adapt to different life situations, learns to interact with different types of personalities, introduces you to patience, tolerance, action and focus. It teaches you about failure, confidence and the ability to start over and pushes you to overcome some barriers. Alexandra told us Mara, ACS coach Dan Dachian, from Bucharest, said it takes you outside your comfort zone.

At what age does a child learn to play basketball?

At the age of 6-7 he can take the first step. And here I mean contact with the ball, with the coach, with the other children. No way into basketball, in the truest sense of the word. For example, we have introductory groups for children of this age, where the training is interactive and is more based on games, competitions and competitions. The workouts are designed in such a way that they feel good on the field, have fun when they enter the gym and see their teammates, and gain confidence in themselves and their coaches and teammates. We can only talk about performance starting from the age of 14.

What type of personality is this type of sport suitable for?

Since basketball is a sport that challenges you in many ways, many of us would be tempted to say that an extroverted child would be better suited to the different situations you encounter while playing the sport. But from my point of view, it suits any type of personality. Being such a complex sport that challenges you on all levels, I believe it can have a positive impact on any type of personality. With the right support, if parents trust in what we coaches do and try to deliver the same message to their children, an introverted child can gain the confidence he needs, and learn to integrate more easily into society. He can overcome certain mentality and emotional barriers. In such a sport, even the smallest detail can increase the child’s self-esteem.

Is it a sport for which children need motor skills or do they acquire them through practice?

It requires motor skills for sports in general. You are usually born with motor skills, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have them, you can’t have them. We don’t just teach kids to hit the ball or throw the basket. We also try to teach them how to run, how to perform a correct jump, how to coordinate, we do different exercises for balance, agility, etc. Exercising can help you gain a lot of physical and motor skills.

Is it true that only tall kids can play basketball? Or is it above average for this sport?

In basketball, you need players of different heights. No, only tall children can play basketball. Of course, height is an advantage, but this does not prevent the shorter from practicing this sport. In fact, most of the time, tallers work very well with individual style and they have some unusual physical traits. I believe that if you are serious, engaged, assertive, hardworking and especially focused on your goal, you can achieve more important aspects of your waist. We have a lot of examples in the National League or the Euroleague or the NBA. Basketball helps you rise, but not above average, this is not a rule: you play basketball, you are two meters tall. It is a legend. As I said before, it is a sport that helps you develop beautifully and harmoniously.

Is it a sport that boys practice more?

It is already a sport mainly played by boys. It’s a contact sport, it’s very challenging, both physically and mentally, and then girls tend to run away from it to some extent. But, recently, women’s basketball began to become more popular in terms of 3×3 results, as Romania qualified for the Olympics. It’s a huge step for women’s basketball, and the athletes and everyone else who contributed to this success deserve our congratulations. I hope this brings more popularity to women’s basketball and is a boost to the girls at the start of this journey.

The most important lesson a child can learn by playing basketball is…?

From teamwork to different values ​​and standards. You learn to deal with different types of personalities, you learn to let go of yourself, and you learn what fellowship, friendship, courage, and fair play mean. You develop your own human quality. And not just as a player but as a coach.

Where would basketball fans end up?

First of all, in a small, well-organized club that can support and encourage talented and motivated children. Only from this club can move to the next level, which can mean the National League. There is also a rule in our tournament that the major teams must use athletes under the age of 23. Around the age of 17-18, a player can go from novice to senior. Then there are different options abroad. There are scholarships or junior academies that can be accessed. We have some concrete examples of youngsters who have left the club and are developing to a high level.

Alexandra Mara, coach at ACS Club Dan Dacian in Bucharest, With over 10 years of experience, Alexandra is responsible for selecting, preparing, training and educating children, as well as organizing and marketing the club. She is currently the male coordinator for the years 2009 and 2011.

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