Unforgettable Pages from the History of Football Al-Brahov / From “Prázda Lunovac” to “Box of Surprises” (22)

* History of the football team Tricolorul CFPV Ploieşti

Konstantin Dumitru –

We continue the series dedicated to the history of Prahova football, where readers have the opportunity to read material every Thursday “with a vintage smell about those who laid the foundations of the football phenomenon in our province. Today is a new episode on the “Sports movement” in Campina.

Regional Reports
“Change in the face” in sports in the capital of Prahova. All the elements that shaped the overall look of the sport at Ploiesti were trained on a new track. In many ways, the movement is unrecognizable. We will provide below the data that confirm our findings. Everyone who has seen the Roman sports movement knows the role the Ploiesti people played, and knows that there were times when they were among the sport’s smartest leaders. Football champions, tennis stars and organizers who are able to make great sacrifices have given Plushiy the sporting reputation the most. This was followed by an era of crisis. A drop in spectators and a drop in sportsmanship was fortunately short-lived. Today, the sport of Ploesşti has removed the traces of the crisis and is again attracted in a reorganization, giving it a new look.
“Technically perfect modern land with pleasant comfort”
Before seeing the sports leaders in Ploechte, without warning the hosts, I visited the Tricolor Arena. I knew the square in Taksim Square. But when you enter the gate, you immediately notice the wonderful role of a two-month job. The “Box of Surprises”, which also gave the work to the green table …, has a new look, radically changed, from an artistic and ergonomic point of view. The pitch is 63 m wide and 104 m long. It’s flattened, and now it looks like a pool table. The runway has been radically redesigned and the comfort is perfect. Visibility has been greatly increased by changing the size of the terrain. Al-Gomhouria currently owns a sports stadium that deserves the highest levels of sports promotion. As I was leaving the field, an old man entered the gate surrounded by three children. A soldier asks him what he wants and receives the following answer: “I want to join my children in sports.” A trivial scene if the army did not give us some explanation. Since Colonel Zagoritz became interested in the tricolor, he was enthusiastic about the caliber issue. No child is accepted into the club without the written consent of the parents. 11 children were enrolled in this form. This diligence in training cadres is commendable. Tricolor has established itself in the capital of Prahova, a reputation that has ensured great opportunities for the staff and a kind of role as a sports school for children.
“Facts and Projects of Colonel Zagoritz”
The current animator of the tricolor is Mr. Colonel Konstantin Zagoritz. An outstanding military man, he is considered a public life figure for Ploesti. Or, the most zealous commander, the man who is ready to make the greatest sacrifices is the commander of the 7th Infantry Regiment. First of all, all that has been done in the Arena of Tricolor is the work of the current honorary president.
“complete understanding between groups”
“I realized what was key in Ploechte, the agreement between the groups. I even tried to integrate, but strong conditions resisted. However, today we have reached an agreement between the two groups so that the activity runs smoothly. For example, within the national division Tricolor will have a group competition the other, where we will support area testing.”
“new arrangements”
“But our sports field is not over,” continues our distinguished interlocutor. “We will arrange the necessary athletics tracks and a reduced shooting range, as well as tennis courts. Over time, Tricolor will become the multi-sport community that our city needs.”
‘Complete information from Mr. I. Woltau and Elie Giorgio’
Indeed, the club continues to enjoy the leadership of Mr. S.! Woltau and Ilie Gheorghiu. They wanted to add some information to the above information. “We are currently interested in our National Division uniforms. And not so much the sportswear as the odds of getting our audience back from another time. And the situation is very favorable for us. A fun match program is available for small scales. On the other hand, tax cuts will reduce ticket prices. We have 2,000 – 3,000 spectators soon, the old general standard for Ploechte.”
“Not purchases but a coach”
“In order to stimulate the friendly current of football, we need to form strong teams. Or, we do not want to do it through temporary acquisitions, but by hiring a coach. The conviction that measured the last words of the tricolor painters made us partner with the champion leaders, with a firm impression that sport in Ploici is close to a great momentum.(Lis. – Gazeta Sporturilor, September 16, 1932).
Debut in Section A / 1932/1933 Edition
The first edition in the partition system. First series:
Phase 1 – 11.09.1932
Tricolorol Ployesty – Shumei Sibiu 4-0 (2-0)
They scored: Manol Rodolescu (10.89), Speria Alpulescu (28), Konstantin Domitrescu (85).
Referee: Costel Rodolescu (Bucharest).
The second stage – 25 September 1932
Ploieşti Tricolor – CFR Bucharest 0-3 (0-0)
Referee Radu Istrate (Bucueşti).
Phase 3 – 02.10.1932
Tricolorul Ploieşti – Krishana Oradea 4-1 (1-0)
They scored: Spirea Albulescu (40,55,80), tefan Ştefănescu (70 penalties). Referee Miti Niculescu (Bucharest)
Fourth stage – 09.10.1932
Tricolorol Ploechte – Romania Cluj 1-1 (0-1)
Recording: Speria Alpolisco (37). Referee: Victor Braida (Bucharest).
Fifth stage – 06.11.1932
Tricolorol – Repensia Timisoara 0-1 (0-1)
Referee: Costel Rodolescu (Bucharest).
Stage 6 – 13.11.1932
Gloria CF Arad – Tricolorol Ployesty 1-1 (0-1)
Recording: Konstantin Domitrescu (21). Referee: Yusuf Petko (Timiشوارoara).
Stage 7 – 2 April 1933
Sibiu Falcons – Ploieşti Tricolor 1-1 (0-1)
Scored by: Ştefan Ştefănescu.
Referee: George Thiel (Sighisoara).
Stage 8 – 09/04/1933
CFR Bucharest – Tricolorol Ploiesti 2-0 (1-0)
Referee: Stefan Lucescu (Bucharest).
Phase 9 – 04/23/1933
Romania Cluj – Tricolorol Ploiesti 2-0 (1-0)
Referee: Théophile Morario (Oradea).
Phase 10-21 May 1933
Crişana Oradea – Tricolorul Ploieşti 4-1 (1-1)
Notable: Romanian (44).
Referee: Coloman Kiss (Sighet).
Phase 1 – 118.06.1933
Repensia Timisoara – Tricolorol 11-0 (4-0)
Referee: Alois Silaghi (Resetta).
Stage 12 – 25.06.1933
Tricolorul Ploieşti – Gloria CFR Arad 2-4 (0-1)
They scored: Roman (60), Stefan Stevinscu (77).
Referee: Denis Zifando (Bucharest).
The following players played with Tricolor in 12 matches: Victor Critescu (12 matches / 0 goals) – goalkeeper; Petre Dunăreanu (12/0), Gheorghe Dragomirescu I (12/0), Ilie Anastasescu (6/0), Teodor Schwartz (12/0), Gon (11/0), Constantin Dumitrescu (12/2), Ştefan „ Fano” Ştefănescu (11/3), Spirea Albulescu (8/5), Oane Stănescu (3/0), Manole Rădulescu (11/2), Avram Dragomirescu II (3/0), Elias Grun (11/0), Simionescu (1/0), Niculescu (1/0), Roman (3/2), Herman (1/0), Manolescu (1/0), Nicolae Şoriceanu (1/0), Belizarie Hristodorescu (0/0) .

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