Children in Craiova play in dangerous places

Playgrounds all over the city are in poor condition, and children have little space to play. After the unsuccessful attempt of the mayor’s office to find a company to change all the playgrounds in the city, a new auction is now taking place, after which the children of Craiova should have decent playing conditions. Until then, most likely, this summer they will play in the same miserable stadiums.

Playgrounds in Craiova have always been unattractive to children. Too little or missing equipment, destroyed travertine, broken slips, missing swings. In general, almost all playgrounds are poor and do not give children the joy of being able to play freely. In some of these places, parents close their mouths and open their eyes to avoid injuries. However, especially for children who live in apartment complexes, there are not many entertainment options, so parents have to take them to these places.

In the Valea Roşie neighborhood, near the market, there is a playground that has become dangerous for children. The limestone was curved almost all over the surface, and at the base of the slide a large hole was made, right on the side of the stairs where children climb to slide down the slide. It can’t even be attractive. Aside from three slides, the kids have absolutely nothing else at their disposal.

In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the playground, the scenery is complemented by a field full of weeds. “I won’t come here with a broken head, but we have nowhere to go with the children. In this hole they can break their legs, we just have to hold on to them so nothing happens. I don’t know what the mayor’s office is waiting for, but I say the children at least deserve circumstances Best,” said a mother who was playing with her little one in Red Valley.

Other stadiums, other disasters

On Melkov Street in Craiova there is another stadium that looks at least strange. Travertine didn’t get here, so the entire surface of the playing field is grass. The image of this space seems separate from the rural environment. Two of the swings are missing, leaving only their support. Also, on the slides, children can fall directly on the pieces of concrete that have come off the ground from their feet.

In addition to these two options, little ones can also use a wheelchair with plastic seats. And that’s it! Continuing the playing field is a fairly large field full of weeds. It’s a “perfect” place for the little ones to enjoy. “I have something to add. The picture of this stadium speaks for itself. I can only say that it is a big joke with these stadiums,” said a woman who lives on Melkoff Street.

On December 1, 1918, the playground at the resort was disastrous. The travertines trap the kids, the sandpit looks horrible, and the swing is missing. The water jet doesn’t work either and it’s full of sand. “Lots of kids gather here every day, but the playground looks so ugly, they don’t even have much to play with. But at least they meet and play with each other,” said one child’s mother.
Such spaces, where playing is no longer fun, can be found in almost all neighborhoods of Craiova.

Auction for stadiums, still running

Last summer, Craiova City Hall auctioned the supply and installation of stadium equipment, with a maximum value of 18 million euros. However, in September, the auction was canceled by Craiova City Hall, citing “serious deviations from legislative provisions”.

At the moment, there is another auction opened by Craiova City Hall, but its value is much lower. Thus, the municipality wants to give a maximum of 23,078.373 li for the equipment for the stadiums. Also, a maximum of 1,549,232 for fitness devices. During this auction, only one bid was received from Lavitex Prod SRL from Breaza, Prahova County. At the moment, the auction is in the process of financial evaluation. Therefore, it is not yet known for certain when he will be appointed and when the work on changing stadiums will begin.

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