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The maternity building in Seebes will soon be equipped with an elevator for patients and medical staff. The investment amounts to more than 400,000 lei, excluding VAT, being the first in a larger project aimed at rehabilitating the entire building, both architecturally and functionally.

Sibeş Municipal Hospital launched, on Wednesday, June 8, in the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP), a waqf tender with an elevator for the building in which the maternity hospital operates, within the project “Rehabilitation of the Maternity Building”.

Total estimated value of the project 407.700.58 to me excluding VAT.

According to the specifications, the maternity building is located in the courtyard of Sibi Municipal Hospital, in the southwest corner of the land, parallel to Coriano Street. The current building is GF+2F and was built in the 1980s.

The building was built as a modern building with a balcony roof, in a system of concrete structures and brick masonry, but due to the wrong construction of the terrace roof and the passage of time, in the late nineties the wooden frame and the roof were made of ceramic tiles.

Meanwhile, a spiral concrete staircase was built in the rear (southeast) facade, closed with metal carpentry with toughened glass, used for evacuation.

On the main facade (Northwest), the ground floor extension was built during the same period, with the function of central heating.

The main entrance to the building is located on the southeast facade, and is called the rear because it is the facade of the courtyard of the municipal hospital.

On this facade there is also a secondary entrance in the spiral staircase area used for evacuation and functional access between levels.

On the northwest facade, called the main facade because it is the facade of Șurianu Street, there is a secondary entrance that will be used for evacuation otherwise only by the building staff.

The elevator proposed for construction is located on this facade.

Rehabilitation of the maternity building It is a larger investment project that aims to completely rehabilitate the building, both architecturally and functionally, to increase the degree of compliance with the requirements of current standards.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • elevator installation
  • Cabinet divisions, operating room expansion, creating a new operating room
  • Rehabilitation of interior finishes according to the applicable regulations
  • Replacing and resizing electrical, plumbing and heating installations throughout the building
  • Demolition / dismantling of the existing structure
  • Construction of a roof-type roof with the corresponding layers, so that the established rules are observed
  • Rehabilitation of facades by implementing solutions that lead to the achievement of thermal comfort and energy efficiency (heating and air conditioning installations, sanitary installations, electrical installations).

No work has been completed on this project yet.

The auction started on Wednesday, June 8, and is only targeting the outdoor elevator sitein order to ensure increased access for staff and patients.

The work, in principle, consists of the construction of the foundation and reinforced concrete resistance structure, the location of the elevator with the related metal infrastructure, the installation of access doors inside the building, the decoration of the elevator house with thermal insulation and metal bond panels, the power supply and commissioning of the elevator.

The elevator will travel between the three levels of the building. On the ground floor, elevator access will be possible from outside the building.

The elevator superstructure will be attached to the existing building, on each level, next to the reinforced concrete slab, with chemical fasteners.

The proposed resistance structure of the elevator is made of reinforced concrete columns. The gaps are filled with a 15 cm BCA stone and covered with a 15 cm long basalt wool thermal system.

The frame in the elevator area will be cut to ensure the vertical development of the elevator structure.

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