La Castel Ball, the most important charity event in the Moldova region organized by the Bethany Foundation, is taking place this week

  • The event returns after two years of waiting and will take place this year on June 9, 2022, at the Hotel Restaurant La Castel, in Iai.
  • Funds raised during the event will be directed to educational programs and to day and recovery centers within the Bethany Foundation.
  • This year’s event will be hosted by Olympia Millint and Pavel Barto

The event will be held in June 9, 2022 at the Hotel Restaurant La CastelAnd the from YashThrough its charitable nature, it provides the ideal environment for people who wish to help children in need, giving them the opportunity to support the therapeutic and educational programs of the Bethany Foundation for Social Services. In addition to the mission of helping children in difficulties, the foundation also offers the opportunity for Romanian artists and designers to showcase their creations within the framework of a story. At the same time, event guests will have the opportunity to bid on artwork or something unique that will complement their personal collections and give them a sweet memory that complements the joy of helping.

The event will be like hosts cute actor Pavel Bartothe already traditional host of La Castel Ball, with the actress Olympia MillintWhich joined this year’s edition in a dedicated video spot.

Through this year’s theme, RiverderiaAnd the La Castel Bowl Dedicating the ability to take it right from the start, regardless of hurdles and interruptions, the event is staged after a two-year hiatus, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this year’s concept, developed by Incotro Advertising, the ball – visual, written and spoken – will be about the endurance and strength to come back stronger and clearer than ever.

charity auction Inside La Castel Ball, first of all, context Bethany Foundation Mobilizing funds to support programs for children and young people in need, but it is also a time when talented and creative Romanian artists and designers in various fields are brought to light, as they are brought to light in front of the public. At the auction of the ninth edition of the ball, the art of philanthropy is shaped by the creations of famous painters and sculptors – Claudio Ciopano, Mirona Cogano, Daniela Grabo, Ovidiu Klusca, Ada Alina Longo, Ion Nedelko, Irina Gjian Pascario, Daniel Rădulescu and Virgil Scriinsky (Vlad Marladinsky, V. ), as well as through the creations of some early artists – Marcel Bocacao, Raluca Simon, Mihail Fornico, and the latter a young fellow in the Foundation’s programmes. Meanwhile, well-known brands such as Exquisite Diamonds and Augustin Matei Watches are joining the causes, donating jewelry and watches to a charitable auction that highlights the value and uniqueness of these watches. For the first time, this year’s auction will also feature a silent auction section, where you’ll find jewelry and apparel signed by Lisa & Co and designer Tudor Halațiu, items signed by big names in the sports world – T-shirts signed by all representatives of Handball Rapid Bucharest, champions Patriots in the season just ended and a tennis ball signed by Florin Mergea, but also unique experiences and items generously provided by Stela Giurgiu Design, Domeniile Averești, Volvo and QEstetic.

The funds raised during the event will go to the educational and remedial programs of the Foundation

By auctioning off artwork and collectibles, the Bethany Social Services Foundation aims to give Wings for Good and raise funds to support social and educational programs that help needy children in the Moldova region.

This year’s edition of La Castel Ball comes to us, in Bethany, with excitement for a new beginning and a desire to continue building a better tomorrow for children and youth at risk. Through its mission, the Bethany Foundation for Social Services has pledged to intervene in two important areas: education for vulnerable children and rehabilitative therapy services for children with disabilities. Our programs aim to support children with neuromotor problems and encourage quality education in rural areas.

Educating children from disadvantaged backgrounds is a priority, especially since data shows that in rural areas, 1 in 5 children drops out of school. The organization annually supports the operation of after-school school centers in Târgu Fromos and two rural communities in Iai, and currently more than 140 children from rural and disadvantaged areas receive weekly educational support consisting of help with homework, daily meals and supplementary educational activities. At the same time, 40 young high school students from rural areas are part of the START Scholarship Program, where they are supported financially and through professional and personal development activities that will enhance their future.

Last but not least, we focus on children with disabilities through recovery centers where they receive free therapy sessions. In 2012, the organization opened a Center for Recovery, a center that was mainly supported over time by the proceeds of charitable football in La Castel, and in 2021 we were able to open a second program of this kind and at the Day Center in Târgu Fromos. Currently, through the two centers, we support 58 children with neuromotor disabilities
‘, announced Diana PĂIUȘ, Regional Director at Bethany Social Services.


About La Castel Boule

La Castel Bowl It is the most important charity event in the Moldova region and is held annually in Iai for the benefit of vulnerable children. The purpose of the annual event is to mobilize the community, both business and individual, to support the social and educational interventions of the Bethany Social Services Foundation for children and youth in need in Iai and Moldova.

La Castel Bowl It is an event started and organized Bethany Foundation for Social ServicesNow in its ninth edition. This event is possible with the help of the co-organizers of Hotel Restaurant La Castel from Iași, ncotro Advertising Agency and Rodotex. At the same time, Arcadia Hospitals and Medical Centers is joining the ninth edition of La Castel Ball as a strategic partner for the community, a partnership through which it will provide long-term medical and recovery services to beneficiaries.

We are thrilled to be the hosts of this beautiful story – the story of goodness – and we look forward to this year’s event. La Castel Ball is an event that satisfies us and proves to us every year that there is hope, humanity and generosity, despite all the challenges that still appear, as naturally, in life. Being able to start over and over is certainly one of our values ​​that we believe in, so this year’s theme inspires and hopefully inspires you, those who choose to join. Our goal‘, announced Dana BUZILĂ, General Manager of Hotel Restaurant La Castel – Iași, co-organizer of the event.

For five years we’ve been flying with wings, co-organizers and creative hearts at the La Castel Ball charitable event, and this mission that we carry out annually honors and defines us to move each new edition through a different concept: more interesting, more creative and more exciting than the previous one. At Oncotro Advertising Agency, we strive to connect the context of the times we live in, with the elegance of generosity that characterizes the event, and to convey this fusion through existing concepts, conveyed in the delivery of the event, from the name to the placement of the video and the design of the advertising material. We are proud to be part of an event that truly changes destiny for the better, gives children a chance for a normal life, and brings together the business environment of Iași for the benefit of society.‘, announced Maria Robow, owner of Încotro advertising agency, co-organizer of the event.

We have been with La Castel Ball and the Bethany Foundation since the first copies of the event, which has already become a point of reference when it comes to generosity and community. We believe that a passion for perfection, and the motto that we, the Rodotex team, follow is the drive to do good and contribute, in turn, to those who need us the most – children and youth who are facing difficulties, but supported by society, can take wings to a future in which dreams are shaped‘, they announced Claudia and Florin Dobria, owners of Rodotex, co-organizers of the event.

In addition to exceptional medical services, the Arcadia Medical Network means respect for people. Respect and dedication to the community now and in the future. We know that good is done together and one of our expressions of this reality is the strategic partnership we are developing with the Bethany Social Services Foundation. For more than 10 years, we have been building responsibly, informed and connected, giving youngsters’ dreams wings and knowing that in this way we develop society’s present and future”announced Dan Fetterman, general manager of Arcadia Hospitals and Medical Centers, is the foundation’s strategic partner.

Also, the event wouldn’t be the same size without the support of partners and sponsors:

Diamond event sponsors: Exquisite Diamonds, Gemini CAD Systems – Lectra, Kosarom, Quatro Grup Distribution, ZF-TRW Airbag Systems

Golden event sponsors: QEstetic, Promosphera, Lier Inc.

Silver event sponsors: Averești Domains, EXONIA Packaging Factory, Fiterman Pharma, Romania Enterprise “Next to You”, Mercury Apartments, Pro Invest Group, Volvo

Art galleries that support the charity auction: ARTEP EXHIBITION, PAVOT . EXHIBITION

Sponsors and Partners: Palas Iași, Saria Decorațiuni, HD Music Romania, Festivo Band, Cuptorul Moldovencei, Simba Invest, Tymbark, Bucovina, Creative Bar Events, OPYA Cake, Pan Artisan, Cricova, Sapphire, Coeur de Nuit, Vasea Onel Films, PhotoMagic – Filming Agency , Andre Coco, Alex Iacobescu Photography, Alexandro Sarro Photography, Sunshine by Alexandra Ferraro, Anti-Makeup Artist Irina, Green Spa, Dr. Emmanuel Anti Clinic, Ving Limousine, Hotel Unirea, Avisu

Principal Media Partner: Magic FM

Media Partners: PR Feature, WINK Public Multimedia, Aleph News, Iași TV Life, FPM Magazine – Fashion Premium Magazine, IQads, SMARK, Positive Romania, Ziarul de Iași, Iașul Nostru, Știri.ONG, Radio Iași


About the Bethany Foundation for Social Services

Bethany Foundation for Social Services is a non-governmental organization that aims to improve the lives of the underprivileged, especially children, youth and their families, through the provision of social services and the promotion of professional practices in social work. With 27 years of activity in Romania, the Foundation’s programs are aimed at activities of therapy and recovery for children with disabilities, projects to promote quality education in rural areas and, in general, the promotion of professional practices in working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds (employment centers, disadvantaged families). Last but not least, the Bethany Social Services Foundation promotes volunteerism and philanthropy as ways to get involved in community life.

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